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I‘m sorry, but this bit of hubris is so over the top I don’t even know where to begin:

“I think that we’ve restored America’s standing in the world, and that’s confirmed by polls,” he told CNN’s Ed Henry in a wide-ranging interview this week during his trip to China.

“I think a recent one indicated that around the world, before my election, less than half the people — maybe less than 40 percent of the people — thought that you could count on America to do to the right thing. Now it’s up to 75 percent.”

Or it could be that 75% are pleased that George W. Bush is gone and anyone else is now in office. Or it could mean that 75% like the more humble and apologetic US. Or 75% like the fact that he’s done nothing since he’s been in office but give flowery speeches chase nuclear non-proliferation. Or …

You get the idea. He’s been in office 10 months and hasn’t done a thing but apologize for the US and indulge his narcissism with trips abroad and that has “restored America’s standing in the world”? This reminds me very much of his belief that the US was changed for the better when he was elected and he had a mandate to do whatever he pleased when he took office. How’s that working out? How are those approval polls looking today?

Look, the world is going to love him as long as he sticks to apologies, flowery speeches and such dated issues as nuclear non-proliferation. But if he actually steps up, puts the interests of the US as his first priority (which is his job, by the way) and leads, he’ll be in Bush territory in no time. My guess is he’d rather be popular than respected. We’ll see what our “improved standing” buys us in realpolitik terms down the road.



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  • He really is an awful, massively self-absorbed human being.

    And a very dangerous type to have at the helm of our country.

  • In other words, the more harmless he appears, the more he is liked.  Though I have to wonder how well the USA polls in terms of “standing” in places like Poland and Czechoslovakia…

  • You guys just don’t want to admit that Erb has been right all along.

    • Heh, yeah, if you ask Erb or Imeme if they were right.  Both of them are always right, even when they’re wrong.

  • They’ll love him less next month when there’s no magic global warming treaty and it’s all Imeme’s Bush’s fault. And less further when the Russians decide it’s time to readjust their map, and less after that when Iran finally has their Trinity site moment and announces to the world that they can split the atom with the best of us. Oh yeah, the good times are a coming kids, and, of course, it’ll be Bush’s Fault here at home, whatever it is, added to the litany of things that are Bush’s Fault, but the world will still blame Imeme.

  • I don’t really get why the left is so concerned about whether those in foreign lands like America. They don’t like it and never get tired of telling us why; why do they care whether anyone else likes it?

    • Mindless followers, they’ll like us if everyone else likes us I presume.  I mean, ask someone like Erb, who seems to hold the Euro’s in high esteem and cares what they think.   Me, I care as much about what they think as they care about what I think.

  • But yeah, I think it’s safe to say he belives his own myths (“before my election”, I’m great, I’m great, I’m great!).  Which is gonna be a bitch for the man when the piper wants paying.   His ‘snap’ point is about overdue.  Let a couple of his pet networks or newspapers loose the faith for a couple days (think something remotely like Abu Gharib for a week or so) and we’ll be treated to a mad face and a serious ‘adult to children’ style lecture from Mr “All was darkness before my election”.

  • At this point, in my opinion, Hugo Chavez, for instance, is much less of a threat to the future of Venezuela than Obama is a threat to the future of the United States. Just to put some perspective on this.

    If I’m correct, then the next year will be more bizarre than the last, and more dangerous by a factor of ten.

    The decision to try KSM in civilian court was the last straw for me. If cyber attacks are consistent with the meaning of asymmetrical warfare, what exactly is it when you rain monkey wrenches into the judicial system and disembowel national security? And then say you’re doing it in the name of “American justice” when the standard of justice in America for war criminals was long established in the jurisdiction of the military under the authority of the commander in chief? And for good reason: they are two different types of justice.

    This is an attack on fundamental institutions, and an attack on A is A, as well.

    It has gone beyond the capacity of metaphors and jokes to capture it.

    • Just a little side note about ‘the world’ and trials for terrorists. 

      Nearly all of the  rest of the world does not have the US legal system.  In those systems, even Europe, people like KSM can be easily processed within a few weeks with the outcome predetermined if there’s the political will.  All the time, media concerning their trials can be restricted or blacked out all together.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the world has no clue about the circus that will happen.  Many from the world will openly criticize the US for having proceeded this way. 

      The only recourse will be to blame Bush’s handling for the circus that resulted. 

    • I also think the greatest threat to America is Obama and the Democrats. I’m more worried about cap and trade and Obamacare and other such things they will push through, then the handling of terrorists.

      Past experience with New Deal and Great Society programs leads me to this view.

      • The health care thing has gone from being a threat to good health care to being a threat of general economic and fiscal ruin.

        Cap and trade is an attack on individual and general economic freedom and a path to ruin.

        The trying of terrorists in civilian courts, however, is the work of fifth columnists.

        Note in all three of these the compliant Democratic leadership in Congress, with the hollowed out persons Pelosi and Reid and the accomplices like Frank, Schumer, Leahy all over the place.

