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How Out Of Touch Is The GOP?

Maybe a better question is “how far out of touch is the RNC” since Dede Scozzafava was their candidate?

Dede Scozzafava, the Republican and Independence parties candidate, announced Saturday that she is suspending her campaign for the 23rd Congressional District and releasing all her supporters.


Ms. Scozzafava told the Watertown Daily Times that Siena Research Institute poll numbers show her too far behind to catch up – and she lacks enough money to spend on advertising in the last three days to make a difference. Mr. Owens has support from 36 percent of likely voters in the poll, with Mr. Hoffman garnering 35 percent support. Ms. Scozzafava has support from 20 percent of those polled.

Now I have no idea if that means Mr. Hoffman will win (if the 20% Ms. Scozzafava had were really GOP supporters then he should win in a walk – but given Scozzafava’s more liberal leanings on many issues such as card check that’s a toss up), but what this indicates is the rank-and-file GOP voters aren’t at all satisfied with the RNC’s strategy or choices (as an aside, the fact that Scozzavafa hasn’t enough money left to spend on advertising says, at least, that the RNC knows it was supporting a loser). It seems to me to be a pretty in-your-face repudiation of this “big tent” theory of theirs which says “we’ll compromise our principles to boost our numbers”. Instead they seem to favor the “here’s our tent, if you like what we stand for, you’re welcome to come in” approach.

It’ll be interesting to see how the RNC and the establishment GOP types react to this mini-revolution. Given their tone-deafness of the past, they’ll ignore it and pay the consequences in 2010. But I see that as a very, very interesting turn of events.



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27 Responses to How Out Of Touch Is The GOP?

  • You know I swear I didn’t see this coming.  I assumed the RNC would pony up the  funds to keep her going.
    It bodes well.

  • I guess we can expect another dressing down from Newt. I am confident , however, that he and the other Rep.  poohbahs will continue their efforts to bring civilization to the backward ranka nd file.

    • No.  I’m pretty sure if they were going to do that–which I expected them to–that Scozzafava would have no funding problems.  I think Newt is undergoing some self-directed recalibration of what is possible, politics being the art of the possible.
      Whether the RNC is also rethinking things remains to be seen.

  • Let’s put it this way .. if this had been China 1970, the RNC folks would be facing months at the re-education camps.

  • Personally, I think it speaks well of Dede Scozzafava to step aside and allow the Conservative candidate a free run at the position.  Now if the rest of the GOP can follow her lead and step out of the way of legitimate Conservative candidates, who will caucus with the GOP, then I have hopes this will not turn out to be another 1992 – where Clinton won because of Ross P.

    What would really be great is if the the GOP would really learn from this example and return to its Conservative roots where it should be.  I don’t have a problem with standing to the root principles of Conservatism, I do have a problem with the GOP trying to be Democrat Lite.

    • Whether the RNCC or others forced her out or she really read the tea leaves herself, it does speak volumns to her position vis a vis the GOP.  If she chooses to remain active, and has the support of her constituency, then this move alone warrants party support (safe your weapons in other words).
      The broader ramifications of this ought to have the bright minds of Brooks and Frum exploding however.  The second tier NYT style “Republican” pundits are too stupid, or too enamored by accolades issued by lefties on the cocktail circuit, to recognize what right-o-center America is demanding of the party that the GOP ostensibly  represents.

      • Check that…
        Weapons free.
        Who really will have (rotten) egg on their face is the committee members that thrust Scozzafava upon NY23.  Regardless of the outcome, they are the ones that need a proverbial tar and feathering.

      • Oh, and this really does Gingrich, along with all the other bench sitters and Scozzafava supporters, great harm.  Particularly folks like David Frum.

  • What this means is Hoffman has to WIN, otherwise the GOP can turn around and say “see? Conservative candidates can’t win”

  • Look how the left is spinning this (from the NY Times):

    A moderate Republican whose candidacy for an upstate New York Congressional seat had set off a storm of national conservative opposition, abruptly withdrew on Saturday, emboldening the right at a time when the Republican Party is enmeshed in a debate over how to rebuild itself.

    And from the same article:

    Ms. Scozzafava had been under siege from conservative leaders because she supports gay rights and abortion rights and was considered too liberal on various fiscal issues.

    • If the NYT goes belly up, where are the leftists going to get their talking points on stuff like this?

      • The same place the NYT is getting their talking points right now – from the White House.
        In a way, we should celebrate if the NYT goes belly up.  We conservatives like efficiency and the death of the NYT would eliminate the middle man.

        • Ah, but what about the times when there’s not a (D) in the White House? Somehow I can’t see Keith Olberman taking his talking points from a Republican, no matter how far left that Repub was. 

  • Nowadays, speaking the truth is a revolutionary act……the GOP needs a wake-up call & start letting it’s members choose the candidate, not them & then force us to vote for them just to ensure the democratic candidate doesn’t win.  I’m all for a 3rd party…any organism needs new blood.

    I’ve been encourging others to just read that new book out where a small town in America stands up to federal tyranny (old political parties) & ends up starting the 2nd American Revolution. It’s a thriller if you like to see what’s in store for us in the coming 3 yrs. Just read it.

  • A question that should be asked, but is not, is: how out of touch is the Democrat Party from the American people? Or, better yet, how out of touch is the DNC out of touch with a large number of the people they need to win elections?

    Just as the GOP moves right, so must the Demmies move Left. And left they do move. However, when you have an apostate like Joe Lieberman (Katrina Vanden Heuvel of The Nation told Dead Shultz on MSDNC yesterday that Lieberman was “a traitor”) bucking his party, as well as 40-50 Blue Dog Demmies doing the same, you will have the same intra-party bloodbath that the GOP had from 2004-08.

