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Podcast for 29 Sep 09

In this podcast, Bruce, Michael, and Dale discuss the Obama Enigma, the current state of politics, and Iran’s progress towards nuclear weapons.

The direct link to the podcast can be found here.


The intro and outro music is Vena Cava by 50 Foot Wave, and is available for free download here.

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3 Responses to Podcast for 29 Sep 09

  • As I said in the previous thread… That was a depressing show: we have an Iran/nuclear proliferation kangaroo and a monetary/fiscal kangaroo.

    I can’t express how horrifying both of those are to me.

    • Well Bryan, get all the way down and read Ezekiel: 38-40. Accordingly, it’s going to take 7 months to bury them and it’s going to smell really bad for awhile. Whether you believe this stuff or not there is an inevitable scenario playing out here that I thought the guys made clear tonight. Iran, aka Persia, is going to get the bomb at any cost and one has to believe the stated intentions of their President that they intend to wipe-out Israel. How was it, that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stated it, that Israel was a one bomb town, or something to that effect? In any case, this son of a bitch is going to play out ugly, and we have the perfect, Ahem, person in the Whitehouse to see that it plays out just that way. The only option that Israel has to destroying Tehran, is to voluntarily put their backs against the wall and taking a bullet.

      I don’t see that happening.

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