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Quote Of The Day

It comes from Nile Gardiner at the Telegraph:

As Commander in Chief President Obama has to project leadership, strength and determination before his country and his foes, as well as offer reassurance to Washington’s international allies. All were in short supply in front of the assembled cadets .The speech was less a rallying cry for victory over barbarism, than a dull professorial-style lecture that sought to justify his confused approach to the US mission in a cold and clinical fashion that simply failed to convince or inspire.

Spot. On.



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6 Responses to Quote Of The Day

  • dull professorial-style lecture

    Interesting that “professorial” can popularly mean “intellectual” (as in Imeme’s much-vaunted term as a law “professor”) as well as “abstract; with no relevence to the real world”.

    In this case, I prefer the latter definition.

    But where is Imeme’s legendary speechifying?  Where is his passion?  May we speculate that he has NO passion on this subject, that his speech was an attempt to persuade people of something that he doesn’t even believe himself?  My guess is that his preference would be to do exactly what he said he COULD do and pull out tomorrow.  However, he understands that this would not only finish him politically, but also damage his loathesome party by further demonstrating that it is absolutely untrustworthy on matters of national defense.  So, he’s trying very hard to split the difference: try to win (but not too hard) so as to be able to say, “I tried; it’s not my fault” when we leave and A-stan turns into The Killing Fields v2.0.

  • Gotta tell you…..many of those cadets looked uninterested/uninspired/bored to tears….

  • here’s my “narratives”
    Obama gives our troops 18 months to solve Afghanistan, after dithering for 9 on the decision himself.
    Obama took a year in office to decide a Jobs Summit might be a good idea. But pacifying Afghanistan – that’s a hard deadline right there. And show some results or we will save the money spent on Afghanistan for something else. (God, could we have these rules in place for Obamacare?)
    Obama, whose party controls every elected body, can’t close Gitmo in 12 months time, but expects our boys to defeat the Taliban in 2 years and be back home for his election.

      Good point.
      After all, Bush couldn’t do it in 7 years so how could obama do it in1.5?


  • Gabor Steingart, at Der Spiegel, also has a good article on the speech. Samples;

    “Obama’s magic no longer works. The allure of his words has grown weaker”.

    “The American President doesn’t need any opponents at the moment. He’s already got himself”.

  • In other words, it seems as if now he’s having trouble just talking the talk.