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Peace Prize? You’ve Got To Be Kidding

I can only hope this is Obamamania cresting – the man has accomplished nothing in the 9 months he’s been in office and he’s given a Nobel Peace Prize for a fantasy project?  If you think his narcissism is dangerous now, just wait.  At first I thought this was an Onion headline, but nope, NYT:

The Nobel Committee announced in Oslo that it has awarded the annual peace prize to Barack Obama, just nine months into his presidency, “for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.”

Ye gods. And you wonder why the Peace Prize is no longer considered anything but a political prize.

I wonder what the over-under is for the number of times he mentions himself in the acceptance speech?



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87 Responses to Peace Prize? You’ve Got To Be Kidding

  • has accomplished nothing in the 9 months

    It’s worse than that — I think the actual nomination was 10 DAYS after he became president.

    • Then shouldn’t the award go to the American Public for electing him?

    • This guy wins the Nobel Peace Prize for nothing more than running a successful political campaign. Unbelievable.


    February – Deadline for submission. The Committee bases its assessment on nominations that must be postmarked no later than 1 February each year. Nominations postmarked and received after this date are included in the following year’s discussions. In recent years, the Committee has received close to 200 different nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize. The number of nominating letters is much higher, as many are for the same candidates.

    February-March – Short list. The Committee assesses the candidates’ work and prepares a short list.

  • Arafat. Kofi Annan and the “peacekeepers.” Carter. Gore. The IAEA. It’s already to the point that were an honest man to receive the prize, he should ask himself, “Just what the hell did I do to deserve this?!”

    “to the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses.”

    Even if it means selling out your country.

  • Is Pogue and Erb the new heads of the Nobel Committee?

  • Obama is the Prince of Peace. He maketh the lion lie down with the lamb.

    Barack Peacemaker Obama

    While he’s writing his acceptance speech (I don’t think he’d do the right thing and reject it) maybe the Prince of Peace can make a decision on the direction he wants to take the “just” and “necessary” war he’s fighting?

  • Clearly, this is an appeal to Obama’s narcissism ..
    would a Nobel Peace Prize winner … send more troops to a war .. bomb targets in Iran ?

    • I hope that schoolteachers are adding new verses to their hymmns celebrating the Prince of Peace.

      And how can we NOT accept his healthcare plan now? The modern day jesus is not to be denied.

      Barack Peacemaker Obama

  • Based upon the awards of the past few years, I think the Nobel committee selects winners based upon:

    Cheerleading: “He’s made the right kind of step,l now the addition of the Nobel could be the final opush for realizing the goal.” (Carter)

    Stupidity: Al Gore? (Gore?)

    and now

    Wishful thinking. “If we give this guy the prize, then maybe he can use the luster of the prize to assist him in achieving the goal – whatever that is.” (Obambi)

    Personally I am leaning toward the STUPID theory.

  • This fits with the prize’s history. After Gore’s win, it is a mark of shame.

    Being nominated a few weeks after taking office and having done little else in life besides writing auto-biographies, this is a new low for the committee. This is clearly a political prize.

  • This is, of course, completely appropriate, and in fact I predicted it on my blog, in the middle of about 593 other predictions. I expect more of them will be coming true any time now.

    But this also might be premature. If so, wise Obama with his Christlike visage, will humbly turn down the award, thereby proving that he’s not the least bit narcissistic like the ex-military basket cases who post on this blog say he is.

    So we’ll just have to wait and see. And that’s not either a waffling attitude to ensure that I always can come back and say I was right about an issue, so stop saying that!

    I believe Obama was given the prize because he understands, unlike all our previous presidents, that the third world was horribly victimized by colonialists and he’s determined to make amends. Yes, those noble savages, most of them brown, were living in peace and harmony and plenty until wicked Western imperialists showed up and had the nerve to teach them how to grow enough to feed themselves and made them get rid of their witch doctors, who were totally in harmony with nature, in favor of Western medicine. We were responsible for them losing their noble savage heritage, and we ought to bow down in supplication for a few decades and allow them to make decisions on the world stage via the UN to make up for our heinous actions.

    Even though for the most part it was the European nations that were colonialists, and I’m always talking about how wise and wonderful they are, there’s no contradiction there, so stop saying that! They realized their sins ages ago and started letting wise leftists run their societies, so they are totally off the hook. Only wicked America, which is in irreversible decline because of dense righties like Reagan, and definitely not because wise leftists put in place social programs that are now going bankrupt, has held out against wise, post-modern leftism. Until now. We’ve finally elected a person who thinks like me, and I’m so happy that he got the well-deserved Peace Prize, unless, as I said before, he turns it down. I’ll know later today or tomorrow when the White House and the New York Times tells us what to think about the whole thing.

