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Race: Down On The Plantation…

One phrase sure to stir outrage or at least discussion is what I’ve used for the title when referring to the issue of race.  But I’m darned if it doesn’t best describe this quote from Jesse Jackson:

The Rev. Jesse Jackson on Wednesday night criticized Rep. Artur Davis (D-Ala.) for voting against the Democrats’ signature healthcare bill.

“We even have blacks voting against the healthcare bill,” Jackson said at a reception Wednesday night. “You can’t vote against healthcare and call yourself a black man.”

When you give race baiters like Jesse Jackson the opportunity to define what it means to be a “black man”, he then gets to define what it means to remain one. And that usually entails towing a particular party line of which he approves – not thinking for yourself, not doing your job (representing your constituency), not being your own person. You see if someone does any of that, as did Rep. Davis did, they threaten the dying power the race warriors hold – that of the legislative “bloc” based in race. The Sharptons and Jacksons of the world have built a career out of making everything about race. Like unions, they once had a purpose. Now, however, with their purpose fading and their time in the media’s light waning, they have to make more and more outrageous statements to get noticed.

I’ll be so happy when those who can’t see past their own skin color on every issue pass from the scene. Then, and only then, will real progress among and within the races be made. In the meantime, blacks certainly shouldn’t let someone like Jesse Jackson define what it is to be anything, much less a “black man”.



10 Responses to Race: Down On The Plantation…

  • Jesse Jackson has shown the way forward …
    tired of being oppressed as a “black man” .. vote against ObamaCare and you days of oppression are over.

  • How come when Catholic bishops express an opinion about policy it stirs outrage, but the “Reverend” Jesse Jackson can spout off at will without so much as a peep?

  • Rev. Jackson never supported SLAVERY like the Catholic Church did…that’s why dense righties.

  • And because Rev Jackson support the right of a womon to terminate a non-viable tissue mass at any point in her affliction with it and the Church of Holy Spirit of Rome forces womyn into the servile condition of phallic service …all the while denying their right to Shamanesses to the Flying Spaghetti Monster.  Lastly I might add Rev Jackson has some STYLIN’ threads, and the God-bag Jeebus Worshippers haven’t changed clothing styles in about 500 years.

  • No living Bishop has supported slavery either – and any number of Protestant clergy (even Baptists!) have, historically, too.
    (Need I remind you that “Reverend” Jackson is part of a religion that itself does not strictly oppose slavery?
    Or have you not read the New Testament and its ringing lack of comment on what was a non-issue? The was Jesus dealt with slave-owners and slaves without even suggesting freeing them?
    Yeah, I thought not, Scott.)

  • Slavery is/was a “non issue” well thanks there partner…and you dense righties wonder why you can’t get the Black vote or any vote that isn’t white and privileged?

  • This is a fine example of how the left uses identity politics to trick people into supporting positions that really have nothing to do with their race / color / creed / sex / orientation / etc, etc, and indeed may be opposed to their own personal beliefs.

    Health care, obviously, is not an issue that pertains solely to black people.  However, Jackson, acting as a mouthpiece (strawboss?) for the democrat party, is trying to convince black people that the dem position is the black position.  In a similar fashion, unions will take sides on issues that, in principle, have nothing to do with their primary function.  Hence, we see the teachers unions taking a stand for abortion, which has nothing to do with education or teacher working conditions.  Just this morning, I heard an ad on satellite radio for a gay channel: the host was talking about his yearly wrap-up show and how he was going to dump all over Sarah Palin, Michael Steele, teabaggers, etc, as if being gay means that you MUST be anti-conservative.

    the wolfHow come when Catholic bishops express an opinion about policy it stirs outrage, but the “Reverend” Jesse Jackson can spout off at will without so much as a peep?

    Excellent point.

  • Before anyone jumps the shark for Davis, they should consider what he is doing.  His seat in the House is gerrymandered as a corrupt black district including downtown Birmingham and its impoverished suburbs.   Larry Langford, Birmingham’s black mayor, was just convicted on all 60 counts and will soon be off to the big house for 805 years.  Yes, 8.05 X 10^2 years in the pokey!  The jury, including 4 blacks, only spent 2 hours in deliberation.  You can get the scoop on “La La” here:

    Davis is running for Governor in Alabama.  Voting for health care reform would have ended any slim chance he might have had.