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The Current “Racism” Argument In A Flow-Chart

I think it defines it rather well (click here to enlarge):


It should also help those throwing the word around like confetti understand how by misusing the charge, they’re diminishing its power.

HT: Powerline



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10 Responses to The Current “Racism” Argument In A Flow-Chart

  • Great pic, although there is a far simpler flow chart, whereby: white = racist.

    What enlightened times we’re living in.

    Anyone want to see something else that’s just as unnerving (caution: unadulterated content featuring lots and lots of grinning Obama visages)?

  • “Are you sure you’re not white?”


  • This is awesome.

  • I personally think that it is racist to think that someone is a racist just because Jimmy Carter and The Clown™ are racists.

  • If taking verbal shots at a Black President is racist, is taking verbal shots by a Black President of the former President also racist ?

  • Humm! I can make this chart and turn it around because you extremist are calling president Obama racist too. WOW! Remember, when we go into another civil war, you guys are at fault with your unreasonable fear of a Black man. Nutty, you people are really nutty. Hypocrisy is your middle name. There way a time when White people were a very intelligent group of humans. What the hell happened to yall?

    • Glen Beck was “turning the chant around” when he made his ‘Obama is racist’ remark. Now you come here, unaware of the irony, and wonder what happened to the intelligence of white people. “Humm” indeed!

  • “WOW! Remember, when we go into another civil war, you guys are at fault with your unreasonable fear of a Black man.”

    I see, from your perspective, a government that has invaded the private sector and has shown complete disregard for the Constitution doesn’t figure in as a cause for a possible civil war. Instead, you have already settled it, in your mind, that racism will be the cause. That’s interesting, who told you to think like that or did you figure that out all by yourself?

    Why is it, do you think, that everyone wringing their hands and screaming racism are either Democrats or government entitled pundits? Does that kind of talk get you all worked up, feeling oppressed?

    BTW, if you’re going to “Humm” at the beginning of your post, the least you could do is tell us the name of the tune. As you said, us “White people” aren’t very intelligent, let alone psychic.