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Because The LA Prosecutor Should Be Spending His Time Pursuing Bin Laden

A rather long title to introduce probably the single most absurd rationalization for not bringing Polanski to justice I’ve yet read.

You have to read it just to understand how intellectually bankrupt some people can be.  The false premises and pretzel logic in this particular article is remarkable.  So is the moral relevance.  And notice too how he avoids the real charge (rape) in favor of a charge that was never made (statutory rape).  Note too he completely avoids the problem of lack of consent from the girl. All the way through you continue to think, “this has to be a farce”.  Frankly, for a while, I thought it was.  But it clearly isn’t.

I have no idea who George Jonas is, but I do know that’s the last article of his I’ll ever bother reading.



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11 Responses to Because The LA Prosecutor Should Be Spending His Time Pursuing Bin Laden

  • Thankfully, his commenters (with one or two exceptions) are savaging him. That may not be saying much (the column was really that stupid and reprehensible), but most of them seem like regular readers who normally agree with his opinions.

  • Actually, “statutory rape” was a charge made… It just wasn’t what he pled to.

    • It was a charge made among many because she was underage. But the main charge was rape – something he avoids while pretending it was nothing more than consensual sex with an underage girl.

      • I don’t know about the CA laws now or the laws then, but consent from a 13 year old should not remove the rape charge.

        At that time I believe it would actually been a child molestation charge when I lived. Consent would (and should) have been a non-issue.

  • “You have to read it just to understand how intellectually bankrupt some people can be.”

    I wholly disagree. I know that, for instance, The Clown™ is intellectually bankrupt, and, fortunately for me, I don’t have to hear anything else he has to say to come to that that conclusion. All one needs to do is follow his tortured logic in any area of discussion (“a fine is not a tax” and “Afghanistan is a war of necessity”), and you can reflexively dismiss everything he says in the future.

    Sorry to drag The Clown™ into a discussion of the rapist/sc*mbag/human disease Roman Polanski, but when I think intellectually dishonest, my mind goes right to the Chief Thug in the White House.

  • Oh, by the way, you cannot have “consensual” sex with a thirteen year old because they can be easily manipulated. and even so this was not consensual because he plied her with drugs and booze and even then she said stop.

    So anyone pulling out the consensual card is as big a creep as Polanski.

  • Let’s not confuse what Polanski did with a teenaged couple in the back seat. The indictment included six felonies.

    1. At the time, Polanski was 44 and the girl was 13.

    2. He knew how young she was.

    3. He was her employer.

    4. He used drugs and alcohol on her.

    5. According to her testimony, she did not consent to sex.

    6. He forcefully penetrated and climaxed in her anus.

    7. He pleaded guilty to illegal sex with a minor. This was an offer accepted by the court because the victim did not want to appear in court

    8. He ran away.

    9. He wrote about sex with other underaged girls in his book, “Roman.”

    10. He was never sentenced.

    She should never have been allowed to go to a photo shoot without adult supervision.

  • I notice that he mentions the age of consent and says it varies from country to country. I also notice that he seems to ignore the ‘consent’ part. No consent=rape, not ‘statutory’ rape.


  • Isn’t it OBAMA who should be chasing Bin Laden instead of going and lobbying for the Olympics?

  • George Jonas usually is a good commentary writer for the National Post but with this particular screed I will never listen to anything he writes again.

    The reaction of his readers pretty much will guarantee that he is now toast.

  • George Jonas – he doesn’t have some brothers who happen to be real popular with underage girls, does he?