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Chavez: Prepare For War, Here Come The Americans …

Apparently peace, love and the Obama magic have a 9 month shelf life. Hugo Chavez has determined that the US is up to its old tricks again – and besides, things aren’t going particularly well in the Bolivarian socialist paradise, so it is time to gin up the usual existential threat – the US:

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez told the military and civil militias today to prepare for war as a deterrent to a U.S.-led attack after American troops gained access to military bases in neighboring Colombia.

Chavez said a recently signed agreement that gives American troops access to seven Colombian bases is a direct threat to his oil-exporting country. Colombia has handed over its sovereignty to the U.S. with the deal, he said.

“Generals of the armed forces, the best way to avoid a war is to prepare for one,” Chavez said in comments on state television during his weekly “Alo Presidente” program. “Colombia handed over their country and is now another state of the union. Don’t make the mistake of attacking: Venezuela is willing to do anything.”

Of course this is all a Bolivarian fantasy concocted to distract attention from internal problems, but it is a fantasy that one assumes is useful in some way to the collection of tin pot socialist dictators how holding forth in Central and South America. After all, Fidel Castro has made a career of it:

Former Cuban president Fidel Castro expressed concern similar to Chavez’s on Nov. 6, saying the U.S. might send Colombian troops to crush Venezuela’s government.

“The empire hopes to send them to fight against their Venezuelan and Ecuadorean brothers and other Bolivarian and Alba peoples to crush the Venezuelan revolution, just as they tried to do with the Cuban revolution in April 1961,” Castro wrote in a “reflection” published on the Web site. The Alba bloc is a nine-member group of Latin American countries led by Chavez.

Wow – the US would do that? Send Columbian troops to “crush” Venezuela’s?

Hey, I thought this Obama guy was different and his ascendency and willingness to grip and grin with dictators would change all this?

The U.S. may try to help Colombia invade Venezuela, as the U.S. supported Iraq’s invasion of Iran in the 1980s, Chavez said.

A military attack on Venezuela would spread to other countries in the region because Venezuela has “friends” from Mexico to Argentina, Chavez said during the program.

“If the Yankee empire tries to use Colombia to attack Venezuela, the war of 100 years would begin,” he said.

Guess not.



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12 Responses to Chavez: Prepare For War, Here Come The Americans …

  • This guy could not be a more perfect representation of a totalitarian governmental leader. Its almost comical, if it were not so sad. This, kids, is why we learn history, to spot these idiots before they become a menace.

    • josh bThis, kids, is why we learn history, to spot these idiots before they become a menace.

      Excellent point.

  • Well, either that or this is why leftist academic ideologues don’t teach history at all.  For the people!

  • How come when populist dictators drone on about imaginary existential threats from the US it is a fantasy of distraction but when neo-cons here drone on about imaginary existential threats from tinpot countries in the middle-east, it is steely-eyed determination?

  • I think it’s pretty safe to assume that Chavez will soon have at his disposal any anti-american weapon he wishes. And funds to pay for them. One dangerous Hombre, and a strong reason for the US to keep a close eye on Latin America.

  • Considering the long and tragic history of Gringo meddling, Imperialism, and Genocide in Latin America I applaud the new Maximal Leader and exhort him to be ever vigilant against Yanqui Aggression!

    I am with Retief, Venezuela and Iran are victims of Neo-Con Dark Propaganda Games, designed to make them look far worse than they are.  Honestly, can anyone even name ONE human rights violation by either state?

  • Synergy: Obama’s numbers might need a boost come 2012, Chavez is going to be standing again in 2012 (once piffling constitutional issues are resolved). 

    What chances a FARC cross border atrocity leading to high tension?  President and El Presidento getting airtime as strident leader of the free world* defending wholesome-ness.  The rush of patriotic fever at the ballot box and for another four/six years might be just the thing. 

    * self assessed.