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Subject(s): Obama the enigma? That’s something we’ll talk about tonight. Here’s a little read-ahead material. Recently we have his UN speech to talk about and we’ve had 9 months to observe how he works.

Afghanistan looks like it is headed to the back burner according to the Washington Post’s Bob Woodward. Not making a decision is a decision. And this isn’t a good one for the troops presently engaged there or the effort in general.

And then there are the revelations about a formerly unknown uranium enrichment facility in Iran.  What does that mean?


4 Responses to BlogTalk Radio – 8pm (EST)

  • I guess if given the choice over being called a “racist” or a member of the VRWC, most folks would prefer to be a member of the VRWC.

  • “Afghanistan looks like it is headed to the back burner…”

    IOW, TAO is voting “Present” once again.

    • Obama is the man who can make decisions … to put it on the backburner … “spine of steel” my …

  • That was a depressing show: we have an Iran/nuclear proliferation kangaroo and a monetary/fiscal kangaroo.

    I can’t express how horrifying both of those are to me.