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Thomas Friedman’s Selective History And Left-Wing Paranoia

I don’t know how else to describe this from Thomas Friedman:

I was in Israel interviewing Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin just before he was assassinated in 1995. We had a beer in his office. He needed one. I remember the ugly mood in Israel then — a mood in which extreme right-wing settlers and politicians were doing all they could to delegitimize Rabin, who was committed to trading land for peace as part of the Oslo accords. They questioned his authority. They accused him of treason. They created pictures depicting him as a Nazi SS officer, and they shouted death threats at rallies. His political opponents winked at it all.

And in so doing they created a poisonous political environment that was interpreted by one right-wing Jewish nationalist as a license to kill Rabin — he must have heard, “God will be on your side” — and so he did.

Others have already remarked on this analogy, but I want to add my voice because the parallels to Israel then and America today turn my stomach: I have no problem with any of the substantive criticism of President Obama from the right or left. But something very dangerous is happening. Criticism from the far right has begun tipping over into delegitimation and creating the same kind of climate here that existed in Israel on the eve of the Rabin assassination.

Really? Is your stomach turning Mr. Friedman? Because if so, it must be a very recent problem.

Change the name Rabin to Bush, remove the particular situation and add “during his presidency” and you describe the last 8 years and the behavior of the left to a tee. And yet I don’t remember a single column by Friedman or any other liberal lamenting the “poisonous political environment” that existed during that entire time.

Suddenly though, because the opposition is instead focused on Democrats and Obama, dissent is a serious thing that shouldn’t be “winked at” as it was lo those many years when the other side suffered it.

That leads to selective remembrances by ideologues such as this guy speaking about opposition to Obama:

Some of his opposition is politically predictable, since President Bill Clinton was under political attack from the day of his election and presidential candidate John Kerry was slandered in a way that turned voters away from him. Those who present no good ideas of their own can only resort to dubious, rumor driven attacks to generate fear and damage their opponents.

Notably missing is the “selected not elected” tenure of Bush who had eggs thrown during his inauguration parade, was booed by the opposition during a state of the union address and called “incompetent” by the most competent Speaker of the House we’ve ever had.  And signs depicting Bush as Hitler were ubiquitous.  All, apparently, right down the memory hole.

The Friedman’s of the world feigned no concern whatsoever about the atmosphere of hate engendered then possibly leading to violence when their ideological foe sat in the White House. They seemed to see nothing wrong with the demonization of Bush. The cries of “traitor, “war criminal”, “liar” and “loser” apparently didn’t coarsen the dialog or create a “poisonous political environment” like they do now.  And the Southern Poverty Law Center had nothing to say about the virulent hate that was evident then. This demand for respect for the President of the United States we hear today wasn’t at all evident in the left’s gleeful celebration of shoes thrown at the President of the United States during a press conference, was it?

No, according to the left, it is now worse than it has ever been. And that’s because the right is engaged in spirited opposition. The left can deal this sort of thing out, but they simply cannot take it when it is returned in kind. So the entire dialog changes and what was recently the “highest form of patriotism” and “speaking truth to power” is now “dangerous and hate filled rhetoric” and a threat to all that’s decent and good. You have to wonder if the left suffers from a chronic case of political Alzheimer’s disease, because their short-term memory is completely gone.

The conventional wisdom, sold by the left over the years, is that the right is the violent side of the ideological spectrum. And again, those ignorant of history seem to buy into the meme. Never mind that the last two politicians who suffered assassination were killed by a communist and a Palestinian nationalist and the last assassination attempts made on presidents were made on Republican presidents.

It is a sight to behold the left, after an 8 year tantrum, suddenly projecting their behavior and history on the right and calling it dangerous, disrespectful and poisonous.  In comparison to their behavior, what is happening now is both mild and warranted.  But don’t expect this orgy of leftist whining to end anytime soon.  Like a goose does every day, they seem to have awakened in a new world and have absolutely no memory of their own recent behavior or of the recent history of violence toward politicians here.  Instead, they prefer to invent their own version as they go.



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58 Responses to Thomas Friedman’s Selective History And Left-Wing Paranoia

  • I’ve come to a conclusion recently that I don’t take lightly: I know longer believe that it is possible for a moral, honest person to be a Democrat. A wide variety of independants, yes, absolutely, I’m not locked into a rigid party mindset myself.

