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The Drought Is Certainly Over In Atlanta

Metro Atlanta went through a deluge yesterday and right now you can’t get out of town in certain areas. Western Atlanta received up to 15″ of rain yesterday (20″ since Friday) and I-20 on that side of town is closed as the Chattahoochee has flooded it out. The Yellow River has also jumped its banks (as well as Sweetwater Creek) to make the metro area a mess. The ground is saturated and more rain, not the volume of yesterday thank goodness, is expected today. 8 have died in the flooding.



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4 Responses to The Drought Is Certainly Over In Atlanta

  • It’s rained hard here in Houston this morning, but certainly nothing like what you’ve gotten in Georgia. (Hopefully we’ll just stick with heavy rain rather than another hurricane.)

  • Lake Lanier is now within 3 feet of full bowl – which is crazy high for this time of year.

  • Saw this on the news this morning and was hoping you were all right. 20″ of rain is just unbelievable.

    So have the FEMA trucks shown up yet???

  • must be global warming.

    wait – I thought the drought was global warming.

    oh well I guess they both are. And if you get a warm winter then that will DEFINITELY be global warming, unless you get a very cold winter which you might because, well you know, global warming is tricky like that.