  • He’s just as qualified to win a Nobel Peace Prize as he was to be POTUS in the first place, so why not? Next stop, the Heisman!

  • What has Obama done to earn the Nobel Peace Prize?

    He ended the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Oh, wait.

    Well, he closed GITMO. Oh, wait.

    There’s that lasting peace in the Middle East he brokered. Oh, wait.

    He got Iran to stop its nuclear weapons development. Oh, wait.

    He got North Korea to stop testing missiles. Oh, wait.

    He got China to stop threatening Taiwan. Oh, wait.

    I’m running out of ideas here….

  • I got up this morning to Fox News, and there it was: Obama wins Nobel. I thought it was a joke. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. The joke, however, is on us, the American people, who have to shoulder this thug in the White House for another 3+ years.

    It is as a friend told me last week: march, write, and pray. Keep your powder dry. And next year, go door to door and remind people what these criminals in the White House and the majority in Congress are doing to us all. Then, next November, we go to the polls and expel enough Democrats in the House to make the GOP the majority party. Again, we march, we write, and we pray. And then, we get ourselves together over a presidential candidate, and in November 2012, a mere three years from next month, we go to the polls nationally and eject this lying twisted dimwit from the presidency and install someone whose plans are not to FUGG UP this country. I will start right now. I am so angry I could chew the bumper off of a car.

  • Ha ha…this is a joke right? You guys, your zany madcap humor just kills me!

  • The Secretary of the committee that awards the prize admitted that no actual accopmplishments are necesary to win the prize:

    “More often, the prize is awarded to encourage those who receive it to see the effort through, sometimes at critical moments”

    Unfortunately, they don’t mention this during the actual announcement of the award.

    • The past 9 months his only accomplishment has been the acquirement of the Peace Nobel Prize.

  • President Obama just said himself that he does not think he deserves it. He also says he does not consider it awarded for anything he’s accomplished. Instead, he wants to use it as an affirmation of the need for American leadership on a variety of issues, and a call for action. So all those expecting a narcissistic self-congratulatory tone from Obama — sorry, the real Obama doesn’t fit the meme you’ve been working so hard with propaganda to try to construct.

    • Oh no?

      He’s accepting it, right?

    • Oh, gee, ok, so that makes it all better? I’m not surprised. After all, this fits with the same leftist philosophy of education: encouragement and accolades for effort matter more than actual results.

      Lê Ðức Thọ refused it, saying there was still war in his country. I’ll bet you a bottle of Scotch that Obama will NOT be so honorable.

      • “He doesn’t think he deserves it”

        HEH… know da*m well that he feels that he not only derserves it, but that it should be renamed after him to boot

    • “I feel I deserve to be in the company of so many transformative figures who have been honored by this prize, in fact, I’m better than most of them, I know…” Obama said in brief remarks at the White House. “I also know admitting this would make you realize I’m as arrogant, and as big a narcissist as many of you claim…so, publicly, I’ll concede I don’t really deserve it”.

      • Of course, you have your narrative, the “meme” you’re pushing, and you won’t let anything like inconvenient reality get in the way. Truth doesn’t matter, reality doesn’t matter, to the right its post-modern politics all the way: fight to define the discourse and then proclaim it as reality.

        • You talking about post-modernism on the RIGHT just pegged the irony meter off the scale…

        • Of course, you have your narrative, the “meme” you’re pushing. And I’m not either saying that to muddy the waters by making it look like you dense righties have adopted post-modernism, so stop saying that.

          Truth doesn’t matter, reality doesn’t matter, to the right its post-modern politics all the way: fight to define the discourse and then proclaim it as reality. And that’s not either projection from what we leftists do! So stop saying that. I decree that I am not projecting from the actions of myself and other leftists, so you just have to accept it.

          Of course, post-modernism is perfectly valid as I’ve said many times before, but only we wise leftists understand the nuances of using it to establish legitimate political discourse. You dense righties don’t get to define the narrative. I decree it. Only we wise leftists with advanced degrees can do it, and our godlike powers of political science give us the ability to come here and simply declare that you are wrong, and you have to accept it. Those are the rules. I decree it.

        • Who’s that character you have as your avatar? Is he a hero of yours?

        • “Of course, I have my narrative, the “meme” I’m pushing, and I won’t let anything like inconvenient reality get in the way. Truth doesn’t matter, reality doesn’t matter, it’s progressive thought all the way: fight to define the discourse and then proclaim it as reality.”

          Corrected that for ya there Doc.

      • I ALMOST thought that this was a genuine quote from TAO, but then I realized that “I”, “me” and “my” don’t show up often enough, nor was there a reference to his white grandmother.