    But to be a dclared Democrat now appears to require the moral bankruptcy which was endemic to the declared Communists during the last days of the USSR. They all knew the game was about up, and everyone involved was only in it for the power they could wield and the loot that they could steal. And the same is true for *ALL* Democrats today.

    Friedman is trying to prop up his only personal gravy train for a few more years. Sit in a nice office, hang out with friends, and occasionally regurgitate left wing pap? What a deal!!! And he’ll say anything (except the truth) to try and keep that gravy train going. He, along with all declared Democrats, is now so far removed from any semblance of honesty that he no longer has any clue as to what it actually is.

    • wwsI’ve come to a conclusion recently that I don’t take lightly: I know longer believe that it is possible for a moral, honest person to be a Democrat.

      It surprises even me to disagree.

      I live in No. Carolina and have friends and relatives (by marriage, of course) who are old-time Southern democrats because they grew up that way. They are personally moral, decent, friendly, church-going people. Their problem is that, frankly, they are ignorant at best and bloody stupid at worst. Their knowledge of politics pretty much begins and ends with the shibboleths they learned at an early age, such as “democrats are for the workin’ man!” and “Republicans are the party of the rich!” They believe that the democrat party is still the party of JFK, Truman, or even FDR. Oh, there might be a few extremists in it (like that woman from California… Nancy… Nancy… Piloti? Pilate? Something like that…), but the party itself still stands for worker’s rights, equal pay, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

      And why not? If one relies on MiniTru for all his news and information (and most people do), it is OBVIOUS that the democrats are a party of virtue, integrity, humanity, and moderation. It’s the nasty ol’ REPUBLICANS (snarl!) who want to kick old people out into the cold, who want to starve children, who hate minorities, and who send our brave soldiers off to die so they can get rich by stealing other countries’ oil. And if a democrat DOES put his foot wrong (nobody’s perfect, eh?), then they’ve been conditioned to have the correct, knee-jerk response:


      I think a few of the posts on this comment thread provide excellent examples of what I mean.

      • I live in No. Carolina and have friends and relatives (by marriage, of course) who are old-time Southern democrats because they grew up that way. They are personally moral, decent, friendly, church-going people.

        Docjim505, I am from Oklahoma and the majority of my extended family are/were Reagan Democrats. They too believed the old delineation of Democrats looking out for the little guy and Republicans being wealthy. I honestly don’t know if many of them are still Democrats but that is our family history so I can understand where you are coming from. I have many decent people who vote Democrat. Unfortunately, I am starting to lean towards wws’s position on this. Part of the reason is that I have lived on the west side of Los Angeles for almost twenty years and the type of Democrat that inhabits this area is as vicious, petty, illogical, stupid and hypocritical as it gets. They are as intolerant as it gets and they don’t come close to meeting the standards they set for others. That being said, the good people I knew growing up are aiding and abetting these elitist liberals and despite their well intentioned, time worn beliefs, they bear their share of responsibility for the monstosity that has become the federal government. At a certain point good faith shrouded by ignorance is no longer good faith. They owe it to all of us to get a clue and that is why I don’t think the people you know in North Carolina ashould get a pass.

        • jt007At a certain point good faith shrouded by ignorance is no longer good faith. They owe it to all of us to get a clue and that is why I don’t think the people you know in North Carolina ashould get a pass.

          Interesting point. I don’t give them a pass, per se, but rather think that their support for liberal policies arises from a combination of ignorance and stupidity, not immorality or dishonesty.

  • Don’t forget the predictions on the Left that Bush would re-institute the draft, suspend democratic elections and found a theocracy.
    Don’t forget that the Left tolerated fantasies of assassination against Bush and Cheney, among other violent acts against the Bush admin. ( “Vote from the rooftops!”)
    Don’t forget that not only was Bush depicted as Hitler, but also as Satan.
    Don’t forget that the Left openly discussed secession from the red states, or “Jesusland” as they called the South and Mountain West. (That was a fun conversation to have, with the Left going into detail about how all the good parts of America were in the blue states and the red states just sucked down the money through the federal government.)

    And let’s not forget it when the Right does the same.

  • As an aside, I was amused by this line from Friedman’s columnn: “The right impeached Bill Clinton and hounded him from Day 1 with the bogus Whitewater “scandal.””

    Whitewater was first reported on by the New York Times, Friedman’s paper.

