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Senate Health Care Bill Will See 1/3 Of US On Welfare

That’s a truly stunning number.  90 million will be on either SCHIP or Medicaid (not Medicare … Medicaid) if the Senate Finance version of health care becomes ObamaCare according to the Heritage Foundation:

But of those 29 million with new insurance coverage, almost half (14 million), will get their coverage through the welfare programs Medicaid and the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP). That is equivalent to adding every resident of Ohio and Nevada to the welfare rolls.

In other words, for half of those Americans who are being promised health reform, they are going to be stunned to find themselves in a welfare office applying for Medicaid. Under the current baselines for Medicaid and the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), there will be 76 million individuals served by these programs for at least some part of the year in 2019. If the SFC proposal becomes law, the number on Medicaid/SCHIP will top 90 million.

So why does the government want to push so many people into SCHIP and Medicaid asks Heritage? Because it is cheaper than providing them with competitive (and private) health care coverage (and access). Medicaid pays about 20 to 25% less than private insurance. As you might imagine then, it is hard to find doctors or hospitals which accept Medicaid patients. The obvious question then is how are those who do going to handle this huge influx of patients? The obvious answer is “not very well”. Shorter office visits and longer waits for appointments are inevitable.

And here’s another hidden truth:

The majority of individuals moved into Medicaid will be young and healthy. Keeping them on welfare rolls will shift even more costs to individuals and families buying private health insurance, as doctors and hospitals recoup their losses from Medicare/SCHIP by charging more to the privately insured. In effect, the congressional policy seems to be to expand dependency by discriminating against individuals based on their income.

Emphasis mine. With the addition, then, of a public option – the Democrats “single payer” Trojan Horse – companies would begin dumping employees coverage in favor of a cheaper “fine” for doing so. The rest is fairly inevitable. “Choice and competition” would then become redefined post-modern terms having nothing to do with their traditional meanings.

I listened to Sen. Judd Gregg yesterday talking about legislative tipping points. He said that at some point in the life of a bill, its passage become inevitable. He says some form of health care legislation is going to pass and Democrats will use whatever parliamentary tricks necessary to do so. That’s now beyond question. What its final form will be is the only question. That said, it’s worth remembering the words of Cheri Jacobus when considering the final form of the bill and what passage of this monstrosity will eventually mean to our freedoms and liberty:

A little bit of government control over health care requires even more government control over healthcare in order to make it all “work.”

Of course that’s “work” as defined by government which has no relevance whatsoever to cost, efficiency or quality. Especially when they are in full control.  The unfunded future liabilities of current government programs make that abundantly clear.  So given their track record you have to ask:  how did they suddenly become the experts in how to make this system better?  Counter-intuitive, isn’t it?

One-third of the country on medical welfare. It just staggers the mind. The rhetorical questions, being studiously ignored by the media and Congress, abound – who will pay for this? What choice will we really have? Where is the real competition? By what right do you make us participate in this (“right”, not power)? Why can’t we opt out? Etc.

I think we all know the answers.


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  • According to the MSM you don’t have to worry about who is going to pay for it because it is going to save us money.

    Jaw-dropping, ain’t it?

  • Such a bold statement:

    “Senate Health Care Bill Will See 1/3 Of US On Welfare”

    I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, but fold the (read: phony) health care takeover with CRAP AND TRADE and the rest of The Clown’s™ Socialist pap masquerading as policy, and by 2012 we will ALL be on welfare.

  • What makes this doubly sad is that, assuming the GOP wins control of the Congress in ’10, they won’t do a d*mned thing to undo what the dems have done.


    • And for their troubles of not undoing it, the negative consequences will be blamed on the poor implimentation of the Republicans.

  • And welfare offices are matched only by the Post Office and DMV in terms of their cheerful ambiance and welcoming and helpful staff.

  • What Republicans need to do (and what Senator Snowe is doing, as I note in my own blog) is become part of the process so they can affect the final outcome. That offers Obama a bi-partisan bill in exchange for a bill that better takes into account conservative concerns. Fighting a losing battle means you’ll get a bill with little GOP input, but which probably can’t be rescinded. It might help in 2010 or 2012 (but might not), so playing this like a campaign for political hay does little. If the GOP say “we are going to get a bill, we offer bi-partisan support in exchange for reasonable changes (compromises that aren’t ultimatums), then you may not stop the bill, but the GOP can have a real hand in shaping it and maybe altering the most objectionable points. So far, the GOP has dug its heels in due to principle, which may feel good, but limits their ability to shape legislation.

