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As Uncle J at Blackfive says, this is  “the most realistic depiction of life during wartime you may ever see short of enlisting yourself.”

Gotta agree with him about that:

Best description I’ve ever heard?

98% pure boredom punctuated by 2% stark terror.  This covers 98% of the experience.



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  • IW really does seem to try to get things as close to right as possible…

  • Not impressed.  Where was the computer based predeployment training, field daying the barracks, police calling, shot calls, PT, formations, rifle cleaning, wall locker inspections, safety briefs, suicide awareness brief, equal opportunity briefs, and standing in line to get a new ID card?  they could have done a much better job.

  • Man…..Modern Warfare 2 really is overhyped!   🙂

  • The way things are headed, MW3 should be console only.  Darn, I guess I’ll miss out.

    • Eh…  You’ve got a couple of years before the next one, and I’m not entirely sure we won’t be on the next generation of consoles by then.  I could easily see MW3  being a heck of a title to launch with a new console.
      And if we’re still on the current ones, I figure the 360 will cost about $100 by then (and frankly, I love mine for the whole Netflix thing)

      • I just can’t downgrade to a console style controller.  The keyboard+mouse combo just has too much potential.   Unfortunately its rarely exploited as games are mostly ports now that don’t take advantage of those controls.  MW2 is literally a port.  About the only thing they did was code for a mouse.  And its just not the same as a game built around keyboard+mouse controls.   And that’s not to mention that current PC hardware can trounce current gen console hardware if games were optimized for it, although that varies with the age of the current gen console.

        • I think you should at least give it a try.  As a long-time PC FPS player, I was pleasantly surprised by several consome games.  The two-thumb stick combo is very, very good.

          • Meh, hate console FPS’s. As for MW2, 18 players on P2P servers… thanks. Ill just keep playing MW1.

  • haha funny

  • In a more serious vein, I served on FBM subs and people ask me what that was it like being closed up for months at a time.  I say it was very routine; sort of  like working at a nuke plant taking readings and doing your job with frequent drills up until the time there is an underwater collision, as we had, or when the Russians invaded a country as in 1968 and you go on full war alert or when we had a major electrical fire or  lost control of a dropped reactor control rod.  That was my 2% of stark terror.  But certainly I did not have primitive quarters with the possibility of a sniper picking me off or knowing that on tomorrow’s patrol an IED could take me out, as my son could have experienced in his 15 month deployment to Iraq. 

    Yea with more than 7 support troops to 1 in combat means many will spend 98% doing route work, but the guys and gals on the firing line live in combat hell almost all of the time from what I read in Michael Yon’s reports.