    The meaning and scope of “Whitewater,” a sleezy real estate deal, came to include “all that crazy sh!t down in Arkansas,” which was, for its time, copious and bewildering. The Wall Street Journal’s reporting on it filled two thick volumes when published in book form.

    There was nothing “bogus” about it and it predicted the depravity of the Clintons straight on through to the Marc Rich pardon.

    • There really was nothing “bougs” about the Whitewater scandal. Some 13 people went to prison over it, and it brought down the sitting Governor of Arkansas.

  • Have ye read “Infamous Scribblers” by Eric Burns? This media problem, it’s nothing new.

    “I know longer believe that it is possible for a moral, honest person to be a Democrat.”

    Most lefties I know have not one clue about economics, govt., US history or what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is. It’s not a moral failing. It’s what all the cool, hip people do.

  • But criticism of Bush was DESERVED, so there’s no reason to mention it!

    Just remember all the Bush assassination “art” during the past 8 years?

    The Democrats did this. The situation we have today flows directly from Gore’s reprehensible behavior during the 2000 election. When he lost, they lost their minds.

    And lets not forget the current atmosphere where any criticism is met with RACISM RACISM RACISM!!!! Yeah, no encouraging violence there, right?

  • Its like these people are from an alternate dimension. Anyone check for gotees?

    When trying to carry on intelligent discussion to resolve issues, and the other person is actively revising history wholesale to their liking in near real time, how can you get any where? Talking becomes useless. And what comes next, despite being far off, is ugly unless sanity is restored at some point.

    And unfortunately it looks like we are on the long road to that ugly thing.

    • Cats in a barrel, comes to mind, when thinking about politics in America.

      The left always has to blame someone else for their mistakes, which is bad enough, but what chaps me is when they stand around as victims and then pronounce that they are going to step in and “fix” the problem…the problem they created…because they’re the only ones who can.

      Then the Republicans say, well ok, how can we help?

  • This response is such garbage. Yes, Friedman’s article was over the top, but that’s his job. But comparing Obama to Bush is ridiculous – Bush was only one of two presidents to have been elected questionably, and he enacted one unjustified war and suffered a number of political/war scandals (Black Water, Haliburton, attourney generals on and on and on). And above all, Bush never had his citizenship questioned, or had 20% of the country believing he was secretly Muslim. Obama is in a very different boat. He can’t even speak to school children, or have them sing a couple of lines about his presidency during a larger school program without a few million disgusting idiots coming to pieces.

    • Nope – with Bush it was about his grandfather the Nazi sympathizer and the unshakable belief that he’d gone AWOL and ducked Vietnam. That he was dumber than a box of rocks (even though his transcript showed better grades than Kerry at the same school), a drunk and coward.

      Quit whining for heaven sake. Obama’s boat is no different than that which the left put Bush in. It comes with the territory that your side helped form.

      • Again, it’s not what the fringes say — they’ll attack everyone on the other side, you can always cherry pick quotes from them. It’s the mainstream, and the way Congressional leaders are acting. It’s more like the GOP is in perpetual campaign mode, unwilling to try to solve problems, but simply wanting to destroy the opposition.

        They are vastly overestimating the efficacy of such slash and burn tactics. Obama simply has to patiently ride this out, get things passed, and watch the Republican “rage” fizzle out. It’s not broad, and it’s really not deep. Get past the teabagger/political junkie crowd, and most people really would prefer the various sides work together, put ideology aside, and do some pragmatic problem solving.

        • Are you looking in a left-right opposite mirror? Republicans are in perpetual campaign mode, unwilling to solve problems?? Outside of giving speeches, your smartest president ever has done nothing, preferring to outsource all policy to Pelosi. The republicans can NOT stop one bill in the house or senate, if the dems were united. Lack of action on capitol hill is NOT due to republican intransigence. Hell, Obama won’t even meet with republican leadership, not that it would matter with Pelosi running the show.

          But since it’s opposite day in Erbville, and all this backlash and heated rhetoric is all a mile-wide and inch-deep in support (must be by his decree, as all the polls show otherwise), well who cares, right?

          Fantasyland must be fun. I gotta take a trip sometime.

        • Obama simply has to patiently ride this out, get things passed, and watch the Republican “rage” fizzle out.

          I just thought I’d interject with a reminder that the Democrats have a solid majority in both the House and Senate. Which means that if the Democrats were unified and the Republicans opposed, Obama would only have to concern himself with the bolded portion, as the Republicans are in a position to do little more than grumble as the Democrats pass any legislation they please.