    • How you manage to be such an idiot day in and day out is a mystery.

      But one question could clear it up pretty quick: Do you get paid to do it?

    • As I understand it, the Republican version of health care reform, HR2520, remains bottled up in committee by Democrats. Which means that they have prevented the GOP from bringing anything to the table, while complaining that they refuse to take part in the process. It’s typical dirty Washington power politics. Which means that it’s not surprising, but rational people shouldn’t get fooled into declaring that a party is not participating when its attempts at participation are shot down by a controlling majority.

    • Gosh! You’re RIGHT Scott! What the Captain and Crew of the Titanic SHOULD have done that grim evening, was get buckets and tubs and hoist WATER aboard the sinking ship.

      That would have allowed them to be part of the inevitable outcome instead of trying to do things to prevent it! Heh heh, we know how it worked out when they resisted the water, eh?

      For further analogies to your dumb ass approach, rape victims should take off their clothes instead of resisting. People’s who’s houses catch fire should pour gasoline on the flames, and people dying of starvation should try and avoid eating at all costs.

      • Looker, you are caught up in political emotion, playing out a fantasy, an ideological jihad. The reality is that the Democrats have the power to pass something, by reconciliation if necessary, and the GOP will be stuck with it, probably forever. The way the GOP is playing strengthens the left wing of the Democratic party and assures a more “liberal” bill.

        They can do what legislators are supposed to do, compromise and represent their interests and impact the result, or they can grandstand and treat it like a campaign, hoping that things will go wrong. So the GOP grandstands, offers shrill criticism, and then hopes things go wrong for Americans. Real Republicans like Senator Snowe understand how to be effective. The ideologues simply like to sound tough and act like the other side is “destroying America.” It’s sort of funny — especially when the right still clings to people like Palin, who’s way over her head and has negatives through the roof. It’s like you’re in some kind of alternate universe sometimes.

        • your little screed belies the reality that the Republicans can do NOTHING to shape the final bill because they have been completely blocked out by the Dems.

          No, the Dems will have to own this, own it entirely, and when the people finally see what they have, it will mean a republican lock on politics for a dozen years.

        • Perhaps you could watch or listen to CSPAN and learn what is happening in the real world. You could see/hear the committee meetings where the legislation is created and listen to every attempt by Republicans to contribute voted down.

    • “How you manage to be such an idiot day in and day out is a mystery.”

      [Hands waving in the air:]

      I know! I know! Erb is a liberal – which means, based on science, that he was born an imbecile! It’s in their blood! They just cannot help being stoopid!

      Next time, when you encounter a liberal, either in an everyday common meeting, or on the phone, or via e-mail, or wherever, start off with 1 simple dictum: the person on the other end of the conversation is a moron. Once you start there, everything else is down hill.

      Want some examples? Say something like, “Boy, is it hot in here.” Right away, the liberal doofi will say, “Well, that’s because of global warming climate change.”

      Now, try this: Say something like, “Boy, is it cold in here.” The liberal doofi will say, “Well, that’s because of global warming climate change.”

      See? If you start off realizing that the other person is a liberal-moron, you can come back with “Well, that global warming climate change thing is a hoax.”

      Then the liberal gets mad, gets red in the face, and runs away.

      So, not only did you arm yourself with facts, but you got a liberal to make themselves sick and they ran away without much effort on your part.

      Try it yourself. I have – on members of my own family. And man does it work.

      • Ah, cute, the “all liberals are morons” argument. Four legs good, two legs bad. Only “our” side is smart and cares for America, the other side are all traitors and idiots.

        You’re all emotion and fear, James, you’ve left reason and facts far behind.

        • Well, Scott, “liberalism” is the stolen name that “Progressives” latched onto circa 1930. Now, they call themselves “Progressives” again when the mood strikes. Fundamental to “progressivism” was the racist ideology/pseudoscience of eugenics. “Liberals” have always been obsessed with race and the current addiction to identity politics, which now also includes gender and sexuality in addition to race.

