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When Is A “Cadillac” Plan Not A “Cadillac” Plan?

When you’re a federal worker, of course.

Reps. Jerry Connolly and Jim Moran, two Democrats from the federal employee haven of Northern Virginia, sent a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., expressing concern that the Senate health care proposal, which includes the tax, “may adversely affect health coverage for federal employees and retirees.”

Connolly and Moran explain in the letter that the Congressional Research Services has provided them with data indicating that the cost of Federal Employees Health Benefits Plans used by federal employees is close to the threshold ($8,000 per individual and $21,000 per family) that would trigger the proposed 40 percent excise tax.

“Throughout this year, we and members of the Administration have assured the public, including 2 million federal employees, that if individuals or families like their current health coverage, they will not have to change,” the letter said. “The current proposal from the Senate Finance Committee could undermine that tenet of health insurance reform.”

Don’t you just love special interest legislation. It’s okay for you, but not for the 2 million federal employees. And they join a growing list of groups for whom exemptions are being sought – firefighters, labor union members, coal miners and other favored groups.

You? Just shut up and pay the tax.

Hope and change.



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6 Responses to When Is A “Cadillac” Plan Not A “Cadillac” Plan?

  • 2 million federal employees. 2 MILLION! Just exactly as the Founders envisioned it I’m sure.

  • Hey if it flushes this turd, I’ll take it.

  • He who has the best lobbyist, wins.

    My company, like most these days, is having hard times. I joke (!) that, instead of hiring new salesmen, developing new and innovative products, trying to make our processes more efficient, and otherwise looking to run our business in a more efficient manner, we should simply slip some (ahem) campaign donations to the members of No. Carolina’s congressional delegation and see if they can’t earmark some cash for us in return.

    Hey, it works for businesses in Field Marshal al-Murtha’s district.

    • …some (ahem) campaign donations

      In less fascistic times, they were called “bribes”.

  • Cadillac’s for the elite/masters, Ford Pintos for the peasants/servants.
    What’s wrong with this picture?
    Time for Zero Tolerance on Congress!!!