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Health Care – The Meltdown On The Left

You have to admit, if nothing else it has been entertaining watching all the factions among Democrats go to war over this health care fiasco.  You have the Liberal caucus in the House saying no vote without a public option.  Then there are the Blue Dogs saying no vote with a public option.  You have pro-life Dems refusing to support the bill without language like the Stupak amendment and the pro-abortion crew saying they won’t support it without abortion provisions.  In the Senate, no one but Harry Reid has seen the newest super secret version of the bill he’s going to try to force them to vote on before Christmas, yet Sen. Ben Nelson is a definite “no” on it as it stands now.  Howard Dean says “kill the bill”.  Bill Clinton and Paul Krugman are saying “pass  the bill”. Michael Moore is boycotting Connecticut, Keith Olberman is saying he’ll go to jail before he’ll give into the insurance mandate and Ed Schultz has discovered the White House is acting like a bunch of thugs on the subject. The latest polls show 61% of Americans oppose the legislation.

And the powerless Republicans who couldnt stop a single piece of legislation with a bloc vote of “no”?  They’re left on the sidelines watching this all with bemusement.

What a circus. And of course, there is this:

David Axelrod, Mr. Obama’s senior adviser, began the day by calling in to MSNBC to urge the party to hold together, warning of a “tragic outcome” if Democrats failed to pass a bill that the White House says would expand health coverage while reining in costs.

If ever Hillary Clinton’s words warning about “suspending disbelief” could be applied this is it – Axelrod makes the claim that simply defies rationality: “…expand health coverage while reigning in costs“. Really? How so? How does one expand coverage and cut costs except by sharply cutting services or rationing? Especially with the insurance mandates the fed and states like to heap on any coverage they permit?

Two realizations are setting in for the public – first that this isn’t really an attempt at “reform”  anything but instead a naked power grab by the federal government. And two, the federal government is trying to base the necessity of that power grab on an irrational argument – you can expand coverage and cut costs.

Of course that really has little to do with the war on the left. For some, the bill isn’t progressive enough, meaning its not a single payer – that’s why Howard Dean wants to kill it. For others, like the Blue Dogs, it is too much. And as party leaders are finding, trying to reach consensus in one chamber of Congress, much less between the House and Senate, is an extremely difficult job – thank goodness. And, as the House Whip, James Clyburn said, the House will not rubber stamp the Senate version, whatever that may turn out to be.

Some on the left are trying, now, to make this cat fight among lefties into a “good thing”. It’s healthy to have this debate, they claim. Uh, yeah – overwhelming majorities in Congress and they own the White House and suddenly they’re having “healthy debates” over their signature agenda items.

Got it. Healthy.

Well, I for one hope they keep up this “healthy debate” for months to come and then, for different reasons than those of Howard Dean, but in complete agreement with him, they “kill the bill”.



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18 Responses to Health Care – The Meltdown On The Left

  • You can just feel how bad it is getting for liberals out there. Charlie Cook on MSDNC looked like he could not believe how the fortunes of the Demmies have changed in one short year. And no matter what Demmie they have on, the poll numbers they relate to don’t lie: The Clown™ is becoming about as popular as stinkweed or chiggers on a hot day. And to see Howard “Aaarrrrggghhhh!” Dean go on show after show calling this death care monstrosity, well, a monstrosity (but for all the wrong reasons), makes me laugh and chuckle and feel all warm inside.
    I took my advice and went on a leftwing blog, changed my name, and tried to sympathize with the great unwashed over this thing going down in flames. You should see the dickheads who came out of the woodwork, calling Joe Lieberman every name in the book (as well as his wife), and blaming 1) George W. Bush, 2) Sarah Palin, or 3) every Republican, for this onrushing defeat. Yep, those of us in the minority are forcing Ben Nelson and Lieberman to do what they are doing.
    Keep watching, folks. The meltdown of the modern Dimmocrappic Party will continue, unabated, in 2010. I have my seat warm and ready, and my snacks and tea all prepared for the show.

  • In further proof that denial isn’t just a river in Eygpt …

    Today, Rep. Chris Van Hollen who is in charge of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, dismissed potential signs of trouble but stayed on his message that no matter what happens next year members won’t be caught unprepared.
    He said as confetti was still falling last fall when Barack Obama won the presidency he was warning members they faced a tough mid-year cycle.
    “This is not going to be 1994 all over again,” Van Hollen told reporters at a briefing at the DNC. “The fundamentals are very different today.”
    Their strategy: GOP just wants to rewind the clock to Bush era.
    “The Republican party in Washington today is no different than the Republican party that ran the Congress before,” Van Hollen said.

    With Bush now only 6 points behind Obama, this “wouldn’t be prudent”

    • GOP just wants to rewind the clock to Bush era.

      You mean the Bush era when unemployment was around 7%, people were building and buying houses, the government didn’t own two of the Big Three, we weren’t increasing the debt ceiling every few months, we didn’t spend months trying to decide whether to give our general in A-stan the troops he says he needs to win, we weren’t spending billions to “save or create” imaginary jobs, we weren’t bringing terrorists to the US to stand trial in civilian courts, and Congress wasn’t trying to pass huge, expensive bills that they hadn’t even read?  THAT Bush era?

      This may not be the smartest thing that dems have thought of lately.

  • Wait…..I thought the “civil war” was on the GOP side?

  • McQSome on the left are trying, now, to make this cat fight among lefties into a “good thing”. It’s healthy to have this debate, they claim.