    What’s the difference? For the media, when a moderate Republican goes down to defeat to a more conservative Republican, it is proof that the GOP is run by the “loony right wing.” When a moderate Demmie goes down to defeat after being challenged by a liberal, it is proof that the Demmies are run by the “loony left wing”?

    Of course not! To the media, Lieberman, and the Blue Dogs, are just standing in the way of needed reforms. Shame on the Demmies for having them in their midst. And if some liberals go up against them and take them out, well, that means that the party wants to “clear old brush” and get some new blood in. Never mind that the party is run by the George Soros-Daily gang, all of whom are far, far, far to the left of most Americans.

    That’s what we will hear for the next year – the GOP is a hostage to the far right, and the Demmies must get rid of apostates who stand in the way of reform. That’s because the media hates moderation unless it moderates the GOP.

  • Am I correct that it really was not about her support of gay marriage and abortion, but rather card check and worries about spending, voting for Obamacare, etc.?

  • How out of touch is the GOP?

    Hmmmm…. Let’s look at the recent record.

    — Put a crazy old man on the top of the national ticket last year.  Said crazy old man, after months of at least somewhat effective attacks on TAO’s lack of experience, tapped the unknown, inexperienced governor of the least populous state to be his running mate.

    — Put in a man as head of the national party who promptly p*ssed off the conservative based by mouthing off about abortion AND getting into a tiff with Rush Limbaugh, the unofficial leader of the conservative movement in America.  Oh, this same man launched a blog called “What Up?” to show how hip he is.  Gag.

    — Supported a woman who appears to be an absolutely CLASSIC example of a RINO in the race for an open congressional seat that was held for years by a Republican.

    And this is just in the past several months.  We won’t discuss the revolting spending habits of the former GOP majority in Congress, the embarrassing performances of Trent Lott and Denny Hastert as majority leaders, the big spending and “compassionate conservatism” of George Bush, or the rift between “country club” Republicans and the conservative base.

    I scoff at SanFran Nan and Dingy Harry for being dim bulbs, but I’ll give them credit where it’s due: they know how to run the show when they’ve got control.  O’ course, when MiniTru obligingly does your propaganda work for you, it’s sort of hard to foul up too much.

    • “tapped the unknown, inexperienced governor of the least populous state to be his running mate.”
      And considering how the base he needed and lacked reacted to the selection of that particular person, and her record and how it will play with fiscal conservatives–if you think that was a misstep, docjim505, the the GOP ain’t the only one out of touch.
      She has better qualifications for the Presidency than the President.

      • I think his point is that McCain had to reach that far to find anyone even remotely exciting to the base. That says quite a lot about how the GOP in DC is out of touch with the base, and how thin their overall small-government bench is these days.

      • Let me first stipulate that I like Sarah Palin and hope that she’s got a big future ahead of her in the GOP (or even a third party).  I also absolutely agree that she is more qualified that Imeme to be the president.  She seems to have pretty good conservative ideals and good political instincts.  And, if I may indulge in a little immaturity, she looked absolutely smokin’ in that Runner’s World article a few months ago!

        However, she was a bad pick for Yosemite Sam to make.  As I wrote above, her selection completely undermined McCain’s message that Imeme was not experienced enough to be the president (that Imeme was threatened by this line of attack is clear from his selection of Plugs, who will be more than happy to tell you at great length how smart, educated, experienced and capable he is).  It would have been better for his campaign had he chosen a more experienced, better-known conservative, though I admit that it seems reasonable to assume that such a person would have gotten the same truly viscious treatment that Palin got from MiniTru (a curse on them for their brutal and dishonest coverage).  I also suggest that Palin was a bad pick because she and McCain were clearly not on the same page; much of the damage done to her came from his lukewarm support and the outright backstabbing of some of his longtime campaign people, which he showed no interest in quashing.  Finally, her unabashed conservatism cast doubts on his claims to be a moderate; yes, it excited the base, but did it turn off “Reagan democrats”?  I suggest that it did.

        All this damaged perceptions of Yosemite’s good sense as well as set up a fight within the GOP when the focus should have been on beating the dems.

        Please don’t misunderstand: I don’t blame Palin for the loss in ’08.  The GOP lost not only because McCain was a terrible candidate (when the NYT endorses a Republican, it speaks volumes about how bad he is), but also because the party has lost its way.  Aimless, feckless and rudderless, it was primed to lose to a smooth-talking media construct who knew all the right empty promises to make and all the right empty slogans to mouth.

  • How far out of touch is the GOP?

    Out of touch enough that their nominee (Scozzwhatever) may be endorsing the DEM left in the NY-23 race…

  • This is more than being out of touch.
    There’s Power & Money involved.  They aren’t going to let the public pick and choose candidates for long.
    They will somehow punish the dissidents eventually.  At first they’ll make an example out of someone.  Michael Savage, is nut, but I consider his over the top language to be theatre.  He’s attacked the Republican Party for a long time for their moderate nature.  He’s allowed to twist in the wind usually when he comes under attack from liberals.  However, he is punished already by everyone pretending he doesn’t exist.
    Glenn Beck, however, isn’t pretended to not exist.  And he’s taken on a similar message attacking the Republicans for their moderate nature.  I suspect Beck time on FoxNews has a life expectancy.  They just need the right remark or public behavior and he’s out.  Then the Newts of the world will join in the condemnation.  This is in hopes to shame the dissidents.
    Fortunately the Tea Party followers don’t have a single figurehead, despite the media attempting to ordain one or two for them.