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I‘ll be off the net for the next couple of days attending a reunion of a bunch of guys some of whom I haven’t seen in 40 years.  I’ll probably be back up and running on Monday.  This crew I’ll be with will most likely not have me in much of a condition to blog.  I may pop in and throw something up, but right now, plans are to enjoy the camaraderie and the beer.

I’m sure my co-bloggers will pick up the slack.

See you on Monday.



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10 Responses to Break

  • “I may pop in and throw something up”

    Here’s hoping you don’t mean that in a literal sense 😉 Have a great reunion!

    • I was thinking the same thing. 🙂

      Sounds like it’ll be a heck of a reunion. Have a great time, Bruce.

  • Hey, if they buy you beers and you blog about it, make sure you declare it to the trade commission!

  • safe trip, happy landings!

  • Post you’re favorite drink. Maybe McQ can try them all. =)

    Macallan 12yo single malt and a Bass Ale.

  • your* sheesh Waiter! More wine!

  • Bushmills 16 year malt.

  • From a long time lurker and very occasional commenter, enjoy, McQ. Enjoy. And Bushmills is a good pour to be sure, but go for the gold and try yourself a 16 year old Lagavulin Single Malt or a 21 Year old Balvenie Port Wood.

  • Hey Bruce,

    I really like your blog. Gutsy! (is that a word?) It’s been about 55 years. I think we lived in Berkley, CA. I would have been about 10 at the time. Uncle Gordon, Aunt Martha, you and Gordon were visiting. Your brother Gordon is the youngest isn’t he? Senior moment! (hope I got all the names right. I remember when we visited with you at Fort Knox, KY.

    After all this I hope I have the right Bruce McQuain. My dad was Harley J. McQuain. Mom was Olga.

    I don’t expect you to accept this post. It’s kinda off subject.

    Take care,
    Richard McQuain