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Ft. Hood, Hasan And Some On The Left’s Tone Deafness

You can’t beat the left for not getting the message or understanding the problem, can you:

[Montel Williams, on his Air America program] suggested on Monday that the Fort Hood backlash against Muslims could be so great we would put Muslims in internment camps like the Japanese under Franklin Roosevelt:

WILLIAMS: We pulled something like this back in World War II when we decided to round up all Japanese Americans and put them in internment camps. This is something that I think before we can blink, the [anti-Muslim] rhetoric, Doc, could get out of hand. What do you think?

FRANK FARLEY, psychologist, Temple University: I agree totally. I mean, the possibilities of prejudice and racism and so on are incredible here. You know, we should be treating this as a unique incident and look at the factors involved in this very unique and specific incident, and not overgeneralize. Unfortunately, we tend to overgeneralize all the time. The idea that all Muslims are the same is ridiculous….

Everybody’s got their own personal qualities and individual differences and let’s just treat this as a very specific incident and try to figure out why this particular person did this particular thing.

WILLIAMS: Absolutely. No matter what it comes out to, at the end of the day, even if it comes out in the last five months and all his anxiety around his impending deployment, he decided his frame of reference was his religion and that was what was giving him, you know, the power within himself to make his stand, that doesn’t mean that the religion is to blame.

FARLEY: Absolutely, it’s his interpretation of everything, and his interpretation [of Islam] may vary dramatically from his fellow Muslims.

Wow. As much as I cautioned people to give the facts a chance to come out before coming to conclusions about Hasan, this is just an example of some incredible denial going on here. We now have facts – lots of facts – and informed conclusions can be drawn.

And let’s deal with the internment camp nonsense. That happened because a liberal Democratic president signed an Executive Order (Executive Order 9066 on February 19, 1942) which enabled US citizens of a particular national background to be interned (a total violation of their civil rights). Is he really suggesting that because we have a liberal Democrat president again in the White House that history may repeat itself. Or is he as ignorant of history as most and assuming it was done by mean, nasty right-wing types?

Something else that sort of hits me here – if there was no “backlash” against muslims after 9/11, why do these yahoos think there will be one now? Who is it who will be involved in this backlash and why is this incident so different from 9/11 that it will spark the backlash 9/11 didn’t?  I don’t know.  But I would think that the American people, who sorted that out the last time, will sort it out this time as well.

Are there prudent steps to be taken in light of what has happened at Ft. Hood as concerns muslim soldiers? Yes. Given Ft. Hood, the Little Rock incident and the fragging incident in Iraq, all involving muslim soldiers or muslims attacking soldiers, I’d say that it would be prudent to screen the reported 3,500 muslim military members (discretely and unobtrusively as possible) given the deadly action of two (as I recall, the left was all for a purge of the military to look for neo-nazis and white supremacists) . And yes that means, given the unique situation our military is in (fighting in two muslim countries) and the possible conflict that may bring to the minds of some who are of the dominant religion of those two countries – that we’re “profiling”. But then, while it is the antithesis of political correctness, it is the smart thing to do.  Show me a compelling reason to screen the rest of the military for those who might be in a similar situation and I’d be for that as well.

Should there be procedures put in place that would encourage the reporting of language or actions that appear to support a radicalized person – be it through religion or ideology? Yes, there should. And the chain of command must be made to take such reports seriously, investigate them thoroughly and act if necessary. Or said another way, political correctness and the fear of being censured if you do report such utterances or actions, must be banned from the military.

Finally, people like Williams and Farley must be pointed out and ridiculed because it is their sort of denial which leads to incidents like Ft. Hood. We all need to grow up a bit, quit taking everything as an insult and understand that your feelings don’t take precedence over someone else’s life. Yes, we’re diverse. Yes, we’re an amalgamation of peoples.

However, if you are consistently being bitten on the leg by dogs, you don’t go looking for cats or chickens. We have to learn to honestly and forthrightly address the threat.  Radical Islam has been attacking us since the embassy takeover in Iran 30 years ago.  They are the ones we should be looking for right now – and you’re not going to find them among Christian, atheist or Jewish military personnel.

The threat appears to be a segment of Islam that becomes violently radicalized and strikes out at those it considers “infidels”. In the case of Hasan that was obviously anyone within reach.  And, as experts say, self-generated jihadis are not unusual and are, as we’ve found out, more dangerous than those with organized connections (those with organized connections are easier to find and track). Given all I’ve read about Hasan – and it has been a lot – that’s what I believe he is. A self-generated jihadi who became increasingly radicalized over the years to the point that he finally decided he must act.