          The Democrats have dealt with their own internal dissension by blaming the Republicans. The Republican party is somewhat bipolar these days, being described as a party on the ropes with no clue and no leadership on one hand, and as a group of brilliant and deviously clever strategists on the other. Maybe they can make Rocky Balboa their new mascot.

        • Get past the teabagger

          F*ck you, Erb. F*ck you twice.

        • most people really would prefer the various sides work together

          Again, let us remember Erb’s own words a mere month ago:

          Democrats should get Machiavellian: I think the Democratic party and Barack Obama need to cease their efforts to create bi-partisan health care reform, and instead use their majorities to pass their agenda

          Every word out of your mouth is sh*t.

      • *Wide grin*

        Loses something when your rhetorical teeth have just been, as usual, kicked down your throat.

    • There was absolutely nothing questionable about the Bush election. Dictates of law were followed. Even the NYTimes doing their own recount had to admit he won (in small type, on page D82 of course)

      I guess JFK was elected the same “questionable” way.

      If his war was “unjustified” then its’ a shame the DEMOCRATS overwhelmingly voted for it (including our AWOL Sec. of State, who presumably knew a thing or two about the situation)

      But again, this just illustrates the point I made- Bush “deserved” it, so the behavior towards him is to be ignored.

      Pathetic. Even for a lefty.

    • Bush never had his citizenship questioned, or had 20% of the country believing he was secretly Muslim


      No, he just had a 3rd of the Democrats believeing he had something to do with causing 9/11

    • Your comment is ridiculous.

      Bush was only one of two presidents to have been elected questionably

      Elected questionably? Have you read the multiple press recounts that confirmed Bush won Florida? Were you aware of the two trial court decisions in Florisda that found that the voting machines operated properly? Are you aware of the Clinton/Reno DOJ investigation that found no evidence of black people being prevented from voting? Are you aware that the butterfly ballot was designed by a Democrat official in Palm Beach County? Are you aware that more votes were cast in the 2000 Reform Party primary than were cast for Buchanon? Are you aware of the dissent written by the Chief Justice of the Florida Supreme Court that eviscerated the majority opinion and conceded that they were making a mckery of Florida election law? The only questionable circumstances were those that were cooked up by Democrats pursuant to Al Gore’s Chicago style attempt to overturn the election that was masterminded by Richard Daley.

      he enacted one unjustified war

      Like what? Kosovo? Clinton never got congressional approval for that war. Clinton never went to the United Nations for a Security Council resolution. He manufactured the causus belli by lying about a non-existent “genocide” in which a a couple of thousand (out of a population of over 1 million) had been killed. Are you familiar with the fact that the Congressional AUMF for Iraq was drafted by Richard Gephardt and the majority of Democrats in Congress voted for it?

      suffered a number of political/war scandals (Black Water, Haliburton, attourney generals on and on and on)

      These “scandals” were only scandals because liberals pretended that they were “scandals” and they counted on the ignorance of people like you. Halliburton didn’t do anything wrong, Halliburton and KBR had government contracts for decades before Bush entered office (including in the Balkans), neither Bush nor Cheney had any pecuniary interest in Halliburton during their tenure in office (nor do they now). Exactly which Halliburton contracts were “no bid” and how did they violate any law? How many prosecutions of Halliburton and/or their employees have taken place? How many people have been convicted? (hint: zero). Black Water was formed in response to the fact that the US military began to outsource many security functions due to the massive reduction of our military budget and force structure during the Clinton Administration. The Attorney Generals? Do you mean the US Attorney firings? Do you know that US Attorneys are political appointees, they serve at the pleasure of the president and all of the terminated US Attorneys were Bush appointees? Did you have a problem with Clinton firing all of the US Attorneys in 1993? Did you know that one of those US Attorneys was investigating Dan Rostenkowski and another was investigating the Whitewater fraud? Do you understand the difference between firing someone because they aren’t doing their job (Bush’s motivation) and firing someone because they are doing their job (Clinton’s motivation)? Are you aware of Obama’s politically motivated firings of several of his Inspector Generals because they were turning up the heat on people like Kevin Johnson?

      Bush never had his citizenship questioned

      No, but Barry Goldwater, George Romney and John McCain all had their eligibility questioned by Democrats.

      20% of the country believing he was secretly Muslim.

