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Yes, friends, it is a call-in show, so do call in.


Copenhagen – the warming scandal deepens. Will it matter?

Health Care Reform – Harry’s secret and more costly “deal”.

Debt – Democrats will try to increase the debt ceiling by 1.8 trillion.


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3 Responses to BlogTalk Radio – Tonight 8pm (EST)

  • Hmmm…Just got a call from a friend, at 2:00 AM no less, who tells me that Lieberman has told Demmies, along with Ben Nelson of Nebraska, that they will join the GOP filibuster of the death care baloney. That means that 40+2=42, which leaves the Demmies at least two votes shy of ending debate.
    And no The NY Times confirms it:

    As I predicted, the Demmies’ plan will crash and burn. And, as Jim DeMint said, it will be The Clown’s™ “Waterloo.”

    Happy days are here again! <G>

    • Although it will diminish their momentum, healthcare not passing will save Democrat jobs in Congress especially if the media plays amnesia between now and Nov. 2010.

      • …especially if the media plays amnesia between now and Nov. 2010.

        IF? IF?
        Surely you can’t be serious? 😉