    It IS a good thing… for the country.  Americans are learning (some more slowly than others) that government-run health care is NOT some sort of magic bullet that will, as the libs claim, reduce costs while expanding coverage*.  The debate has also had the (ahem) healthy effect of making Americans stop to think for a moment about how good our health care system actually is.  Finally, I think an increasing number of people are moving past the basic idea of “It costs too much” and starting to wonder WHY it costs too much.  One answer, deadly to the goal of government-run health care, is that the government itself drives much of the costs by distorting the markets and refusing to rein in excessive malpractice settlements.

    Dingy Harry, SanFran Nan and Imeme (who has chosen to act pretty much as a little more than a cheerleader in this process) realize that debate is bad for them, and hence we have that fool Harry doing everything in his power to get things done as quickly as possible.  This also has (I hope!) the healthy effect of waking Americans up to the realities of just how inept the Congress is, how little our elected representatives actually work to get the best legislation, and how foolish it is to leave that pack of lazy, corrupt wardheelers in charge of ANYTHING.  There’s a reason that the Tea Party polls better than either the dems or the GOP: people are getting a good look at “business as usual” and they are outraged.


    (*) It’s very easy to cut costs while expanding care: you simply minimize what constitutes “care”.  If government health care consisted of telling sufferers to take two aspirin and schedule a follow-up six months later, it would be quite cheap to give every American “health care”.  Universal coverage.  Low cost.  QED.

  • Well put.  Also worth pointing out that Kos (!) is calling for the death of the Senate bill.  If they’ve lost him, the thing is in seriously deep trouble.  I agree with Megan McArdle that they’ll pass something – you don’t have the Dems’ majorities and pass nothing – and they’ll call it health care, but it will be fairly watered down and anemic.

    • Lets remind everyone that despite the “meltdown” we’re really only 1 vote (Nelson)  and some delay tactics away from this monstrosity being passed.  There is zero chance this dies in conference.

  • Even with all this hoo-ha about this bill, do you have any idea what your health care coverage will look like in four years when it all kicks in? I don’t. What care will be included? Excluded? How much will the insurance participant be on the hook for paying out of pocket? A co-pay? 20%? 50%? Nothing? Will it cover massage therapy? Acupuncture? Homeopathy? Chiro?
    They say that there will be a minimal coverage requirement – what will that be? What kind of insurance are we going to get for our 4 years of prepayment of taxes? No one knows.
    Even for all the information that we’ve learned about this secret Reid bill or Pelosi’s bill, we still don’t know what we’re buying out of all this. The devil is in the details, and we don’t know any of the details. Pig in a poke. Even with all that we’ve learned about this bill, they’re still trying to sell us a pig in a poke.
    FWIT, “”rein in” = slow down or control; “reign” = to rule over, as a king. (Sorry, I’m an ex-English teacher.)

  • MiniTru has spoken: delays are solely the responsibility of the GOP.


    Republicans threatened to delay Senate business with a health care read-a-thon this weekend as Democrats searched for 60 votes to advance President Barack Obama’s signature issue. A forecast of heavy snow added to the list of complications. [emphasis mine – dj505]

    See, the bill would have passed long ago if not for those meddling kids the GOP’s obstructionist tactics!  DAMN THEM for wanting to actually read the bill!  / sarc

  • As I said back in June, healthcare and cap & trade are dead.  The economy is not recovering and will not until the way forward is clear.  Obama’s second trip to Copenhagen was even less successful than his first.  Iran is a disaster.  Soon we will have 100,000 troops in Afghanistan on the end of a 1,500 mile supply line through Pakistan with not plan to win and a published withdrawal date.  The Blue dogs are still in open revolt.  The conservatives, not just the republicans, are the force with which the democrats must do battle, a  fight the Left know they will lose.

    Every member of the House (who isn’t retiring) is up for election in 10  1/2 months.  Blue dogs are analyzing the Virginia election; the rest, the debacle in true blue New Jersey.  Now that they are in their home districts, what do their constituents have to say?  They are upside down on every major issue.  Would they welcome campaign visits from Pelosi? Reid? Obama?  It would be their worst nightmare.
    It’s too bad, actually.  I’m old enough to remember Sam Nunn, Sam Rayburn and Scoop Jackson –  democrats who put the needs of their country ahead of their own.  We certainly can’t make that statement about Chuck Schumer or Jack Murtha.

  • Senator Nelson just agreed to support Reid’s healthcare bill, meaning the anti-abortion language is at least as tough as the House bill.  The Senate will not contain a public option.  If the reconciliation needs to pass, it will not have a public option.  Insurance companies, prohibited from excluding pre-existing conditions, will adjust rates upward.  Except for covering illegal aliens, all the stuff the Left wants has been eliminated.

    Taxes and insurance premiums will increase as medicare is gutted.  Businesses, watching policy costs go up, will cut more jobs or shut down.  My guess is another 1 million jobs lost.  For young people buying a health policy will be mandatory.  Who designed the strategy, Karl Rove, LaRaza or Blue Cross?

    It will energize the base – republican base (if it still exists), Tea party supporters, conservatives and independents.  Republicans oppose the bill 3:1;  independents, 2:1.  If the Left thought last Summer was rough, wait until this coming June.

  • Who really believes that Medicare will be gutted?
    It’s TO BIG TO FAIL.
    The Democrats will pass a bill after health care ‘reform’ is passed to ‘reform’ medicare/medicaid.  Which will also be a fiasco which increases taxes, and/or reduces services.