      No, but about that percentage of Democrats believe he knew about the 9/11 attacks and let them happen and/or was behind them happening.

      he can’t even speak to school children

      He’s never been investigated by Congress like GHW Bush was after he gave a speech to school children. The GAO has never audited/investigated Obama’s speech like they did Bush’s pursuant to a demand by Democrats in Congress.

      There’s nothing more pathetic than people who can dish it out but can’t take it.

  • Tom Friedman, being a New Yorker (at least in heart), has no use for Republicans. Frankly, as far as he is concerned, Republicans are the scum of the earth, so you treat them like scum of the earth.
    Nuff said.

  • Oh, please. Gore had a gracious concession to Bush, and except for the extremists who will always attack anyone on the other side, most Democrats worked with Bush (including Kennedy) and outside of the campaigns didn’t have near the early, steady and dishonest series of attacks that talk radio, blogs and others are having. Sen. DeMint has admitted wanting to completely undermine the President. It is fundamentally dishonest to claim Bush as anywhere close to receiving this much animosity and anger from mainstream liberals and Democrats. Given how ineffective Bush’s policies were, and how most of them lead to disastrous consequences, perhaps the Democrats should have been forceful attacking him from the start. But they weren’t. Don’t compare the extremist voices on the left with the kind of mainstream concerted action against Obama now.

    It’s disgusting. And when the country has major problems to solve, the Right should be working with Obama and influencing the result. The level of attacks from the mainstream right and Congressional Republicans is far beyond anything Bush encountered.

    I blogged about this yesterday:

    • I don’t have time to search for Gore’s remarks just after the election, but have a quick look at this little ditty from 2004. The two humble, supportive statements that jump off the page to me are…

      “He betrayed this country!” – Al Gore

      “The 2000 election was stolen from the Democratic Party,” – Gen Clark

      And just for fun, how about the supportive – ” Like the Nixon administration, Mr. Gore said, the Bush administration is not committed to principle but is obsessed with its re-election.” – Al Gore

    • Oh – and are you telling me that Nancy and Harry were willing to put aside their differences from 2000-2008 because the country had problems to deal with? Really? They didn’t, they encouraged defiance, and ridiculed the President. The least they could do now is STFU.

    • Early on after the inauguration, Republicans tried to cooperate where they could and we met with a “Middle Eastern Mudslide” when Obama retorted “I won”.

    • Yeah, Gore made a graciuous concession………………….after almost tearing the country apart with his fail lawsuit.

      And the right should be working with Obama? Go f**k yourself. Obama is the guy who said “I won” “I will trump you on that”

      He had his chance to work with the Right. DO YOU REMEMBER THAT MOMENT SCOTT??

      That party that has absolutely ZERO power to change or stop anything. Don’t you act like they do just because Obama can’t get his party to pass legislation.

      • Recall, too, that Gore’s challenge to the vote count was only two counties which had substantial vote fraud, and that eight separate reviews by a mixed group of left and right boards ALL said that Bush won and won by as many as 19,000 votes.

        The left, in keeping with Marxist bourgeois “science” conveniently misses that, again and again.

    • Gore. He’s the guy who wanted to keep recounting until he won one. And no doubt, whatever count he won would be the “right” count.

      The left has been batsh*t crazy with respect to Bush, which is odd since he was very much the moderate. No Child Left Behind (Kennedy’s bill), Medicare drug bill, etc.

    • It is not so much that you are dishonest with us ERB, we can always catch your bullshit. The sad thing is that you are dishonest with yourself.

      • Wow, now you guys are blaming and attacking Gore for simply going through the legal process, and then graciously admitting defeat when he lost? You guys attack anyone who doesn’t see things through your very narrow ideological lenses, it seems. Your viciousness and insults seem even more intense lately…perhaps having your side lose power has created some deep anger, so intense that you forget that we’re all Americans and should listen to each other, learn from each other, and recognize that politics is about compromise and taking the other side seriously.

        Nah, you’re having fun with your jihad. You’re lost in a world of fantasy.

        • From another blog – boy, does this fit Erb to a “T”:
          When you contradict a deluded person’s delusions, he takes that as further evidence for them. If you point out to NBC executives that it is disingenuous to have his newsbabe talk about the “racial overtones” of white people taking guns to political rallies while your cameraman crops footage of a black man to show his rifle but not his race, the NBC executive will not take that as evidence of his network’s deceptive coverage. He will take it as more “racial overtones.”