          So, it isn’t much better now than it was then. The dog returns to his vomit.

  • “I listened to Sen. Judd Gregg yesterday talking about legislative tipping points. He said that at some point in the life of a bill, its passage become inevitable. He says some form of health care legislation is going to pass and Democrats will use whatever parliamentary tricks necessary to do so.”

    Passage of this health care reform will be an official declaration of civil war. There is certainly no consensus that it is needed or desired. It has only plurality support, unless the polls are weighted with Democrats and the questions cooked.

    And when the Feds snap on a latex glove and start coming for you against your will, that is a provocative act of violence.

    Eugenics, euthanasia, and rationing, from your government.

  • McQ90 million will be on either SCHIP or Medicaid (not Medicare … Medicaid) if the Senate Finance version of health care becomes ObamaCare according to the Heritage Foundation…

    I don’t want to fall into the trap that brainless libs (BIRM) usually don’t avoid, so I ask:

    Are these numbers reliable?

    Has Heritage made predictions about economic consequences before that have been generally accurate? Or have they generally been inaccurate?

    Lots of numbers get thrown around when proposed legislation is discussed. It goes without saying that the democrats are absolutely not to be trusted, but there are certainly Republicans who are almost as dishonest.

  • My younger brother Jeff is the shame of the Degan family. He not only lives in France, he actually likes it there. He has a French wife and two gorgeous little French daughters. Honestly I think the guy is a closet commie. Back in August, in a letter to his fellow countrymen and women regarding health care, he ended it by saying:

    “In short, in the US, you pay more, get less, and die younger than we do in Europe. What part of that don’t you understand?”

    Well, hey there! That’s a danged good question! What part of that don’t we understand? Why is it that so many of us have to be dragged, kicking and screaming like half-witted little preschoolers, into the brave new world of change? What the hell is the matter with us anyway? How can it be that such a huge number of Americans cheerfully join movements of mass stupidity and salivate on cue to the sound of Dr. Glenn “Pavlov” Beck’s bell? It kind of makes you wonder, huh?

    Tom Degan
    Goshen, NY

  • If the republicans would quit crying and lying about healthcare reform and help to construct a bill that most people like, maybe we would have healthcare reform before the end of the year.

    Why can’t we just “play nice”!!!

    • Gee Joey, I don’t know where you’ve been, but everything I’ve read says the Reps have offered all sorts of real reform ideas, not just those that increase government power and have seen them summarily dismissed by those in power. The scam, of course, is getting the gullible, like you, to parrot their false charge that they haven’t attempted in good faith to participate.

    • Why can’t we just “play nice”!!!

      What’s this ‘we?’

    • It’s fascinating to watch the extent to which people have been sucked in by the red herring about how we’d have health care reform if only the GOP got on board.

      Newsflash: The Democrats have sizable majorities in both houses of congress. It’s not that they need to get Republicans on board. It’s that they can’t even get DEMOCRATS on board. And that’s how bad the Democrat’s health reform plans are. They’re afraid to vote for their own bill.

    • God you are stupid, are you an actual baby Kangaroo?

  • When I brought my family back to the USA from overseas, I had to sign a waiver that they would never be allowed to be on welfare, etc. I had to promise to pay for it all.

    Should have had her come in through Mexico.

  • Over those months, I came to a simple realization. After seven years of reporting in the region, I did not fully understand how extreme many of the Taliban had become. Before the kidnapping, I viewed the organization as a form of “Al Qaeda lite,” a religiously motivated movement primarily focused on controlling Afghanistan.

    Living side by side with the Haqqanis’ followers, I learned that the goal of the hard-line Taliban was far more ambitious. Contact with foreign militants in the tribal areas appeared to have deeply affected many young Taliban fighters. They wanted to create a fundamentalist Islamic emirate with Al Qaeda that spanned the Muslim world.

    So are there enough “moderate Taliban” for Obama to negotiate with ?

    In the US, the only “moderate Taliban*” that Obama can negotiate with seems to boil down to Olympia Snowe .. and she won’t guarantee that she won’t change sides in the end.

    * “Taliban” as defined by the DNC