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White House Stuck On Stupid

Well, über defensive and stupid, to be more accurate. At least with its war on Fox News there was some calculated ability to garner sympathy and support from the fevered progressive masses. Taking on one of the most reputable reviewers of the car industry, when it’s giving you good news, is just plain idiotic:

It is an odd, and we’d say regrettable, pattern of this White House that it lets itself get dragged down into fights with specific media outlets.


But in addition to Fox News, now The White House is going after highly-respected and influential car site

They’re actually using The White House blog to dispute the site’s analysis of Cash-For-Clunkers (via Detroit News).

The post is snarkily titled: “Busy Covering Car Sales on Mars, Gets It Wrong (Again) on Cash for Clunkers”

For its part, responded with a sober yet forceful smackdown. After pointing to the obvious flaws in the White House’s (defensive) thinking, they put the once-venerable office to shame:

With all respect to the White House, thinks that instead of shooting the messenger, government officials should take heart from the core message of the analysis: the fundamentals of the auto marketplace are improving faster than the current sales numbers suggest.

Isn’t this a piece of good news we can all cheer?

I’m not sure which is more pathetic: the fact that the White House clearly lost a blog war, or that it is stupid enough to get involved in one in the first place.

16 Responses to White House Stuck On Stupid

  • The difference between the Boys Scouts and the White House?
    Adult Supervision.

    • How can you insult the Boy Scouts in such a way???  After all, they at least TRY to be honest, brave, courteous, etc.

      A more apt comparison:

      Q: What’s the difference between inmates of a maximum security prison and the White House?

      A: Suits.

      I would also add that most inmates of even Supermax have only harmed a handful of people.  The clowns and thugs in the White House are screwing over entire countries.

      • Ah, excellent point.  I hereby fully apologize for the comparison.
        I never meant to imply that the Boy Scouts were as incompetent and feckless as the current administration.

        • Who IS as incompetent and feckless as the current administration???  Naming names, I think that one would have to scour all the mental hospitals and leftwing blogsites from Maine to California to find a man with a more unwarranted high opinion of himself than Vice President Biden.  And there MAY be a man less qualified to run a lemonade stand than Tax Cheat Timmy, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

          BTW, I’m seriously considering stealing “President Imeme” and using it in place of TAO.  I think it sums up the president’s character and priorities quite well and sounds better than “President Oh-wah-waaaahhhh”!

          • Steal away man,  it’s all fair use!
            I’ll think of  it atonment for maligning the Boy Scouts with my joke.

          • “I think that one would have to scour all the mental hospitals and leftwing blogsites from Maine to California to find a man with a more unwarranted high opinion of himself than Vice President Biden”

            Nah. I think you can start and stop at Maine.

  • That title really gets me.  Having blogged professionally in the past, I know that I might have been able to get away with this sort of thing if I were at a non-profit advocacy organization.  But this is the White House. Who on earth did the Obama Administration bring in to run their blog? (Don’t answer – I know it’s the same guys who promised to “change the tone of politics”…)

    • They have changed the tone of politics, Ryan.  It’s been converted into a whine.

    • Does anyone else (Ryan, perhaps  do you?) think the drivel that pours out of the White House blog is totally unbecoming to The Office of the POTUS?
      It reads like a trashy, juvenile, spiteful, far-left, blog.
      Can you imagine the outcry had Bush run a divisive hyper-partisan blog like Obama’s running on
      I’d like to think even conservatives would have even been upset. I never want to read something posted on the Whitehouse’s website that reads like “So put on your space suit and compare the two approaches yourself.”
      The Office carries (or should) some weight and official communications like that don’t respect that at all.

  • I’m looking for Obama to create a new Department of Truth with its Secretary having a cabinet position, to handle all news reporting that paints the administration in a bad light.

    • President Imeme.  It proves how little class, or maturity he has, that he allows it to continue.  Meaning,  it’s exactly the tone Mr. Popularity intends.

    • “Truth Czar” would be more his speed.

  • How stupid does the White House have to be in picking a fight with Edmunds, which has got to be one of the most non-partisan groups out there.  I also think that they are sufficiently well-respected that they don’t need to gin up controversy to “get onto cable news”.  They provde pricing information and reviews on cars, fer cryin’ out loud.

    Who’s next on the White House hit list?  PC Gamer?  The Farmer’s Almanac?  The NYC Telephone Directory?


    • TV Guide 😉
      (for reporting how poor the president does in his appearance for ratings)

  • Yeah, the techniques being used by the White House were developed in their contemporary format, in my opinion, on Usenet during the 1990s. At least that’s where I watched them unfold. Some will say that this is the Alinsky method, and I won’t dispute that. But I saw this deployed across the most active political newsgroups until those groups were reduced to endless attack twaddle. I refer to them now as the Usenet sewers.

    How odd that it would so easily take root inside this White House and be used against the enemies list. How fitting. I recently wondered to someone in email if the slobs who worked the routine, some of them still active, could be “penny a post” ACORNistas. It would make sense.

    McQ, Beck, Florack were among those who might know what I’m referring to.

  • The last line of the White House blog is ‘so put on your space suit…’?  Really?  Really??