          Ask NPR why their report on current racial tension omitted the fact of a black man beaten by SIEU thugs at a rally a couple of weeks ago, and they will conclude that you criticized their reportage because you’re some sort of racist.

          If you try telling CNN executives that the Tea Parties this year were a genuinely popular revolt against the vast bailouts of irresponsible borrowers and badly run companies instead of a Fox News publicity stunt, they will marvel at how effectively Fox has brainwashed you. Try telling Nancy Pelosi that the hostility Congressmen faced at public meetings during the August recess is pretty much what a Congress can expect when its approval rating is at its lowest in history, and she will shrug your comment off as “Astroturf.”

          Deluded people see all evidence as support for their delusions. They are impervious to logic because they hold their delusions for emotional reasons over which logic has no power. Don’t bother writing to MSNBC. If you do, they will include it as more evidence of the racism they’re so desperate to find that they will hallucinate it if necessary.

          In addition to mental defects…

          Thinking back on Churchill’s famous remarks about liberals early in life, “conservative” later, it’s becoming apparent that the left/liberal/regressive wing has a definite immaturity.

          I suspect that comes from the evasion they learn early on which is aggravated in the school systems.

  • When someone is driving the car off the cliff, you don’t ‘work with them’ by getting them to drive only 20mph as opposed to 30mph.

  • “kind of mainstream concerted action”
    Mainstream. Ah, your subconscious obviously gets it, even if your fore brain does not.

    MAINSTREAM – that means a majority, the MAIN stream. Get it?

    “And when the country has major problems to solve, the Right should be working with Obama and influencing the result”
    Major problems like a manufactured health care crisis?
    Major problems like a bogus global warming crisis?

    “didn’t have near the early, steady and dishonest series of attacks that talk radio, blogs and others are having”
    Say WHAT? 8 years of “the Supreme Court APPOINTED a President”. Gore Vidal is STILL mumbling that tripe, he did it the other day. At least 4 years of listening to how the Governor of Florida and the Supreme Court colluded to appoint Bush. And then we stopped hearing that only because we had an attempt to destroy an election with documents printed with MicroSoft Word that were “fake but accurate”.
    Still standing accusations, very much in the ‘mainstream left’ that the President of the United States ordered the destruction of the World Trade Center and the murder of over 3000 American Citizens so he could git revenge on the man what tried to murder his daddy.

    “The level of attacks from the mainstream right and Congressional Republicans is far beyond anything Bush encountered. ”
    Oh, please, quit your whining. We’re not children, the path the left is following will trash both the economy and the country within the first term far more effectively than Bush could have had he had another 4 years to do it in. There’s no reason for conservatives to ‘work’ with an administration that thinks saying ‘we won’ is all the reconciliation they have to do to get cooperation.

    Both you and Friedman can see Obama and the Democrats are headed for a self inflicted train wreck of major proportion and you’re trying to set the stage to be able to point your trembling fingers at the right for complete blame of current and subsequent self inflicted disaster.

    The ‘MAINSTREAM’ knows where the blame is, and your whining, and Friedman’s whinings won’t deceive the average person.
    History is not going to be kind to Obama, and there is no reason it should be. He’s an empty suit who achieved his position not on his own merits, but by running against a man who wasn’t even running. And through the generosity of a media who didn’t care about anything other than washing away their liberal guilt for being born white.

    Watch and learn (except, you never do either thing)

  • Hell Scott, you even have a fellow traveler HERE who CONTINUES to pretend that Bush was ‘appointed’ by the Supreme Court. You yourself responded to the post and added your little bit of open minded lefty cooperation sytle – “Get past the teabagger/political junkie crowd, ”

    Teabaggers – you DO understand the reference, do you not? It’s NOT attractive or complimentary.

    What a hypocrite.

    • Erb has only once before really pissed me off. The first time is when he called the US military the most murderous in our history. Then he tried to back off it a little by making them into victims themselves.

      Now he wants to use a disgusting sexual slur against people who are speaking up for liberty.

      Erb is seriously a foul human being.

    • Oops, just googled teabagger. OK, I won’t use that one again! Yeah, you have people who complain about 2000. But I said then and now that we have to go through the process and respect it. The process legitimately concluded that Bush was the winner, and I believe that people should have accepted it right away, as Gore did.

      • Wow. That’s nearly a first for you, Scott. You bothered to actually google something instead of ignoring it or defending it for the next ten years. Impressive.

