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More Valuable Than Gold?

If you’re one of those folks that asks for a seatbelt extender when you get on a flight, you may want to take Peru off your vacation destination list.  And not for the reason you might think:

A gang of killers who murdered to steal their victims’ body fat have been arrested in Peru.

Police said the three people held in the jungle province of Huanuco confessed to five killings and said they could sell one litre of fat for £10,000 to the cosmetic industry.

The men said the fat was sold to intermediaries in Lima, who police suspect sold it to companies in Europe.

No animals were injured in the manufacture of these cosmetics – not.

This is also not a new business:

It is believed six members of the gang are still at large, including leader Hilario Cudena, 56, who Castillejos said had been killing people to extract human fat for more than 30 years.


Medical authorities said last night human fat is used in anti-wrinkle treatments – but is always extracted from the patient, usually from the stomach or buttocks.

There would be a risk of reaction that could lead to lifethreatening consequences if fat from someone else were used, said dermatology professor Dr Neil Sadick.

So the questions – if what Sadick says is true and this his been going on for 30 years, who in Europe is buying this stuff and why?

There’s obviously a market somewhere.

A little Sunday puzzler for you.



9 Responses to More Valuable Than Gold?

  • I don’t believe it; I think it’s a hoax.
    As you mentioned above, you can’t inject this fat subcutaneously because the recipient’s body would reject it.  That leaves ingestion or using it as a surface treatment.  It’s possible, however I just don’t see it going for the price mentioned.
    And then there’s the little problem of how the article says the fat is extracted from the corpses.  Admittedly my experience is mostly with animals that have been professionally slaughtered, but I’ve never seen fat drip off when it’s warmed.  To get it liquid you have to not just warm it, but heat it, like to cooking temperatures.  The fat isn’t like a layer of shortening smeared over the meat, it’s a whole fatty tissue.  It might fall off in chunks or feel greasy to the touch, but it doesn’t drip off unless you actually cook the meat.

  • Hoax….IF fat was so valuable, why would people PAY for Liposuction?  At best some poor sods were killed by a bunch of vicious, homicidal IDIOTS for no good reason.

  • I wish this would be true, my family would become millionaires overnight 🙂

  • The secret is that it has to be Peruvian fat. The subtleties of their diet and climate make it the best terroir in the the world for anti-wrinkle fat. Its the raw fish, guinea pigs, and potatos, with a tincture of coca that does it.
    This explains why La Prairie cosmetics are so damn expensive.

    You know, this might just be a fantastic idea to get some of the unemployment numbers down in this country. Since Demmies have such fat heads, and fat wallets from all the money they are stealing from future generations and working Americans, maybe it is time to “harvest” some of the excess weight they have on them. It certainly couldn’t hurt the economy, it is a “green” resource (in other words, there is plenty of it, and it keeps on being made), it could create jobs (fat harvester, fat collector, fat taxman, tax fatman, etc.), and, to be honest, there would be fewer Demmies around for us to be worried about. I know I have enough tubalards in my family that could be used for a good ton, ton and a half of pure disgusting fat. Unfortunately for them, some of that is their brains, but when you are dealing in fat, who cares where it comes from?

    Of course I am joking…<I>or am I?</I>

  • Tyler Durden unavailable for comment.

  • I am not gaining weight, I am increasing my net worth. That’s my story and I am sticking to it.

  • Yeah, this reeks of “hoax” to me.
    Or, rather, the “selling it to Euro cosmetics companies for $10,000 a liter” part.
    The killing part appears to be real enough – but whether it was for pay or for deranged enjoyment (or cannibalism!) is unclear, at best.