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This Is What Freedom Looks Like

Twenty years ago, the Berlin Wall, erected by the totalitarian DDR to keep it’s citizens in, fell.  Not long after that, like dominoes, the totalitarian communist regimes of the East, to include the USSR, fell as well.  Watch the video and remember what freedom really looks like:

And where is American leadership at the celebration of this world changing event largely brought on by the perseverance and commitment of the US?

Nowhere to be seen.

You’d think this was a moment at least worthy of the VP (isn’t that what VP’s are for?).

Oh, wait, he’s in Detroit – a city with 17% unemployment – at a political fundraiser. Much more important.



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26 Responses to This Is What Freedom Looks Like

  • If you look in the left hand corner, you see Bruni de la Motte crying….

  • Wasn’t Hillary sent?

  • It’s probably for the best.  If Obama did show up, it would probably be to apologize.

  • Must you wingnuts continually dwell in the past? We have a future to build! This is the 21st century! It’s for the children, not the grandparents!

  • Remember, remember the 9th of November.

  • Here is our official participation in the festivities.  But really. this isn’t our party.

    • Right. We had no hand in the events leading up to it – none at all.

      And then there’s the little inconvenience of being invited. But it appear we don’t mind dissing our “friends” now.

      • None at all is your phrase, not mine.  Is the fall of the Berlin wall a bigger event in German history or in US history?
        Sometimes the Germans can have a party without that reflecting badly on the Obama administration.

        • It represents the victory of the US over the USSR in the Cold War. America is very much a part.

          Obama is looking like a bigger loser every minute.

        • the fall of the Berlin wall a bigger event in German history or in US history?


          It’s huge in HUMAN history.

        • the fall of the Berlin wall a bigger event in German history or in US history?


          It’s huge in HUMAN history.

        • Obama’s still pi$sed that the BDR wouldn’t let him speak at Unter den Linden and Ebertstraße* last year…
          * Brandenburg Gate

  • Looks less like freedom and more like hooliganism and anarchy.  I see a bunch of “Me-Obsessed” folks in designer clothes wantonly destroying property.  I see the tragic end of  epic human era combing to a sad and ignominious end.  Had the DDR lasted but a little longer IT, might have been the seed corn that revamped the West, in the face of the Inevitable Collapse of Consumer Monopoly Finance Capital, that we see today.  There are still lessons we can learn from this sad era….and I hope that my students and you dense righties come to appreciate them.

  • Is it wrong to just sit here and pretend that’s what happens to the headquarters of Pelosi-care?

  • If it’s wrong..
    I don’t want to be right

  • Ronald Reagan: “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”

    Barack Obama: “Mr Geithner, tear down Wal-Mart!”

  • It is good to have this little reminder every year in sight of the fact that there is now a major push by the leftwing pukes to rewrite history and try to take away the major roll played by Reagan, Thatcher, and Pope JPII in this part of history.