        Clever, looker, but not quite clever enough, I’m afraid.


    • I don’t deserve it .. I did nothing to get it .. but I’m going to keep it

    • The economy is still foundering, if he gets Health Care that’ll screw things up, and cap and trade, if passed, will make it worse.

      The dollar is about to stop being the world trading currency, Iran is set to go nuclear, Afghanistan needs action and he’s going to dither.
      One would think the messiah would be able to do more than blame all problems on the Bush Administration while he fumbles the ball.
      Being totally unqualified to be President, he is just as unqualified to be the recipient of a Noble Prize.

      So enjoy whatever it is you think this represents, because time is against this clown and I’ve seen nothing from him so far that indicates he can fix a damn thing.

      History is destined to record him as a disaster for not only the US, but the world at large.

    • It’s an affirmative action award … he doesn’t have to do anything. Of course he feigns modesty. Graciousness demands it.

      Wait until his “peace in our time” speech. Why does that sound familiar?

    • Erb,

      He “doesn’t think” he deserves it?

      Everyone with a clue KNOWS he doesn’t deserve it. Unless you consider the context of what it really means, given the others who have recieved it in recent years . . .

      Besides that, he was on the short list early Febuary. That alone tells you all you need to know.

      • Besides that, he should decline it. He has yet to have a real accomplishment, if I was in his place I would decline.

        If he accepts, he proves he is exactly what we think he is.

  • HaHaHAHaHaHaHaHa………….

  • McQAt first I thought this was an Onion headline…

    Me, too. I mean, after I regained consciousness.

    Neowould a Nobel Peace Prize winner … send more troops to a war .. bomb targets in Iran ?

    Good point. I believe that many members of Congress are influenced by their desire (psychological need?) to be seen constantly on the Sunday morning news shows and otherwise get favorable press coverage, and will alter their positions in ways that they think will gain MiniTru’s approval and, hence, good coverage.

    Could it be that the Nobel committee is trying that with the Narcissist-in-Chief?

    If TAO thinks he doesn’t deserve the prize, then it’s about the first wise thought he’s ever had. He has done NOTHING to earn a Nobel. Or, to put it another way, if mouthing lofty platitudes and “playing nice” can net a peace prize, then there should be a steady stream of people flying to Stockholm to pick them up on a daily – hourly! – basis, and the award should have about as much value and prestige as the prize in a box of Cracker Jacks.

  • I see that instead of declining- which would have actually given him a LOT of credibility- he’ll travel to Oslo to accept.

    He’s as dangerous as his worshippers

  • In reality, if this thing was serious, W Bush would be a good contender, for deposing Saddam and his thuggish sons, and bringing democracy to Iraq.

    And looking back, Reagan for defeating the USSR without going to full blown war. That deserves a special, unique prize above all others to date.

  • All one has to do is consider the political philosophies of the other Presidents who have received this award and it becomes clear that Obama getting this was inevitable. I’m surprised they waited till after the inauguration to nominate him, it was probably decided right after the election was declared official.

    • Do we know for sure that they waited? After all the nomination “deadline” was January 30. How early could they take submissions.

  • We need to come up with a short-hand term for when a story looks like an Onion piece but turns out to be an actual story (they become more and more common as the days and weeks go by):

    An Onion-oid Story?

    A Scallion Piece? Nah, that just doesn’t chive.

    SPAO-Story Previously Assumed Onion?

  • Okay okay….deep breath…pause for reality check.
    Assessment for perspective…..

    Hmmmmmmmmm…’s OKAY he got the award!!!!!


    Now he can prove to be as big a disappointment to the Noble committee and the world as he is to US! Yeah!

    Hey Erb! Watch and Learn!

  • Its an award by proxy for the American people.

    For not voting in Sarah Palin.

    • Ah, no, see, now you guys have to produce, you’re in the drivers seat, you don’t get to second guess about what Palin and the Old coot ‘might’ have done and claim it’ll be worse.

      So how bout it? When do the Unicorns and Moonponies promised by TAO show up? We’re waiting… Hopey Changeitude! When does it get here?

      • You’re right, Palin doesn’t even know what the Bush Doctrine even is.

        But truthfully I was surprised to hear Obama had been awarded this. But I think its common practice to nominate US presidents, Bush and Blair were nominated in 2002 by a right wing Norwegian politician.

        • “Palin doesn’t even know what the Bush Doctrine even is.”

          What is the Bush Doctrine, and why does it matter?

          “Bush and Blair were nominated in 2002 by a right wing Norwegian politician.”

          And would have been more deserving by far than Obama.

