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Breitbart Bombshell Set to Explode? (Updated)

The hum and twitter around the blogosphere is that Andrew Breitbart has something serious cooking, and it’s coming out this week. After the pantsing his site,, gave the national media with the O’Keefe and Giles ACORN sting, Breitbart is apparently poised to embarrass them again with a scoop that promises to be juicy. Right now, the best speculation is that it will have to do with the NEA. Patterico peruses an article in which Breitbart seems to give strong hints:

Ace is right [in this post]: in Breitbart’s column, he said:

When the next big scandal hits – and it will, and it most certainly won’t come from traditional journalism – all eyes will be on “Pinch” Sulzberger to see if he does his job.

With hindsight, it’s obvious that Breitbart was foreshadowing the release of the ACORN tapes. He even specifically mentioned ACORN in his column, as one of two stories that showed how the media was covering for Obama.

So, let’s see. He identified ACORN as one of the two big stories, and then he dropped a bomb on ACORN. Now he’s hinting that there’s another bomb coming.

See what I’m getting at here?

If you’re trying to figure out what the next big shoe to drop might be, I suggest that you consider re-reading his column to see what he identified as the second story that demonstrates the media’s complicity with the Democrat party. Namely, the NEA:

Another story not making the evening news is that of artist Patrick Courrielche, who has shown that the National Endowment of the Arts is seeking to use government funds to promote Obama administration initiatives. On Sunday’s “This Week,” George Will pierced the mainstream media veil.

“Recently there was a conference call arranged by the National Endowment for the Arts, with a representative of the White House, for potential grantees or actual grantees of the federal government, getting subsidies – the theme of it was how the arts community could advance the president’s agenda. Now I don’t know how many laws that breaks, but I am sure there are some.”

What are you waiting for, Katie Couric?

If I were a betting man, I’d be betting big that the upcoming bombshell will relate to the NEA. You read it here first.

You may recall the NEA story (which both Bruce and I covered) regarding how the agency actively encouraged artists to promote the Obama administration’s agenda through their works.

In addition to Patterico’s reading of the tea leaves, two names have been floating around in connection with a Breitbart blockbuster, both of which are also connected to the NEA: Yosi Sargent, its communications director and the leader of the conference call described above, and Buffy Wicks, a former Obama field organizer now with the White House Office of Public Engagement who was also on the call. If the speculation is right, I’d have to guess that Breitbart has uncovered something incriminating (assuming that the NEA conference call breached some law or regulation).

Whatever it is, I agree with those who are saying that Breitbart’s primary target in all of this is the MSM. I think it was the media who were the real losers in the ACORN story, just as they were in the Van Jones debacle. Ever since last summer the media has unashamedly supported Obama in every way that it can, and covered up for him where possible. Embarrassing connections are buried, misstatements and outright lies are routinely ignored, and opposition is either painted in a most unflattering light or marginalized as fringe elements of little import. And that’s not to mention the constant caterwauling about racism at every turn. Breitbart easily outmaneuvered them in the past few weeks since, like the hare found out, you can’t sleep on the job and expect to stay out in front. As Ace said, “He warned the media. They ignored the warning.” I look forward to whatever comeuppance Mr. Breitbart has in store for them this week.

UPDATE: Yep. It’s the NEA all right:

So what did happen on that call? Was the NEA coordinating with the White House to push their agenda on a group of artists eager for and reliant upon the NEA for grants, or is the NEA telling the truth that this call “was not a means to promote any legislative agenda”?

Tomorrow at noon ET, explosive new information will answer that question and raise many others.

Make sure to go and RTWT.

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19 Responses to Breitbart Bombshell Set to Explode? (Updated)

  • I know that this sounds paranoid and all, but I wish Giles, and O’Keefe, and Beck, and Breitbart, and anyone else who dares to speak out against this gang of crooks in the White House, would watch out for themselves. The Left is nothing but dangerous. It would not surprise me to see someone arrested and have them framed as a right-wing extremist who planned to kill The Clown™ or something. I wouldn’t put it past them to try such a maneuver.

