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Cuba: “Vaccine? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Vaccine!”

Because Cuba has soldiers, a single-payer system and authoritarian rule.

Wasn’t this the health care system Michael Moore touted as so wonderful in “Sicko”?

Cuba is ready to use just about everything at its disposal, from its well-oiled civil defense system to the soldiers of a totalitarian government, to keep swine flu cases to a minimum.

Everything but a vaccine.

As the U.S. prepares an extensive health survey for side affects from its extensive inoculation plans, Cuba’s No. 2 health official says relying on a shot to contain a world pandemic is risky as best — and demoralizing at worst.

“Nobody knows if it would work,” said Dr. Luis Estruch. “How safe would it be?”

Yeah, how safe? Obviously if Cuba didn’t come up with it, well then it must be suspect. And beside they have a plan:

Swine flu plans for the new season involve all ministries, including the armed forces. If necessary, the government will isolate neighborhoods or entire villages, shut down highways and dispatch medical teams to communities affected by swine flu, Estruch said.

Soldiers can go door to door to enforce mandatory quarantines and evacuations — and authorities think nothing of severing areas from all contact with the outside world.

“In a matter of hours, we can determine what resources to send,” Estruch said. “We’ve thought it out.  . . .  We’ve considered what to do if we have to paralyze a town, if we have to stop public transit, if we have to close the schools.”

Hey, when you have an army, use it. Don’t let them sit around getting fat, dumb and lazy. Send them from door to door to become infected and spread the virus when the go back home or to the barracks to enforce quarantine and evacuations (to where, pray tell?).  Beats the heck out of spending money on vaccines doesn’t it?

Yup, when the government runs health care, you’re just covered up with options, aren’t you?



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8 Responses to Cuba: “Vaccine? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Vaccine!”

  • Well, if you want to look at government health care, look at the successful European models (some like Britain have more problems than others like Germany), not a third world country. Though, to be sure, Cuba’s health care system is superior to most third world countries, and those of similar economic status. But you couldn’t score cheap rhetorical points if you actually looked at it in those terms could you?

    • Well. Since we’ve decided to eschew “cheap rhetorical points, why indulge in accepting the axiom of “successful European models”? Let’s just look at the flu shortage vaccine of 2004-2005. Why did shortage of 2004-2005 occur? Could it have been as a result of increasing government involvement? Probably:

      And as for the relative superiority (relative to other Third World despotic regimes), don’t get me started…

    • Scott, how successful do you think a German-like system would work in the US? I don’t know a lot about the German system but I see potential issues that would stop it from working here.

      The biggest issue seems to be we already have a government-run entity, Medicare, and the far left wants another government-run entity immediately. Germany doesn’t have a government-run entity.

      What happens when Congress controls the healthcare revenue pool? Historically, it seems they will collect it for a while until they see a big pile of money, then they’ll change laws to spend it on other things because they can’t help themselves. (If you can’t bring yourself to believe Democrats could spend it on pork, I’m sure you’ll believe Republicans could spend it on war.)

      What happens when Americans encounter centralized rationing? Rationing can’t be avoided. We already have rationing, it just isn’t centralized like it is elsewhere. Americans are never going to think the system is fair. A few stories circulate about rich people getting care that others don’t and anyone who did trust it will stop. The system’s legal rules could be in constant flux, affecting efficiency to cause harm.

      Culturally, we aren’t Germany. It’s great for Germany if they’ve found a system they all think works. But it doesn’t look like we could use that system in America, it isn’t a good fit. Maybe beating the crap out of each other politically over various pieces of reform actually will result in a better system for us. Look to other countries for things that might work, then fight it out. Painful to watch and go through, but it’s the American way, yes?

    • Which “successful model” are you referring to?

      And what is your measure of “success”?

  • The Cuban authorities are afraid of a “drug habit” starting.
    Seeing that Cuba is overrun by doctors, but has a dearth of medicine, it doesn’t want to start making it’s citizens believe that medicine could actually help.

    Giving them a flu vaccine to the Cuban populace would be the equivalent of giving a young child a “Gameboy” or an “X-Box 360”. They might like it and want more.
    They want to stop this “drug habit” before it starts.

    Cuba will resort to it’s tried and true techniques of using “magnets”

  • Not that I have any support for Cuba – but since I’m increasingly beginning to feel that this swine flu scare is a massive fraud concocted to convince how badly we need centralized health care, I’m not so sure that Cuba is wrong here.

    And to qualify my statement, I know there is such a thing as the swine flu. I just don’t believe it’s any more virulent or dangerous than the normal flu strains that come around this time every year. This is just taking a normal event that happens every year and will happen every year and using it to scare the bejeezus out of everyone for political purposes.

    If this swine flu is so horrible, where are the thousands of bodies? It’s been around for months now – you think there would have been a bad outbreak SOME where. And yes, of course some people have died – from

    “Typically, in a year’s normal two flu seasons (one per hemisphere), there are between three and five million cases of severe illness and up to 500,000 deaths worldwide, which by some definitions is a yearly influenza epidemic.”

    So how is this swine flu any worse than what has always come around every year? In fact, it may even be LESS infectious than most other flu strains, given how few deaths it has caused so far.

  • Why in the world would anyone allow this gov’t to vaccinate them?
    Insanity runs rampant…..