        • So when is Oboob going to actually, like, do anything.

          So far his accomplishments are Jack adn Squat.

          Ooh, 2010 is going to leave a mark.

  • How did this happen? Barry didn’t even get Bill Ayers to make a Power Point for him.

  • You find it incomprehensible because you live in this elaborately constructed echo chamber known as the right-wing blogosphere. Meanwhile back in reality, the world is cheering for O.

    • Jack and Squat

    • Well Tom, the world frequently cheers for those who are bad for America.

      So I wouldn’t be too impressed with that if I were you.

      In the meantime, there’s a campaign to write in Obama for the American League MVP award.

    • “the world is cheering for O”.

      Really? Is that the sound bouncing around that chamber you’re in Tom? So far everyone I’ve spoken to who’s aware of it is saying some variation of “wtf!”. And it’s hardly a homogeneous demographic.

      They’re trying to figure out how a Mandela, who accomplished something in keeping South Africa from destroying itself during a difficult transition, is the same as an Obama, who…uh…masterd the art of reading from a teleprompter.

      How a Walesa’s accomplishments, which were real, match against Obama’s which are? what?

      Hurray! Obama…uh…what exactly, besides being elected while being a Democrat and half African American, did he do Tom?

    • The problem, Tom, is the total lack of accomplishments.

      It doesn’t bother me. The Prize has obviously meant nothing, or has even been an award for wrongheadedness, for a long time now.

    • Meanwhile back in reality, the world is cheering for O.

      All that means is that appearance has triumphed over accomplishment. If that’s reality, you can keep it.

    • Yes, we know the world is cheering for O. That is why we are laughing (or crying, both are appropriate).

    • Tom, you’re a complete and utter imbecile.

    • I would expect this comment from a 16 year old girl:

      “Obama won? Really? Wow,” said David Hassan, 43, of Pine Brook, New Jersey, from his coffee and pastry cart in Times Square. “He deserves it I guess, he’s the president. He’s a smart guy and I guess he’s into peace.”

  • A real American would have respectfully declined the award.

  • Here’s the better question- who nominated him THAT early, and for what?

  • I look forward to listening to his acceptance speech. It should be quite amusing. Suddenly I am reminded of Ted Baxter, a character on the old Mary Tyler Moore show.

  • Dear Leader says he’s giving his $1.4 million prize money to charity. I bet it’s ACORN or some other criminal leftist organization.

  • Obama says Nobel Peace Prize is “call to action”

    Yeah. Action ?? I bet somebody made a fortune on this over at InTrade. That’s real action.

    • InTrade had action with Hu Jia, Morgan Tsvangirai, Thich Quang Do, Ingrid Betancourt, Nicolas Sarkozy, Tony Blair, with Pete Seeger having the most, just behind “Anyone else.”
      Obama was listed but had no action as did Michael Jackson.

  • “Peace” is not necessarily the absence of war.

    Jimmy Carter won it, and look how well THAT ended up.

    That giant sucking sound? The Nobel Committee sucking Obama’s sphincter.

  • On the plus side, I am sure it gave a much needed boost to Obama’s self esteem.

  • Overall I’d say the Prize works against Obama by highlighting what everyone is at last noticing about Obama: how little he has accomplished.

    Unless Obama starts bringing in some wins soon, he risks becoming the joke that SNL portrayed him as last week.

    • Knowing that Obama must now earn his “Nobel” will work as his “Achilles’ heel” in any negotiation from here on.

      • No, there will be no significant negotiations about anything. In saying he would accept the prize, Obama said it was a “call for action.” That has two meanings: the more obvious one to get more government work done, fight all the phony fights that will have the effect of further collapsing freedom, and the less obvious populist call to the streets for direct action.

        Obama is a revolutionary. He is bored by negotiation. He wants fire. He ran his Attorney General and his Education Secretary off to Chicago this week to quell some of the wildly successful intiatives already in place there. Those need to be harnessed, you see. He wants to be worthy of the other “transformational” figures who have been awarded the Peace Prize. But his “transformation” has about as much to do with peace as did the Munich conference.

  • I don’t think Obama deserved to win…yet. It’s a well done so far and keep going from the Nobel Committee. They want Obama to deliver on his promises and have awarded him ahead of actually achieveing anything!! I have written a blog post on the topic, ‘Will the real President Obama please stand up?’ if anyone wants to take a look

  • After a brief period as US Senator he is elected President; After an even briefer period as President he gets the Nobel. What can possibly be the next rung on the ladder? Is the Reverend Wright coming out of retirement to work for a new boss?

  • Q: Why didn’t Obama get the Nobel Prize for Literature?

    A: Having written two books, he was overqualified.