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Social Conservative handwringing at the Corner

Kathryn Jean Lopez frets about legalization of marijuana at The Corner:

Do moms on the Right want legalization? And are their children a driving motivator?

Even if you believe there’s a high chance that your teen will try or use pot, don’t you hope he doesn’t? And aren’t there decent reasons for that? That may not be the final determinant on what your position on legalization is, but it is so … right?

I would hope that any freedom-oriented thinker would understand that “what I want my children to do” is a completely separate subject from “what I think should be legal”.

No, I don’t want my teens smoking pot. Or smoking cigarettes. Or drinking.

But I don’t favor prohibition of alcohol. We tried that one. I don’t favor prohibition of cigarettes either; I think it would be even worse. And both of those substances are arguably more addicitive and damaging than pot.

Using protection of our children to justify controlling the behavior of adults is anti-freedom. We all make fun of it when the left does it. It’s no less silly when social conservatives do it.


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13 Responses to Social Conservative handwringing at the Corner

  • Do moms on the Right want legalization? And are their children a driving motivator?

    With my dislike of kids in mind, I took this at first to mean “Do they want it legal so they can take the edge off of dealing with their spawn?”

  • “Using protection of our children to justify controlling the behavior of adults is anti-freedom.”


    just like we want to prohibit same sex marriage, we want to prohibit our kids exposure to pot.
    wake up

    • huh?

      Please tell me that this was a parody. Please – dear Jesus please – tell me you aren’t actually this stupid.

      How does two guys getting married harm your child? In what way does it injure them – aside from re-enforcing the fact that if they share any of your apparent personality traits, no one one will ever love them?

      Just because I don’t like something doesn’t mean it should be illegal. Because I – unlike you, apparently – can teach my kids my values and, if they chose to share those values, they can avoid those things they dislike.

      Allowing gay marriage doesn’t mean I have to marry a guy, just like legalizing pot doesn’t mean my kid has to smoke it.

      Please don’t require the government to enact laws to cover for your inability to be an effective parent.

      • They have a right to live together, share assets, tell everyone they’re exclusive. But marriage is more than a big “we’re going steady announcement”.

        Marriage isn’t a right. Its granted from society at large. Its why its conducted by Priests, Judges, Ship’s Captains, witch doctors, … They are representatives of society.

        Society is not obligated to acknowledge their union. If society is forced to acknowledge it, it destroys the whole point of meeting society’s standard. It not longer is society giving its blessing to the relationship if its forced.

        The rightness and wrongness of society not wanting to grant same sex marriage is a different discussion. But forcing concent to a marriage inherently destroys the legitimacy of that concent and that destroys what marriage is.

  • Between the lefts “It’s for the children”, and the SC’s “dysfunctional family values”, we’re becoming a nation of dysfunctional adolescents.

  • I saw this somewhere recently and liked it (i changed it a bit ) : a libertarian doesn’t like guns, he doesn’t own a gun , a progressive doesn’t like guns , he tries to make it illegal for all to own guns. a libertarian doesn’t like an opinion , he refrains from repeating it or refutes it , a progressive doesn’t like an opinion he tries to make it illegal to utter it, a libertarian doesn’t like a store they don’t shop there , a progressive tries to get it blackballed from a community(a la wal-mart).

    One side is not like the other, why fall into emulating what is indefensible curtailing of liberty?

  • Billy HollisI would hope that any freedom-oriented thinker would understand that “what I want my children to do” is a completely separate subject from “what I think should be legal”. [emphasis original]

    The broader question is how do we decide what things should be legal or illegal. Given the lack of logical thinking ability that seems rampant in our country today and the knee-jerk reaction against anything that smacks of religious law, all we’re left with is fuzzy, hazy feelings tempered with a hefty dose of self-righteousness and a dollop of greed. “What I feel is good for thee (and will not cause me to have to pay for your foolishness) shall be THE LAW for thee” is the dominant model.

    The Founding Fathers (who I respect more with each passing day) understood implicitly if not EXPLICITLY the dangers of a well-intentioned mob running too big of a show. Hence, federalism: if the people of Massachusetts want to be stupid (their default position, it seems), that’s fine, but their stupidity won’t affect the people of Connecticut or Virginia or Georgia.

    With so much power moving to DC, that’s changed: now, the idiots in one state, by sending the same bloviating fool over and over and over to the Congress so that he gains seniority and power, CAN affect the people of all the states. What enough moms in Massachusetts think is good for their kids can become the law of the land for moms from Virginia to Oregon, and there’s not a blessed thing to be done.

    It would be nice if we could return to federalism. It would also be nice if people would learn to mind their own d*mned business and stop trying to run the way their neighbor lives his life.


    • I know the feeling. Seems like people with a freedom or libertarian frame of mind are forever fated to be the lone voice in the wilderness.

      It is so sad that you have to drag people kicking and screaming to liberty. And that you have to struggle to convince people that freedom always works better than big government.

      • [quote]…drag people kicking and screaming to liberty[/quote]

        Quoted for irony.

        We ain’t buyin what you’re sellin. That’s capitalism yo.

  • I wonder how Ms. Lopez would feel if her child was sick and in pain? I’m not sure what my mom’s stance on the legalization of marijuana was before I got sick, but you can be sure that she is a fan of it since I’ve been plagued with constant nausea and pain…and marijuana has been the only thing that has given me relief in a year-and-a-half of going to doctors.

    And even though I did not smoke pot before I got sick, I was still thought it was silly that it was illegal. But I kinda think it’s silly that prostitution is illegal, too. Green leaves and sex–what could be more natural? 🙂