I understand and appreciate the attempts to warn us off of using too broad a brush.  That was one of the points of my previous post that generated so much discussion. But it is no longer a secret that there are radicals among the religion of Islam who find it to be their duty to do similar acts to those of Hasan. Pretending Hasan wasn’t one of those stretches credulity to the max. The first day of the shootings – yes, a perfectly acceptable argument. We had few facts and much of what was reported we subsequently found out was wrong.  However now, given the veritable avalanche of information which has been provided about this man and verified, it is more than a little lame to pretend he might have been something our experience and the facts tell us he’s not.

Willams and Farley do a disservice to us all by claiming those who have concluded his religion radicalized him and was the reason he did what he did are “overgeneralizing”. Not anymore. Sure it was a “specific incident” as Farley claims, but so was 9/11. And after we learned about each of the radicals who committed that atrocity we found men not unlike Nadal Malik Hasan, didn’t we?



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13 Responses to Ft. Hood, Hasan And Some On The Left’s Tone Deafness

  • Thanks for pointing out what I was thinking….if we didn’t round ‘them’ all up after 9/11 we border on the ‘never will’ scenario.
    What I love is the angst these liberal ‘fear mongers’ suffer from.  It must be a bitch having to spend your life living in fear of things you imagine all the time like these people seem to do.  I suspect that keeping their audience on the edge of panic is a happy part of their schtick.

  • More worrying to me than radical Islam is radical leftism bringing us Obamacare, cap and trade, etc. If we are going to repeat EO9066, let’s get the bigger threat to America . . .

  • McQ – Is [Williams]  really suggesting that because we have a liberal Democrat president again in the White House that history may repeat itself. Or is he as ignorant of history as most and assuming it was done by mean, nasty right-wing types?

    I suggest that it’s deeper: he really doesn’t like AMERICA.  As our First Lady told us back during the campaign, our country is just plain ol’ MEAN.  Hence, the mean people living in it (you know: bitter, clinging to their guns and Bibles?) will do mean things to Muslims just because one of them happens to have slaughtered thirteen of their fellow mean Americans for reasons that are obscur but DEFINITLY have NOTHING to do with Hasan’s religious beliefs.


    What makes this doubly bewildering is that (IIRC) Williams is a Navy vet.  How somebody gets to a place where he worries more about an imagined backlash against Muslims than about the lives of his fellow servicemen… I guess it’s liberalism.  Makes people crazy.

  • “I mean, the possibilities of prejudice and racism and so on are incredible here”


    Oh, he means like the prejudice that led a radical muslim to kill 13 infiels?

  • Might I suggest we ask our Iraqi allies how they screen their military and police for jihadis?
    They face the same problem as us, but on a much larger scale. How many times were their own recruits or soldiers bombed in Iraq by covert jihadis?

  • I’d also be interested in the Kit Carson scout program in Vietnam – did they ever have trouble like this?

  • I figure there has been/ will be far less backlash over the Cole, 9/11, Ft. Hood, Little Rock etc than there was over some editorial cartoons in a Danish newspaper.
    Hell, I’ll take bets.

  • A nation this gutless and this brain-dead cannot survive.

  • Hasan obviously had the cracks in base security well in hand. He had connived a hidden in plain sight project at every angle, right down to the business cards with the jihadist initials.

    This should wake people up. It should be taken as a warning.

    We don’t need to intern Muslims, but there are a lot of policies that we might want to revisit, immigration and otherwise.

    The Army allowed this guy to have access to soldiers in medical situations and he had freedom of movement on a huge base.

    Are there guys like this in combat positions? On ships? With access to combat aircraft? Two weeks ago that question would have struck me as unnecessary. Now, I don’t know.

    How far does political correctness go in the military?

    Again, this should be viewed as a warning.

  • I think the Left cannot understand why the Mooselimbs have not all been rounded up. The lack of this government action flies in the face of all that they believe the USA stands for.

  • I think what’s really amazing about the whole “Hasan” thing is how it mirrors the experience that every American worker has had with some “misfit” in their own workplace.  It shows the whole experience .. the odd proclamations .. the obtuse reaction by “human resources” .. the denial.
    I’ve personally experienced some people that went on to become “case studies” used by corporate HR training .. the guy who went to the HR manager’s house when his “girl friend” and “main squeeze” got “let go” .. the guy who claimed he would “get the NAACP on their asses” for virtually anything he got caught doing.  And, of course, these guys lived on for another day.

  • This post has been linked for the HOT5 Daily 11/14/2009, at The Unreligious Right