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Open Thread – Ft. Hood Tragedy (updated)

It is way to early to come to any conclusions about what happened today at Ft. Hood.  What we do know is that 12 are dead – the shooter (MAJ Malik Nidal Hasan – a psychiatrist with the military there), a civilian policeman and 10 soldiers.  31 were wounded. Hasan was a convert to Islam and worked for 6 years at Walter Reed Hospital.  It is reported that he received a bad Officer Efficiency Report and was transferred to Ft. Hood.  Colleagues say he was a “loner” and against our presence in both Iraq and Afghanistan.  He apparently was against being deployed but was scheduled to deploy at the end of the year.  He was engaged with the chain of command trying to get the deployment canceled. He used two non-military handguns (9 mm) during his shooting spree.

There are reports of two other suspects in custody but what if any role they had is not known.  At this point, they are being said to be held for questioning. (update: AP reports both have now been released, confirmed by Rep. John Carter who represents the district in which Ft. Hood lays.  Rumor has it they had tired to stop the shootings.)

UPDATE: Shooter’s cousin says he has always been a muslim, not a convert. Claims Hasan underwent extreme harassment and wanted to get out of the military. His worst nightmare was being deployed. Says family is in total shock. Thinks impending deployment is what triggered this.

UPDATE II: Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson says he was shooting people he knew.

UPDATE III: Rep. John Carter says Ft. Hood authorities have taken a 3rd person into custody.  He also claims reports of automatic weapons fire at the scene of the shootings.

UPDATE IV: A bit of a shocker – Per Commanding General of Ft. Hood, shooter is alive and in custody.

More updates as they become available.


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26 Responses to Open Thread – Ft. Hood Tragedy (updated)

  • Why the f*ck could one gun man take out so many on a military base? Don’t the soldiers there carry firearms?

    • No – in fact they don’t. Only the MPs carry loaded weapons on post.

    • Only in a war zone, and sometimes not even then.

    • Yeah, it usually shocks people that personnel on military bases are not habitually armed to the teeth.  It’s likely that there are more armed people per capita on the streets of many red state towns and cities (police and citizens with concealed carry permits) than the average military post.

  • May the families be comforted …

  • When Sen Hutchinson said “shooting people he knew”, I believe she was speaking in the sense that he was shooting fellow soldiers who were stationed at the same base.    I do not believe she was saying that he was aiming at people he knew personally.

  • I hate to do this but I am going to have to point a finger of blame at the Army.  This is not the first time that army bases and personel have come under terrorist attack. Why in this day and age would there not be armed MP’s crawling all over EVERY base.  They had to wait for local police to show up.  Pathetic negligence.

    • It’s not the first time, but to be fair, it does not happen often.  This type of an event, while possible, is quite improbable.  I have also heard folks say today that they cannot imagine that there weren’t plenty of weapons available to neutralize the threat.  (In other terms, of course.)  I think those who have been on post will tell you that you don’t need or want guns floating around amongst a bunch of 19 year-olds in a non-combat environment.

      Come to think of it, it’s all a little counter-intuitive to those of us who believe in concealed-carry.   But in larger terms, you don’t want your personnel to be armed when conflict is not certain.

  • I heard Carter relate “semi-automatic rifle fire” (direct quote, emphasis added), reported to him by combat veterans.

  • A bit of a shocker – Per Commanding General of Ft. Hood, shooter is alive and in custody.

    Damn.  That was one obit I was going to really smile while reading.

  • I like that the Islamic Relations Council head asked that we “not rush to judgment” about the shooter’s Islamic name.  As if it would be unfounded to presume such a thing.

    Clean your own house.

  • Seems every “official” statement is bent extremely hard to make this anything but a terrorist attack.

    • Assuming he’s sane, letting him die on his own terms is something to be avoided, if only to prolong whatever punishment he will receive.   Send him to the USDB and let him sweat it out waiting for his date with a needle.

  • I think it is a little too early to be making any judgements or drawing any conclusions. It is even too early to state what the facts and circumstances surrounding the incident are. If Sen. Hutchinson did injdeed say what you say she said her judgement is so bad she should be returned to the private sector forthwith. 

  • For my part I’m glad the shooter survived. Not that I’d like him to keep surviving -indefinitely-, but it would be good for him to stick around until he’s been thoroughly sweated and examined. If he was dead you’d be left with a lot of bloviation about his psychology and motivation- mostly from people outside the military with specific narratives to support. With him alive it will hopefully be possible to document that information conclusively. -Then- we can dispose of him.

    • I agree with Lysenko.  I certainly don’t rejoice that the killer is still alive, but the fact that he is will give us opportunity to find out exactly what he was thinking… and also give us (I hope) the grim satisfaction of seeing him executed under the law for what he did.

      If it’s true that he was simply distressed about being “harrassed” for being Muslim and didn’t want to deploy, then it sounds to me like he’s another Klebold: a psychotic little candya** who was out for revenge against all the people who were mean to him.  If so, then his religious faith and (probable) ethnicity are irrelevant.

  • Besides the fact that a mass shooting is by nature an act of terrorism, let’s look at what we know now:

    The shooter, Major Malik Nadal Hasan, was a Muslim.

    The shooter, Major Malik Nadal Hasan, was scheduled to be deployed.

    The shooter, Major Malik Nadal Hasan, was known to be extremely unhappy with his impending deployment.

    The shooter, Major Malik Nadal Hasan, was known to have argued in the past that Muslims should oppose the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan.

    So, of course his heinous crime wasn’t linked to Islamic terrorism at all. The FBI told us so.

    PC is going to be the death of us all.

    • Soldiers who witnessed the rampage reported that the gunman shouted “Allahu Akbar!” — an Arabic phrase for “God is great!” — before opening fire

  • My thoughts are with the families of those men, women, children, and their families and friends. 

    As for those involved in this atrocity, if there are others, the worst possible punishment is too good for the scumbags.

  • “Allahu Akbar!” 

    I don’t know, I guess I’m a dinosaur but I keep remembering this old saying; “If it walks like a duck…

    This wasn’t a spur of the moment action.

  • The guy was a psychiatrist ?

  • Let’s hope this is “another anomaly” and not some sort of a sleeper jihadi activated by an external outfit. Though one has to ask the question as to whether the jihadist impulse is so well matched to implicit human violence that it can turn that key in any given Muslim at any given time.

    • In my opinion, not one of our soldier’s lives is worth the risk until we know for sure. I think something should be done before this becomes “trendy” and scales up.

      • You’re preachin’ to the converted on that score. I think that Islam is fundamentally incompatible with anything that isn’t Islam. That’s why the “bloody borders” phenomenon happens. I don’t question the capacity of any given Muslim to live among infidels in accordance with infidel standards; I question that that can be maintained as a status quo. It is very explicitly not the Muslim way to be assimilated. It is the Muslim way to assimilate the other, first by intimidation and then by force. The ancient Christian world learned that lesson, but doesn’t really exist now, to any great extent, to remember it or to remind anyone. Europe once knew the lesson: “Gates of Vienna” as late as the 17th Century, that close, in the modern era. Europe forgets that lesson and now it’s a “hate crime” there to question Islam.

        Islam is a failed civilization, but it knows how to scavenge the bones of a dying West.

  • Apparently, a Nidal Hasan, Uniformed Services University School of Medicine, was listed a one of the Task Force Event Participants in The George Washington University, Homeland Security Policy Institute’s “PROCEEDINGS REPORT OF THE HSPI PRESIDENTIAL TRANSITION TASK FORCE, April 2008-January 2009”