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All You Need To Know About The ACORN Story

In one 6 minute video:

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21 Responses to All You Need To Know About The ACORN Story

  • The audience didn’t think it was very funny.

  • Now that Stewart has covered it, I can assume it’s on Charlie Gibson’s radar?

    • Perhaps. But Gibson, having been backed into a corner and being one of the mainstream press slammed by Stewart, might go into overdrive on excuse making and give it zero or superficial passing coverage.

      But media types hate being laughed at. At some point, they might actually get irritated or embarrassed enough by it to do their jobs.

      The funny part would be if the famous herd mentality of the media caused them to all get tough on Obama and the left about the same time. You think he’s got troubles now…

      • “The funny part would be if the famous herd mentality of the media caused them to all get tough on Obama and the left about the same time. You think he’s got troubles now…”

        It will be a sudden dogpile as the rats leave the sinking ship.

        Unfortunately it may happen in 2013.

      • I was thinking that as well. The media has no trouble turning on a dime and burying someone that they were celebrating not long before, because viewers seem to love those “rise and fall of” stories. This is where the constant accusations of racism lodged against any of the administration’s critics could work against Obama. Big media may hesitate more than usual in finally slamming Obama, in order to avoid being tarred by the racism brush. Which means that when the dam finally breaks, it’ll be that much harsher and unimpeded by the racism accusation, which has already been used so much as to be ineffective.

  • My question regarding the doofi/imbeciles/crooks/thieves at ACORN, and their ties to the White House, is: What did The Clown™ know, and when did he know it?

  • C’mon, clearly those are just extreme right wing racist plants who were bankrolled by the insurance industry.


  • Stewart asks of MiniTru, “Where the f*ck WERE you guys???”

    I wonder if he’ll stop to ponder the answer to that question. I also wonder if he’ll bother to follow up and ask, now that the story has BEEN broken for several days, “Where the f*ck ARE you guys???”

    MiniTru seems completely disinterested in this story, in following up on how it is that employees in ACORN offices in several cities seem to regard advising pimps and prostitutes on tax evasion as perfectly routine, or in seeing what else ACORN might have been up to, or even in seeing to it that ACORN does take some sort of corrective / preventative action. Rather, they downplay the content of the tapes and run the boilerplate statements of ACORN officials without much question or comment. Nothing to see here; move along.

    I suggest that the tea parties have been choosing the wrong venues. Future tea parties should be held outside the office buildings of the major networks, news papers, and wire services. The message: “We’re watching you.”

  • Stewart was brilliant. Check out the coverage of the “tea parties” and his juxtaposition of Hannity and Malkin deriding the protesters (taking footage of 2007 comments about protests on the left, and showing how the right is behaving the same way, but getting a very different reaction from Hannity). Stewart is brilliant at trotting hypocrisy out for all to see, whether from the left or the right.

  • By the way, Stewart’s conclusion about the tea parties was succinct — on asking if it was rational opposition or impotent rage, once he went through the clips he realized, “it’s the impotent rage.”

  • >>>That’s 50,000 Tom

    If it is 50k then that is the same number of people who attended O’s inauguration

  • All you meed to know? Possibly, but my favorite 2 seconds was where he reminded everyone that he is a fake journalist. Too bad NYT, NBC, ABC, PBS, NPR, etc., don’t similarly qualify their “journalism” more often.