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Why Would We Want To Make The Same Mistake As Europe?

If you have a friend who is a supporter of the present monstrosity called “health care reform” because they think Europeans are better served by their system than we are by ours and the Democrat’s solution will make us more like them, ask them to watch this 4 1/2 minute video.

By the way, pay particular attention to the rising costs of health care in Europe and, more importantly, the chart which shows costs to include cosmetic surgery, which is the only market based part of health care we have. Amazing how that works, no?

[HT: Maggie’s Farm]



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26 Responses to Why Would We Want To Make The Same Mistake As Europe?

  • I made that point to ERB several times but of course, left wingers are not interested in facts, it is only the purity of their dreams that matters.
    The Europeans are all nearly bankrupt, and they have much lower costs than we do for defense.
    The reason they are out of money is primarily socialized medicine, (or socialized insurance as in France) In fact, France and Italy are in dire straits and have already cut benifits quite  a lot.

  • Kyle8,

    Talk about an Erb like comment.  “Left wingers are not interested in facts, it is only the purity of their dreams that matters.”   While some of my less than erstwhile dems may be delusional in some regards what does purity of their dreams actually mean?  That reasoning sounds like something straight out of “Dr. Strangelove” something that  General Jack D. Ripper might say.  

    • Adriane,
      I couldn’t agree more.  Many dems sound like they are straight out of dr.Strangelove but i can assure you that some Republicans do as well.  Just thought that to brand us all as not interested in facts is not logical. 
      Oh and to Mal, yep pretty new to the blog, but you forgot the first part of the quote “left wingers are not interested in the facts.”  Does everyone believe that all dems are not interested in the facts?  I can assure you there are many dems that don’t always vote with their party. 

      • Yes, I do believe that left wingers are not interested in facts, at least not the ones which are inconvenient for their ideology, (that is the pure dream I refer to.  No, they might not all be as far gone as Erb, but they all do possess some of his naivete and willful ignorance.
        I have seen nothing in my 51 years to persuade me otherwise.  Answer me this question, why do you think that in states like California and in Democrat controlled cities they are actually willing to drive the whole enterprise bankrupt?  Because they refuse to believe that their Marxist economics will not result in prosperity.

        • Kyle8,

          Being alot younger than me I respectfully disagree. 
          Though I don’t live there and can’t speak for the Democrats and their willingness to drive the whole enterprise bankrupt with their Marxist economics it appears to me that their has been lots of complicity from both sides to drive the whole enterprise bankrupt.  If five trillion added to the debt from the previous eight years isn’t proof enough it takes two to tango, I don’t know what is.  

          • I am not sure that I am younger than you, I am as old as dirt. But it is not a case of it takes two. Republican led states and cities are not facing a lot of red tape even now in a recession.  Nationally the Bush administration did pile up a lot of dept after several natural disasters and two wars, but in just 10 months the Democrats have more than tripled it!!!!
            So don’t give me any 0f that they are both the same garbage.

          • Sad as it may be if you are indeed 51 you are certainly younger by almost ten years. 

            Okay, it just takes one to tango.  

            Good thing the red cities and states aren’t about to accept one penny of the stimulus monies.   Not one red cent to them I decree it.  (Sorry Ott)

    • Kevin,  please ignore my previous post.  My tone and content with neither friendly nor useful.  Welcome to this forum.  The majority of the poster are thoughtful and respectful.  I apologize.

  • You’re right.  Quite a few left wingers do sound like General Jack D. Ripper …

  • Kevin,

    Are  you new to this board?  It hard to believe you are serious.

    it is only the purity of their dreams that matters.”   Liberals generally want to order the world based on their dreams not based on facts.  They don’t believe they are dreams (delusions) they believe they are possibilities.  Likewise, liberals generally want to have there actions judged on there intentions not on their results.  Another example of their delusional state.

  • edit:  It is hard

  • Great substance.  And Ms. van den Broek is certainly an appealing presenter.  (This video created a serious case of cognitive dissonance for me at first, simply because I am so un-used to hearing someone with a European accent making arguments like these, but then I started really getting into it.)

  • My left wing friends won’t watch anything that comes from Faux News, so they won’t watch this. Sure, its not from Fox News, but that is their reasoning against any dissent from their plans. This also applies to criticisms of Obama. Upset about something? Stop watching Glenn Beck.
    But they are the open-minded and tolerant people!

  • I don’t think regular folks who supported Obama ever started watching Glenn Beck (so they don’t have to stop), or even Keith O. They know they are simply entertainers. They know the party in charge is always criticized.

    • Yes, and they were also very poorly informed, basing their decision simply on watching O during the election cycle, and taking him at face value.

      They did not understand his background, qualifications (or lack of), or anything else of relevence. They simply knew the MSM gave him good reviews and he sounded fine reading a teleprompter.

      • Not sure how you got those facts about those folks watching only Keith O.  But if that is indeed the case, then of course they were very poorly informed.  The same would be true for those watching only Glenn Beck.  All of those folks watching only those two would share a commonality.  They would be hard of hearing from all the on air ,decibel shattering tantrums, that Mr. O and Mr. B often have. 

        • I meant O as in Obama. I.e., listening to his speeches and debates.

          I listened to Beck on TV for perhaps 15 minutes total, but perhaps three or four hours on the radio. To the extent I heard him on the radio, he provided very good information, including some interesting stuff on the New Deal.

          • Don, noted.   Apparently the majority did indeed base their decisions on what Obama had to say, through debates and speeches.  And I have to conclude if the economy isn’t pretty sound in 2012 he will be out of a job, and if isn’t substantially better in 2010 there will be some house and senate members looking for lobbying jobs.

            Speaking of the New Deal, I wonder if conservatives now would  vote for components of the New Deal like the CCC?  I don’t know of too many souls that would doubt it’s success not only with the facilites built that still endure, youth properly trained, discipline instilled, etc. but the positive aspect of a generation of young men almost starving to death, that were given a badly needed lease on life.

          • Kevin,

            I wouldn’t support the CCC myself.

            Here is a story my dad told me: during the depression, he was growing several acres of tomatos. The feds bought some from him, told him he had to plow under the rest . . .

            He told the neighbors that he could not sell or give the tomatos away, but there was nothing he could do if they were stolen . . .

            Make work projects during events like the Depression may help some, but they are a resource diversion. FDR et al don’t know where those resources should go, even if they don’t grasp that. The market has a better answer.

        • I don’t buy that either, Olberman and Beck are NOT just two sides of the same coin. they might both be far on the end of their ideological ranges but Olberman is a small minded, ignorant, name caller of no consequence.
          Beck is a very humurous and very smart guy who tells the truth as he sees it.  And he has done fantastic and important work in uncovering stupidity and crime in Acorn and the administration.  Especially when you think about how the Mainstream media have abdicated their watchdog job to kowtow to Obama.

          • you got me there I totally agree about Beck.  He is indeed very, very humorous, I laugh my a$$ off everytime I watch him. 

  • …Flagged for removal because it makes too much sense…

  • Interesting Don.

    My father, a life long conservative republican, whose grandfather from Arkansas had been a soldier for the North in the civil war, was always very proud of his time in the CCC.  We even have his CCC trunk.  I don’t think he ever viewed it as a new deal handout.

    • The CCC was not a handout because they did real work.  Almost every government program of that type since then has been nothing more than a handout.