    That said, I hope Breitbart nails some more maladministration a-holes with his videos. Bringing down some more radical fruitcakes working for the Chief Thug will make my day, my week, my year.

    • I would hope they have exceedingly good tax accountants, and home security such that it would be impossible to plant drugs, pornography, firearms, etc. in their homes or on their property.

      Hopefully they will not end up like murdered Phoenix reporter Dan Boles.

      Given what we know about union thugs, in the past, in the campaign and since the townhalls, I doubt anything the NEA does is going to raise any eyebrows.

  • Reporting by CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, WaPo, NYT

    NOTHING – Reverend Wright’s Hate Speech
    NOTHING – John Edwards Love Child
    NOTHING – Van Jones Far Left Radicalism
    NOTHING – ACORN’s Rife Corruption, Criminality
    NOTHING – NEA’s Agitprop

    Unf#$!ingbelievable. Malevolent arrogance, yes.

    But just plain shamefully embarrassing too. I mean, ouch!

  • The Government-Hollywood-Media Complex…

    NEA: National Endowment for Agitprop
    ACORN: Child “Services”, Financial “Services”, “Voter” Registration —Democrat Funded

  • It isn’t hard to scoop the ostrich media any more.

  • To borrow from an age-old question:

    If a democrat commits a crime and nobody knows about it, did it happen?

    People refer to MiniTru being “embarrassed” or “obsolete”.


    As important as other media outlets (including talk radio, blogs, independent news sites) etc., have become in keeping the public informed, most people get their information from traditional sources… which are solely controlled by MiniTru. Hence, they won’t know the first thing about such stories as ACORN or the (apparently breaking) NEA issue. To the extent that they DO know, it’ll be just another story about how nasty, crazy right-wingers, furious that a black democrat is in the White House, are continuing their mindless war against progressive organizations in an effort to destroy TAO’s presidency. Take a look at the recent cover of Time for an example: it has a photo of Glen Beck sticking out his tongue with the caption “Mad Man”. Don’t listen to what THIS man says; he’s just a crazy racist. If he tells you that a democrat front organization is corrupt and even criminal… well, why would you believe somebody like HIM???

    All that being said, I’m glad that Breitbart and others like him do what they do. At least we know SOMETHING of the crimes committed by democrats, and at least some of this information slowly percolates into the general public consciousness.

  • When I saw NEA, I immediately thought, “The teachers union?” Oh well–the National Endowment for the Arts is a worthy target as well…

  • Oh, TRUST ME…

    What’s coming up will make you say “Are you sh*tting me??”

    I strongly suspect that this entire administration is a plot by Carter to cease being the worst President in US history.

  • A large irony in the Briebart exposes is that the only time I can remember legacy media trying anything remotely like this was when NBC send “Muslim-looking” reporters to a NASCAR track, apparently hoping to get some signs of racism (or whatever term would be appropriate; they weren’t too clear on exactly what they were going for).

    They didn’t get any.

    NBC took a lot of fallout for the implicit assumption that NASCAR fans are racist. They deserved it, because the incident again demonstrated that the media’s default viewpoint is left-wing. They seem to have no interest in exposes that might damage left-wing organizations.

    I wonder if that will change now. I rather doubt it; planning something like this takes a real appreciation of where the flaws in leftist organizations really are, and someone sympathetic to those organizations isn’t going to be very good at that even if they get an assignment to try.

    I also wonder if we will see a bunch of pre-emptive “exposes” that “investigate” left-wing organizations and, surprise, give them a clean bill of health. Perhaps I’m being cynical, but it would not surprise me in the least.

  • This is offtopic, but can you pretty please change the style of new links to make them easy to spot? Followed ones in mesages (but not the sidebar) are Red and underlined, but new ones are nearly the same color as the surrounding text. I end up mousing over text to find where links are.

  • Whatever he has MUST be explosive, because absent a compelling videotape that can’t be ignored, it will hard to get traction with the at-large public.

    But lets wait and see. I thought all those stupid “rock the vote” commercials were suspicious…

  • Oh, THAT NEA. For a minute I thought my union was in trouble.