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CA Bans Mail Order Ammo Sales

California Gov. Arnold Schwartzenegger did not sign, but did not veto, AB962, the Mail Order Ammo Ban.  Since California has no pocket veto, that means the bill becomes law without his signature.

This means that, as of 1 Feb 2011, all handgun ammunition sales in California will require a face-to-face transaction between buyer and seller, and sellers will have to obtain a thumbprint and other data from the buyer.


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16 Responses to CA Bans Mail Order Ammo Sales

  • Utah’s always welcoming refugees from the People’s Republic of California, so long as they undergo decontamination to rid them of all those lousy fascist ideas. If you don’t like the snow, there’s always southern Utah.

    Everybody here has at least one neighbor with a concealed carry permit. And even the public schools aren’t half bad.

    • This is why I now own 35 acres of beautiful Wyoming hills (complete with juniper and pine and a little valley with a stream running through it). Come the day, I’ll be shaking the blue dust off my feet and heading for them — passing through your lovely state on the way.

  • Whereas if I buy my guns and ammo out of a trunk behind some building, I’m free and clear.


  • Maybe I’m wrong, but I just can’t quite see a drug dealer, gang banger, or other thug ordering his ammo from Midway USA, Cheaper Than Dirt, or Sportsman’s Paradise.

    In other words, CA has (once again!) punished its law abiding citizens in a vain, foolish attempt to interfere with its criminals.

    • What makes you so sure that the intent was to intefere with criminals ?

      • OK, “ostensibly” interfere with criminals. Even CA isn’t so far gone (yet) that they can openly say, “We’re trying to disarm you nasty, Bible-clinging, gun-toting racist hillbilly citizens” even if that’s EXACTLY what they’re trying to do.

  • Plus it creates jobs in the bureaucracy!

  • This should lead to another ammo shortage as people in other states see what happened in CA. I imagine the local ammo business just over the border from CA should pick up quite nicely, too.

  • This is just another nanny state path to banning firearms, especially handguns. They’ll try to make it as hard as possible for you to remain proficient, plus they will have you on a list. If the time comes to collect guns, they will know exactly where to go and what to look for when they arrive.

    If you want to remain anonymous as a gun owner, reload. I started hand loading in 1964 so I’ve made every possible stupid mistake and survived.

    The basic investment is about $500 plus dies at $25 to $50 per caliber. If you have friends that also want to participate, the initial individual investment can be shared. To drive the cost of pistol shooting down, buy a mold and cast your own bullets from wheel weights. Savings are substantial. You can load a 45 ACP lead round nose for 5 cents – 3 for the primer, plus a penny each for lead and powder. That’s less than 22s cost. If you are worried about leading up the barrel, buy some Montana Extreme solvent.

    There is one myth about reloading, you don’t save money; you just shoot more.

    • I use a Dillon RL550B progressive press (I also have an RCBS single stage). I have not yet started casting, but mostly shoot 200 gr SWC lead bullets bought bulk.

      The issue with this bill is high quality JHPs for defense. The best loads are restricted to LEOs by the manufactuers, but you can find venders on the internet that will sell to civilians. A box of 50 top quality JHPs are probably a lifetime supply for actual defense useage, but you need to run several hundred through the piece first to verify reliable function.

      The other thing is that lots of mail order venders will not supply parts (or possibly ammo) to CA, since they have no clue what the law is, and they want to remain safe, not sorry.

      • When I started reloading in 1964, I used an RCBS Jr kit and a set of Lyman molds. Mainly, I loaded 9mm for my Browning HiPowers and 30-30 for my Marlin. I had a commercial Mauser chambered for 30-06 Springfield for which I loaded maybe 100 rounds. Today I’m still a single stage press man loading 30-06 and .45 ACP for myself and 9mm, 10mm, 40 S&W, 380 ACP and 243 Winchester for my friends. For SD round, I alternate Hornady HP/XTPs and FMJ round nose, figuring on firing pairs. When I just want to cut paper, I cast Lee 230 grain microgroove or Lee 228 grain Ogive round nose.

  • I wonder how their law enforcement buys ammo. I can’t see the LA SWAT team buying ammo at Wally-world.

    The ammo companies should follow the lead of Barrett arms. Stop selling to any CA government agency.

    • As it stands, Winchester (Ranger T and Ranger bonded) and Federal (HST and Tactical Bonded) attempt to limit their premium ammo to law enforcment. Speer/CCI sells its premium ammo (Gold Dots) to civilians, even offering the bullets for reloaders.

  • Check the link again. He signed it.

  • It’s amazing to see how easy it is for government to pass leglislation that serves no purpose in helping or protecting the People, and in fact appears to be enacted soley for the purpose of punishing them.

    Like attempting to argue with someone logically about matters of religion, any attempt to ask how this law, and many of the other idiotic and pointless gun laws of California, has served the people, would likely be fruitless. We know the answer anyway.

    It’s sickening, and certainly makes me angry as hell.