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The House Health Care Vote

It’s over. And it has been over long enough so my gag reflex doesn’t automatically kick in when I think about it.  Democrats managed a close “victory” (I don’t consider it a victory for the American people at all, thus the scare quotes) which included one misguided Republican (what a surprise).

Before I talk about it further, there’s an “Irony Alert” in full swing for the irony-impaired leftists who took great joy in touting NY-23 as a Republican civil-war and party purge. They’re are now doing the same sort of thing concerning the 39 Democrats who voted “no” on Pelosi’s monstrosity (and those that voted for the Stupak amendment).

Back to the bill: I make no bones about it – it is a bureaucratic, bank-breaking monstrosity that still will leave millions uninsured and put those who don’t want to play Pelosi’s game in jail – literally.

Additionally, it will cost much more than the Pelosi smoke-and-mirror act is claiming. Sen. Judd Gregg says it will be about 3 trillion over 10 years. I’ve seen reports from other organizations saying 2 to 2.5 trillion. Donald Marron lays out his argument with a handy dandy chart for 1.3 trillion. Once caveat to his analysis – his chart shows the “doc fix” at “$0” dollars. That’s because they plan to pass the $250 billion dollar doctor buy off in a separate bill so it’s not included in the 894 billion faux cost they’re trying to sell. That brings his 1.3 up to 1.6 trillion. The point, of course, is no one is buying the Pelosi figure.

Bottom line – it won’t be anywhere near the supposed deficit reducing 894 billion they claim. And when the front-loaded 500 billion in new taxes begin to hit (well before the program takes effect) there’s going to be a whole lot of political hell to pay especially if it kills the recovery.

That said, the Senate still has to pass its version for this to go anywhere, and with a vote that close in the House, the preliminary betting is against passage in the Senate. And besides, Harry Reid couldn’t organize a one-man parade.

But I think Doug Mataconis, borrowing a line from Star Wars, summed up last night’s vote on the bill and then applause that followed the best – “So this is how freedom dies – to thunderous applause.”



21 Responses to The House Health Care Vote

  • Not that Pelosi cares, but she’s probably just destroyed her party for the midterms.

    I’m not buying a Pelosi plan. They can come and get me if they feel strong. I’ll consider it “civil disobedience”

  • “So this is how freedom dies – to thunderous applause.”


    Comon dude, that was made in regards to BUSHHITLER and his Constitution-raping civil liberties violations in his oil-war against the heroic  oppressed Muslims.

    Democrats never kill freedom!

  • The real pisser is that the Republicans will be swept in to office or at least make huge gains because of this and they won’t do a damn thing to reverse it.

  • JPM, you’re probably right. I was thinking the GOP should run on a platform to reverse this bill, to implement their own money saving bill, and then to also have a bill for pre-existing conditions (which I know are sort of covered in their bill) and another to subsidize everyone up to a certain income level. Those last two would be “open votes” with specific price tags. Let people see what the price really is and see if they think its worth it.
    We actually dodged the bullet with Pelosi in that they did not get universal single pay “Free” Healthcare. In the current version people get taxed, punished, forced, etc. People pay attention then, and realize its not free at all.

    • Well what I expect to happen is that people’s insurance will become more expensive and cover less making them want the government version.
      I highly doubt we’ll see a bill saying you paid xxx in taxes (those applied to employers, ins. co. and your premiums).  You will just pay a higher premium.

    • Let me add to that a bit.  I believe the bill has been designed to add cost and decrease services in order to burden the current system to bringing to closer to failure or crisis.
      Pelosi is an idiot, but the current architects behind the Democrats aren’t idiots.  They know very well what they are doing and how to play people.
      I wouldn’t be surprised if we see legislation accelerating the plan if the Democrats manage to hold power past 2010, ensuring its implementation.

  • I’m a pharmacist, and I’ve been following this issue closely. Insurance premiums are going to go up under this plan, and eventually all the insurance companies will go out of business. This bill will collapse what will be left of the current system, and then the Demoncrats will claim that the only way out of the mess will be to go to a single payer system.

    The saddest thing about this plan is that health care is going to be denied to the elderly and disabled. Doctors where we live are already setting up private cash only practices. That will be the only way to get care for those that the government decides not to treat any more.

    My husband served 24 years in the military. He never would have done that if he had known the government was going to take health care away from our disabled daughter.

  • pretty sure the stupak amendment was approved in order to get that one republican vote to show “bipartisan” support for the bill.  Pelosi herself was probably twisting arms to get people to vote for it.

  • Sheri, if you are following things closely, you would know that prices are going to go way up even under the status quo.  In its own propaganda report, the industry admits it expects to jack rates 79% in the next decade.

    The system is going to collapse no matter what, and needs to be reformed from the ground up.

  • Chad, health care needs reform, but not this way.

  • I hate how they set a total “that will not add to the deficit“.  Not only is the deficit a result of their overspending in the first place, but it will likely grow anyway as they continue to add to spending while patting themselves on the back for claiming that one piece of legislation toes the line.  Not only is there no reason to believe that they’ll make any legislation ‘deficit neutral,’ but it doesn’t matter at this point– we’re not reducing the debt.  We’re still making it worse.

  • Actually this is a bill that makes everyone happy and noone happy.  Liberals feel they have a victory, but the actual bill is so against their agenda that they would never have voted for it if they thought it would be real.  I mean no abortions at all!!!(Under this bill abortion would be banned in the healthcare exchange of which all companies must participate).
    Conservatives hate this bill of course, but they love all the juicy tidbits they can use to bludgeon the Dems and cow the conservative dems.  I mean this bill raises taxes by 500 billion ove ten years and still does not cover all Americans. It would be cheaper just to give the uninsured the money directly.
    The only people who are the real losers are the American people.  Congress will eventually waste 18 months on this, in the end producing a shell of a reform plan. It will also kill any chance of future bipartisanship and separate Americans from the serious issues effecting the country.

  • I say it is time for implementing late-term abortions for Democrats.

  • of course YOU don’t consider this a victory – you don’t care if your neighbors are uninsured or lose their insurance – we all know the right-wing health plan – don’t get sick – and if you do…
    die quickly…

    • That strawman makes an easy target for you.  When you’re done making yourself feel like a big man working it over, come actually debate with us.  And bring something other than lame-ass Dem talking points or we’ll laugh you right out of the room.

  • Apparently the moderator is weak-kneed Liberal Garbage.

  • …So here’s what bipartisanship is going for these days. In return for Rep. Ahn Cao’s vote Louisiana’s Medicaid will get bailed out and Federal loans forgiven. Here is the story from Cao’s website:

    Cao said:  “Today, I obtained a commitment from President Obama that he and I will work together to address the critical health care issues of Louisiana including the FMAP crisis and community disaster loan forgiveness, as well as issues related to Charity and Methodist Hospitals.  And, I call on my constituents to support me as I work with him on these issues.

    In return for selling out he can expect major kickbacks from the businesses that benefit from this action. And that boys and girls is why nearly half of all congressmen are millionaires!  <- Congressional Millionaires


  • I’m gone,moving to argentina, see all you socialists later.