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Quote Of The Day

Sometimes the mask slips in the most unlikely places. The little watched Ed Schultz show on MSNBC hosted Ralph Nader and Barney Frank. Frank took heat from Nader for not, in Nader’s opinion, regulating the financial institutions enough. Frank responded by saying:

Democrats are “trying on every front to increase the role of government.”

Tell me again why the GOP shouldn’t be the party of “no”? They should embrace the role.



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7 Responses to Quote Of The Day

  • To Ralph from Barney via Ed:  

    You dropped a bomb on me
    You were my thrills
    You were my pills
    You dropped a bomb on me
    You turn me out
    You turn me on
    You turned me loose
    Then you turned me wrong
    You dropped a bomb on me

  • Thank you, Mr. Chairman, this is — this is — I mean this is. Thank you, Mr. Chairman. I’m done.

    This is .. this is .. pathetic.

  • Saw this on another thread , but it needs to be repeated, ad naseum if necessary : The bigger the government, the smaller the paople.  So true.

  • Uh, he did say: “in the area of financial regulation”.

    I dislike slobbering Barney as much as the next libertarian, and I don’t believe for a moment that given a chance he would consider socializing 50% of the US economy as  “a good start”.

    But he does deserve to be quoted in context correctly.

  • Okay Jasper, I’ll bite…
    Since many of us believe this financial crisis is caused by TOO MUCH gov. fiddling, how does putting this quote “in context” make it any less ridiculous?

  • I never said his quote wasn’t ridiculous.  It is.

    Even slobbering  Barney should be properly quoted.  This is usually a good idea when you mount an attack…otherwise the other side can cite your misquote and move on, rather than explain their reasoning.

  • Actually he simply said “regulatory….” not “Financial regulations” .