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So Much For “The Content Of His Character” In Baltimore

If the mayor isn’t black then that’s unacceptable to the Maryland NAACP.  You see the present mayor (who is black) is about to be convicted of seven theft-related charges will have to vacate the office.  That has put the state NAACP in a low hover.  Apparently they don’t want the governor appointing someone that doesn’t look like them if that’s the case. Marvin L. Cheatham, the president of the Baltimore Chapter of the NAACP had this to say:

“Our concern is who would the governor appoint?” Cheatham said. “Here you have a predominantly African-American city. What if the governor appointed somebody white? … Would he appoint someone Irish to be the mayor?”

Oh my goodness – someone white? Heaven forbid! And lord help us all, certainly not someone “Irish”!

Now to the point – let’s replace some words, shall we?

“Our concern is who would the governor appoint?” Cheatham said. “Here you have a predominantly white city. What if the governor appointed somebody black? … Would he appoint someone African-American to be the mayor?”

Anyone – what would that statement be branded as? Here, let me spell it out for you. It would be called r-a-c-i-s-t.

Racist. And it is blatant racism, just like the real quote above it.

Here’s the irony.

The governor has absolutely nothing to do with such an appointment. Nada. The state defers to the city, and the city council president becomes the mayor to fill the term per the city charter.  All of this came from Cheatham hearing someone discuss the topic on a talk radio show.  It was all nonsense.

But that didn’t stop the state NAACP at the behest of Cheatham from passing a resolution asking the governor to defer to the city in picking the next mayor. As Cheatham says it passed “nearly unanimously” with little debate.

Cheatham also said he worried that a future Republican governor could appoint someone from his party to lead a city where Democrats outnumber Republicans 9 to 1. “Would not the Republican governor have the ability to pick a Republican mayor?” he asked. “We just think there are some unanswered questions about the process,” Cheatham said.

We think so too, Mr. Cheatham – like why you use code words like “Republican” when, in fact, you mean “white”, you racist twit.

“Post-racial” my rear end.  Time for a little diversity training in MD, wouldn’t you say?



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14 Responses to So Much For “The Content Of His Character” In Baltimore

  • Turn that around and state it this way, “Why would the governor appoint a black mayor in a city that was predominantly white?”

    Then it’s racism, of course.

    Same formula in national politics:

    “George Bush is incompetent.” Highest form of patriotism, dissent.

    “Barack Obama is incompetent.” Racist.

  • A further irony is that the current democratic Governor, Martin O’Malley, is a former white mayor of Baltimore, and is flagrantly Irish.

  • Let’s see, the last time I checked, it was safer (based on murder rate) in Baghdad than it was in Baltimore.

    End the “War on Poverty” and bring the boys home.

    • You should be saying to end the Drug War. If that were to happen, Baltimore’s crime rate would plummet. Three hundred murders a year in an American city is unfathomable. That Baltimore is such a great city aside from the crime and corruption of its inept government makes it all the more tragic.

  • Marvin Cheatham, as in Dewey, Cheatham, and Howe?

  • It’s a good thing Loud Mouth Sharpton is covering the very important matter of Rush and the St Louis Rams…

  • Wasn’t it Atlanta where black groups were passing letters around about how terrible it would be if “blacks” lost “control” of the office of the mayor to a white man?

    It seems only white people actually care about the words of MLK anymore…

  • As Detroit went, so goes DC, Atlanta, and Baltimore. When that kind of thinking takes over, good government, heck any kind of governance at all disappears, and the looter take charge.

  • Put this in the context of the Sotomayor nomination, the Gates arrest, and the USNA’s efforts to make its middies “look like the Fleet”.

    There is a segment of our population that absolutely sees everything in terms of a person’s external traits (race, sex, creed, etc). As far as these people are concerned, one MUST have a Latina on the Supreme Court because white males simply lack the “empathy” to fairly hear cases involving women and minorities. White police officers lack the ability to fairly deal with suspects who happen to be minorities, and in fact are likely to act “stupidly”. White Navy and Marine officers lack the ability to lead sailors and Marines who happen to be minorities (I must say that my black drill sergeant and my Latino battery commander didn’t have this problem).

    Are other cases, then, equally true? Can a white man get justice from a Latina judge? Can a Latina expect fair treatment from a black policeman? Can a black Marine expect good leadership from an Asian officer?

    And where does all this end? Shall we establish seperate (but equal!) court systems for all the various races, colors, creeds, genders, orientations, national origins, etc, that make up our population? The possibilities for satire are great:

    Janice Smith has been sitting in jail, awaiting trial, because the only bisexual-Afro-Asian-vegan-Muslim-female judge currently on the bench in this district and hence is the only person truly capable of having empathy for the defendant who is also a bisexual-Afro-Asian-vegan-Muslim-female, is not available while she is recovering from heart surgery. The defense attorney, John P. Shyster, said today that the judge’s medical condition casts doubt on her ability to fairly try his client.

    “Janice has never had heart surgery of any kind,” Shyster said, “and I fear that Judge Cho may be biased or rule stupidly against my client, who enjoys good cardiac health.”

    It is tempting to put this down to politics: the NAACP is merely acting as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the democrat party and is playing the race card to ensure that control of Baltimore remains safely in the criminal hands of its masters. However, it seems that there really are racists in the NAACP and black community who genuinely believe that this is still 1964 and that only a black person can represent / lead the black community, which apparently considers itself apart from the rest of the country and not a part of it. This sort of balkanization of our country can ultimately do no good for anybody, though I’m sure that this doesn’t worry democrats at all; they stopped caring about the welfare of the United States a long time ago.

  • Do also recall that “Irish” as used in some areas of the inner city Eastern seaboard is as much an ethnic slur as the oft-lamented n-word. “Greymeat” is another one of my favorites. “Fishbelly” tickled me as well.

    One is certain, however, that dear old Marvin didn’t mean it that way. Now that we’re all post-racial and all.

    N.B. I served papers in Anacostia (unarmed, and me only 5’6″) for years and have heard most of the best ones. If you think you’ve got something fresh, please reply.

  • Wow…so someone discovered racism among blacks towards everyone else.

    When I was growing up in New York, I was chased down by a bunch of blacks who threw rocks at me and called me a kike to my face – and a four-eyed Jew bastard to boot. So when I hear that blacks are racists who seem to pick fights with other ethnic groups, I am not surprised in the least.

  • Clue Jimmy Carter……. Cricket, cricket… cricket…..