        This is it folks. A while back I realized that this BS about the “pendulum” swinging from right to left and back doesn not capture this. This is no swinging pendulum. This is not even a new order. This is ruin. And it’s intentional.

        • I think a lot of the pendulum pushers (me being one of them) will acknowledge this has gone further on the leftward arc than we ever imagined it could.   This last election was a perfect storm for the left.

          • There is no pendulum. There is a double ratchet.
            The “swing” to the left creates more government the left likes.
            The “swing” to the right creates more goverment the right likes.
            But neither “swing” results in rollback of what the other side imposed.

  • The quote, like most everything Obama does , shows off his high regard for himself. Notice that he claims that the world now knows that  “…you could count on America to do to the right thing. ” Now in my time in this world, it has becomes quite obvious  that  the ‘right thing’ can be quite differnent depending on who you ask (like should adulterers be stoned to death for example). But notice how Obama just makes the assumption that all America needed to do to ‘do the right thing’ was to put Obama in charge, and voila, the ‘right thing ‘  will automatically always be done.

  • “Mission Accomplished!!!”
    –  Barack Obama, November 2009

  • Imeme reminds me a bit of the hot, easy chicks in high school: they were liked (!) but not respected.  I don’t think he understands the difference.

    doubled… it has becomes quite obvious  that  the ‘right thing’ can be quite differnent depending on who you ask (like should adulterers be stoned to death for example). But notice how Obama just makes the assumption that all America needed to do to ‘do the right thing’ was to put Obama in charge, and voila, the ‘right thing ‘  will automatically always be done.

    An excellent point.  It ties in with Imeme’s award of the Nobel Peace Prize (what a joke!).  Apparently, the committee also has confidence that he’ll always do “the right thing”.

    I wish somebody would ask him directly what he means by America “doing the right thing”.  But until then, I’m just going to bask in the glow of knowing that, SOLELY because he’s our president, the world is in love with America again.

    Sort of like a highschool boy being in love with any chick who’ll… um… be VERY nice to him, shall we say?

  • Evidently we now have a dictatorship, where Congress has no say in whatever ‘doing the right thing’  means.

    • He doesn’t understand much about how things work Tim, why would you expect he understand that Congress has control over things.  He thinks it’s his czar’s, Congress is just that friendly bunch of guys on the hill who can’t seem to keep that pesky Republican minority from stopping all his brilliant plans.  “What are we doing tonight Barack?”   “The same thing we do every night Pinky Michelle, try to take over the world!”

      • I should probably point out, that at the end of every evening in the Capitol building, this conversation occurs too – “What are we doing tomorrow Nancy?” “The same thing we do every night Pinky Harry, try to take over the world!”

  • “Are you going to play bipartisan this year, Barack?”
    “Oh, well you must be going to play cricket with Gordon Brown this year then,
    are you Barack?”
    “Na! na! na!”
    “Boy, you sure are a funny kid, Barack, but I like you! So tell me,
    what kind of a boy are you, Barack?”

    I only like dreaming
    All the day long
    Where no one is screaming

    Be good be good
    Be good be good be good
    Be good be good be good be good (Obama)

  • My guess is he’d rather be popular than respected.

    I dont know if he realizes the distinction.  The years and years of fawning media attention and yes-men and brown-nosers within his own camp has created a most insular and uncritical environment.

  • You have a new quote of the day:

    Obama to the troops: “You guys make a pretty good photo op”

    Not a joke.

  • Some comments:
    1. Its foolish to pay much attention to these sorts of polls as some sort of “achievement” unless they result in benefits, such as more NATO troops actually fighting, the Chinese allowing the RMB to appreciate, or Iran agreeing on nuclear issues. Until this happens, Obama has not closed any deals, and its meaningless, except perhaps to young backpackers who can remove the Canadian flags from their backpacks.
    2. A famous European political thinkers suggests its better to be feared than loved. Its probably still true today. We will not see this to be the case until there is some crisis where the US does not help. Say, Taiwanese who are mildly anti-USA but like Obama will feel just dandy until the day they need our GIs to die for them and we refuse citing a Global Test or whatever.
    Its like WalMart. They get singled out for low pay, health insurance, wrecking mom and pops, etc. Meanwhile #2 & 3 Target and Kmart pay less, offer less benefits and no one really cares.

  • What Hubris!!111!1  How dare Obama read a poll.

    • It isn’t about reading a poll – it’s about deciding what it means.

      How is it you manage to miss the point every time you show up here? It must be a record of some type.

      • Well Obama says that it means that the US’s standing in the world is being restored, becasue twice as many people now think the US will do the right thing as used to.  All the rest of the interpretation about which you are so terribly incensed comes not from the text but from your self.

        • What our standing in the world is won’t be determined by polls, it will be determined by diplomacy. That’s what’s in the text.

          You never do read a whole post before going off half-cocked, do you?