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I love quotes like this because it gives you a little hint about the level of the left’s self-delusion and intellectual bankruptcy.

“A Primer on Reconciliation,” put together by Ken Strickland of NBC at First Read does a nice job of explaining the arcane process and some of the limits that will make it both difficult and risky to push health reform through that process, despite the appealing feature that it can bypass Republican obstruction.

Although the “Primer” is quite instructive (you can find it here), the point of the post is to highlight the typical nonsense the left loves to try to run by everyone. The only reason reconciliation is being considered has nothing to do with “Republican obstruction”. It has to do with the fact that the Senate’s Democratic Caucus numbers 60 – all the votes necessary to invoke cloture in the Senate and avoid a filibuster. But they cannot be sure of their own caucus. So the easy and lazy thing to do is blame it on the opposition party which hasn’t the ability to stop anything.



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8 Responses to Quote Of The Day

  • “I love quotes like this because it gives you a little hint about the level of the left’s self-delusion and intellectual bankruptcy.”

    Any Scott Erb post works as well.

  • Here’s the REAL primer on “reconciliation”:

    If the Demmies try to push it through, it will blow up the US Senate. The Senate works day by day through unanimous consent agreements, and gets nominees for offices or judicial nominees to a floor vote through a process that moves when no Senator puts a block on the nominee. John Thune, Republican of South Dakota, has already said that he will refuse to vote for any unanimous consent agreement, and that he will block every single one of The Clown’s™ judicial and other nominees, including any US Supreme Court nominee, if Reid and the Demmies push reconciliation.

    So, if “Searchlight Harry” wants to have nothing happen in the US Senate until The Clown™ leaves office, let him go right ahead and try to push this health care crappola through with just 51 votes. Just try, Harry. It will be the worst legislative mistake you will ever make – not the last, just the first.

    Notice that the “media” in this country – Fox included – has yet to describe to anyone what “reconciliation” entails, and what will happen if the Demmies push it. That is why the dimwitted Left keeps saying that it should be done – because they don’t have even a clue about what will happen if it is used.

  • Tapped – as pure an echo chamber as you will find.

  • What can one say to this? It’s along the lines of what I wrote yesterday:

    — Only in DC can the party that overwhelmingly controls both houses of Congress and the White House blame the minority for “obstructionism” and be believed.

    I recall that a majority of Americans thought that the GOP controlled the Congress during President Bush’s last two years in office, too. Gotta love the dems: they want to run things, but definitely do NOT want the accountability. Why, it’s as if they KNOW that their ideas are harmful to the country and don’t want to take the blame when everybody else figures that out.

    James MarsdenIf the Demmies try to push it through, it will blow up the US Senate.

    I realize that, as you note, Thune has already promised to end unanimous consent if Dingy Harry and his gang try reconcilliation. However, I’m not so sure that the GOP has the guts to really do it. Let’s recall what happened when Newt and the GOP Congress got into that spat with Slick Willie a few years ago and shut down the government: they came out worst. MiniTru would have a field day with the GOP minority REALLY obstructing the Congress; the GOP leadership is doubtless well aware of that fact. Further, there are plenty of GOP politicians who would love to vote for some type of health care “reform” (they’ve bought into the crisis meme), so it seems to me possible that the dems could peel off a few RINO’s (McCain, Graham, Voinovitch, Enzi, the two pinheads from Maine, etc) at the last minute with some tiny concessions and in the name of “collegiality” and “bipartisanship” and in the name of “we’ve got to avoid the crisis a government shutdown would cause” and “you’ll NEVER be on a Sunday morning talk show again if you don’t go along!”. So, I suspect that IF Dingy Harry tries it, there will be no shortage of GOP “moderates” (i.e. craven RINO’s) stopping by Thune’s office to cajole, beg, threaten, and otherwise attempt to persuade him to back off.

    It is interesting – even frightening – to contemplate what will happen in the future if Reid does this. I suggest that the democrats have so poisoned the atmosphere in DC over the past several years that it will take a couple of generations to repair the damage that they’ve done. After all their yap about minority rights when the GOP controlled the Congress, they’ve trampled all over the minority when they’ve had the power, using (or threatening to use) the most extraordinary, unprecedented measures to get what they want. The GOP will be tempted – indeed, pushed by its voters – to retaliate if they get control in ’10 or ’12. The cycle would continue and become more vicious.

    Not good for our country.

    • Likewise there is no real threat of a filibuster. I am surprised that the Democrats are even afraid of this. There is no way the spineless Republicans would ever have a real filibuster.

      Your minority must be strong and united for that to work. Besides, when was the last real senate filibuster? twenty years ago? thirty?

  • Is there a cure for the anal retentive?

  • I tell every liberal (oops, “progressive”) I discuss politics with at my job the same thing:

    You control the House and Senate with filibuster-proof majorities. You have a president who will sign whatever they send him. You have the SCOTUS that will rubberstamp any challenge to those bills. And you have a majority of the governerships to boot.


    And I’ll call these pieces of garbage like this NBC jerk on it every time

    • Sorry, I mistyped. I’m sure the NBC guy is also a jerk anyway but the jerk I’ll call out is the moron who posted that.