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The Judas Goat (update)

Bill Clinton visited Senatorial Democrats yesterday and told them to “just do it” when it comes to passing the health care bill.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) said Clinton told the caucus that when the bill is passed, the American public will begin to realize that “none of the bad things that people are talking about will come to pass.”

Well, except their taxes are going up immediately with no benefit (until 2013) and possibly killing any recovery – not to mention the debt increasing.  And then there’s that little thing about the majority of Americans not wanting anything to do with the monstrosity the Democrats have concocted and preferring they kill this bill and start over with clearer and much more limited goals.  Not to mention the polls which show a majority of the country agreeing it’s headed in the wrong direction, mostly because of the radical increase in the size and scope of government. Or how about joblessness and economic recovery ignored for more government intrusion and spending?

But hey, Dems, blow all that off, listen to Bill and suck it up. He wouldn’t lie to you, would he?

Meanwhile Gallup, apparently not privy to the Clinton promise, found:

Republicans have moved ahead of Democrats by 48% to 44% among registered voters in the latest update on Gallup’s generic congressional ballot for the 2010 House elections, after trailing by six points in July and two points last month.

Phaa – no biggie, Bill has it all figured out:

But, he pointed out that while Republicans have already been emboldened by divisions within the Democratic Party over reform, passing a bill can turn the tide.

“And the opposition has already been generated,” he said, “but if the support gets disenchanted, then the turnout goes down and surveys don’t mean anything.”

Except, perhaps, the “survey” taken on the first Tuesday in November of 2010 – less than a year away. But let’s not dwell on negatives!

So “don’t worry, be happy”, Dems. Do the Clinton thing and take one for the party. I mean it’s not like Bill Clinton has ever given bad advice or been at the helm during an electoral disaster, is it?

UPDATE: An apparently inspired Harry Reid has put the Senate health care bill on the Senate calendar. That alone ought to tell you how bad an idea this is for Democrats.



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7 Responses to The Judas Goat (update)

  • But, he pointed out that while Republicans have already been emboldened by divisions within the Democratic Party over reform, passing a bill can turn the tide.

    Well, sure…  They just need to get past their own internal divisions first.  But hey, whatever…

  • Hey, Bill — It’s the economy, stupid.

  • This is a Hail Mary play for the dems.  It will either end in utter disaster for them, or else they’ll cement their grip on our throats for generations to come.  They’re obviously counting on:

    1.  Their huge majority to compensate for any defectors who selfishly place their own chances for reelection above the good of the party;

    2.  MiniTru to play down, cover up, or outright lie about the more outrageous components of the bill (such as throwing people into prison if they won’t get health insurance), dampening opposition;

    3.  The disarray of the GOP, and the fact that many Republican members of Congress are not opposed in principle to health care “reform” but merely balk at the cost of the dems’ proposal.

    Heaven help us.

  • The donks are going down in 2010 whether they pass healthcare reform or not, because the coalition that put Obama in the White House and the democrats in super majorities is coming apart.  Independents who voted 2:1 for democrats now favor the conservatives at 2:1.  Blacks and young voters do not turn out in the off year elections; seniors, infuriated by changes to Medicare, do.  Jews, who voted 78% for Obama’s party, are now shocked at what his administration is doing to Israel.  Conservatives, who unwisely sat out in 2006 and 2008, will not repeat those mistakes.

    The economy may be slowly recovering, but employers, uncertain of the future cost of labor or energy, are not hiring.  Voters are concerned about the stock market, but they are terrified of being laid off.  If the unemployment rate stays were it is now, there will be a blood bath in the House.  One way to force unemployment up is to pass health care or cap & trade.  Employers will do an analysis of these new costs and cut their workforce.  Some may shut down altogether.
    In my 65 years, I have never seen an administration or a congress so at odds with the voters.  In every major issue – economy, defense, health care, energy, taxes, immigration – the democrats are upside down.

  • Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) said Clinton described the ongoing tea party protests against the Democratic agenda as a sign their party was making progress.

    Whitehouse quoted Clinton arguing: “The reason the tea-baggers are so inflamed is because we are winning.”

  • Seriously, Clinton and Obama both used the word teabagger? That is awfully crass. Or does Bush call the Dems “DemoRats” or “Libs” or some such nonsense? Maybe he did, but no one thought it was okay to use as a quote in the MSM.
    Oh, and the logic: We are winning in Iraq because Code Pinkos are having more demonstrations against us. ???????