  • The left is the party of memes. There are two currently floating about right now. Friedman tagged onto one. That one is the right is violent and is encouraging mayhem and murder. The other one, which Maureen Dowd, played with last weekend is that anyone disagreeing with Obama is, by definition, racist.

    The strange part is the left feels no need to justify either assumption. They just start from the truth of the statements and go down from there.


    • I get a special pleasure knowing that those who run around labeling folks as “racists” must then live in a “racist” hell on earth of their own making as those “racists” just .. aren’t .. going away.

    • After stirring up a hornet’s nest a few weeks ago, Jimmy Carter now says he didn’t say what most people (including NBC) inferred that he said …

      If you read the remarks carefully, you’ll see that’s not what I said. I said those that had a personal vituperative attack [sic] on- on President Obama as a person- that was tinged with racism, but I recognize that people who disagree with him on health care or the environment, things like that- the vast majority of those are not tinged by racism.

      … I can only guess that the “racist” hell on earth of his own making was just too much for him to bear.

    • Meme theory is stupid. What I’m seeing from the right is blatant propaganda, attacking Obama and trying to put labels on him to weaken him. Rather than recognizing that the campaign is over, and now is the time to try to solve the immense problems facing the country, it’s an all out assault. I’m absolutely convinced it’ll fail. If I need to find a comparison of anything close, I guess its like the Democrats against Reagan early on — very negative, very confident that Reagan was an incompetent washed up actor with no experience, and not understanding that attack politics isn’t enough. Unless the GOP realizes that they have to act like responsible Americans and take the problems seriously rather than just their ongoing campaign mode, they’ll realize at best small gains in 2010, and then Obama and the Dems roaring back in 2012. The far right rhetoric isn’t where most of America is these days.

      • “Rather than recognizing that the campaign is over, and now is the time to try to solve the immense problems facing the country,”

        Why don’t you tell the teleprompter king the campaign is over. He has majorities in both houses. Anything the Dems wants to pass can pass. So why aren’t they passing anything? Because they don’t want to be held accountable for their decisions. It goes back to what you have been blindly defending for weeks now. Obama’s glaring lack of leadership skills (not to mention Nancy’s and Harry’s)

        • They aren’t ramming legislation through for two reasons: a) Obama really wants to create bi-partisan solutions and hopes the GOP will cooperate; and b) Obama wants to make sure conservatives in his own party are happy.

          The result is that the left is angry that Obama is what he always appeared to be: a non-ideological problem solver. They wish he were less the pragmatist and more the ‘radical socialist’ the silly fringe wants to claim he is. He will have to get Machiavellian and ram some legislation through if his efforts to create compromise fail. But it’s good he’s making the effort.

          • Is that why Obama and the Dems have rejected all GOP ammendments offered to the bill just recently?

      • Erb: “Meme theory is stupid.”

        I don’t know about “meme theory,” Scott, but I believe that it was Aristotle who first made note of the mimetic nature of society.

        And I grew up with, came of age as, and got the hell away from liberalism and its Democratic front operation in large part because it is so susceptible to mimetic contagion (the mass psychology of “monkey see, monkey do”). In fact, the Left in America now is little more than a hairball of various mimetic contagions, which, if you took them away, would leave the Left without any meaning at all. At least until they “moved on” to their next set of contagions.

        But that’s been the Left’s secret for decades: forgetting who they really are and what they’ve tried in the past and “moving on” to new names for themselves and the things they always do. Then there’s the special ability to blame what they’ve done in the past on the “some people” who oppose them in the present.

  • shark : “Yeah, Gore made a graciuous concession………………….after almost tearing the country apart with his fail lawsuit.”

    and for any too young to have lived through it, Gore had the arrogance to demand a recount ONLY in 4 heavily democratic counties (and most importantly, in democratic control, so that votes could ‘devined’ and added to the count without anything republicans could do about it),AFTER making a big deal about how ALL votes are important and need to be ‘counted’, then also spent time in court having military votes from overseas thrown out. total hyprocitical scum.

    • The result would have been just like the recounts that gave Toad Franken the election in Minnesota.

      The Axiom is clear; If any vote is close, the left will steal it.

  • McQ, if you are not awar: the Supremes are going to consider the Chicago handgun ban. The 2nd may be incorporated as a result.

  • Thomas Friedman should have his last name revoked.