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Copenhagen FAIL

Although the professional “spinners” are at work trying to shape what happened – or more precisely, didn’t happen – in Copenhagen as a success, I think the chief negotiator for the 130 countries that comprise the G77 characterized it best (and brutally honestly):

Lumumba Di-Aping, chief negotiator for the G77 group of 130 developing countries, said the deal had “the lowest level of ambition you can imagine. It’s nothing short of climate change scepticism in action. It locks countries into a cycle of poverty for ever. Obama has eliminated any difference between him and Bush.”

The last line is classic. It comes on the heels of Hugo Chavez noting that Obama had just recently accepted the Nobel Peace prize at the same time he was sending 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan to, in his words, “kill more innocents”.

Neither remark characterizes well the supposed renewed reputation (and love) of the US that Obama has claimed to have reestablished, does it?

And of course the radical left was not without its alarmists bell ringers in full fettle after conference ended:

John Sauven, executive director of Greenpeace UK, said: “The city of Copenhagen is a crime scene tonight, with the guilty men and women fleeing to the airport. Ed Miliband [UK climate change secretary] is among the very few that come out of this summit with any credit.” It is now evident that beating global warming will require a radically different model of politics than the one on display here in Copenhagen.”

Lydia Baker of Save the Children said world leaders had “effectively signed a death warrant for many of the world’s poorest children. Up to 250,000 children from poor communities could die before the next major meeting in Mexico at the end of next year.”

You’ve got to love it – up to 250,000 children could die from slightly warmer weather, even if the facts say it has been slightly cooler if anything. And you have to wonder what Sauven means by “a radically different model of politics”?

Regardless, in terms that the left had defined success in Copenhagen, it was a epic “fail”. Mr. Obama is 0 for 2 in Copenhagen. And for those of us who recognize it for what it was – a grand redistribution attempt based in dubious if not spurious “science”, it is a welcome failure. That hearkens back to the beginning of the Obama administration when there was a controversy about some claiming they wanted Obama (and his agenda) to “fail”. This is an example of the type failure which was being talked about then. If this makes me and others who welcome this failure “unAmerican” to some on the left, then that’s fine. But my first priority is what was promised by this country and the Constitution – freedom and liberty. And in my opinion, anyone who tries to violate, infringe upon or take away those rights and freedoms are the “unAmerican” among us.

Copenhagen was just such an attempt, and the failure to accomplish their freedom limiting goals is welcome news. Now I hope for the same epic fail in this horrific attempt to take over health care, and for the very same reasons.



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    Copenhagen has failed.  The UN has failed to address the most important crisis in human history.  This is now the time for sanctions, boycotts and embargoes.  A new alliance is needed. An alliance of hope and peace and justice must be built to oppose the axis of pollution, extinction and self destruction.

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    • The UN has failed to address the most important crisis in human history.

      I didn’t expect them to address CRUClimateGate, to be honest.

  • Now I hope for the same epic fail in this horrific attempt to take over health care, and for the very same reasons


    Sorry to tell you, but Nelson caved. Seems like that POS Reid has 60.

    • No public option, no abortions, no benefits until 2014.  The public opposes this bill by 2:1.  If the democrats liked the elections in Virginia and New Jersey, they will love November 2014.

      As for Copenhagen, it was an international conference of buffoons.

    • “Sorry to tell you, but Nelson caved.”

      Yeah, he did. But, alas, there is a silver lining. My take:

      Nelson specifically said that if there are ANY changes to the bill in conference, he will vote against it. Lieberman has as well. If the Demmies want to pass this in the House, they have to knock out the pro-Hyde/Stupak language, and if they do that Nelson and some other vamoose and there goes the whole thing up in smoke.

      Demmies in the House have said that they will not vote for this thing if Stupak language is in there. Now it is in there. Plus, we already have “Progressive” (read: dimwit) Democrats who say they will vote against it; I heard that some Hispanic congressman from Arizona has come out against the Senate plan.

      Plus, let’s await the CBO score, although I believe that that is already cooked by Searchlight Harry and His Wrecking Crew.

      I still am betting that this thing collapses faster than Nancy Pelosi’s lips can puff up from more Botox.

      • What happened to Burris ?  I thought he wouldn’t vote unless there was a public option.

        • “Look, Roland, let me explain to you how the Senate works,” Reid said as if speaking to a dimwitted child.  “You’ve seen the polls?”

          Burris nodded, failing to hide a smirk as he considered that the Majority Leader was even more unpopular than himself.

          “If we don’t get this through as soon as possible – and I mean IMMEDIATELY – it’ll never pass.  I had to buy off Nelson and Landrieu…” Reid broke off, eyeing Burris sharply.  “Now, don’t YOU get any bright ideas!  Anyway,” he continued, “the longer we wait, the more trouble we’re going to have getting something through.  You understand?”

          “I don’t know why you’re so pissy about spreading the green,” Burris huffed.  “That’s how we do it in Chicago all the time.  It works for us.”

          “This ain’t Chicago!” Reid snapped, his normally pasty face turning a dangerous shade of red.  “Sixty percent of the people don’t want this in the first place, and that number would be higher if the idiots actually knew what was in it.  The longer we wait, the more of them will stop watching ‘Idol’ long enough to watch (he choked) Fox News.”

          “Look, man, I don’t care.  All I know is that I ain’t voting for it unless there’s a public option and a little something in it for me and my friends back home.  Got it?”

          Reid gestured to a giant pile of untidy papers on his desk.  “This is the bill, Roland.”

          “Damn!” Burris said, a mixture of awe and admiration in his voice.  “That’s gotta be a thousand pages.”

          “Actually, it’s closer to two thousand.  One thousand eight hundred and seventy-five at latest count.”

          An aide walked in and dropped a sheaf of papers on Reid’s desk.  “The Speaker sent this over, senator.”

          Reid shuffled through them, then added them to the pile.  “Make that one thousand nine hundred and one.”

          “You mean Nancy can just add whatever she wants to a senate bill like that?” Burris asked in surprise.

          “That’s what I’m getting at,” Reid said impatiently.  “ANYBODY can add to the bill.” He paused significantly.  “Even you.”

          A slow, avaricious smile spread over Burris’ face.  “‘Anyboydy’?”


          Burris eyed the bill and licked his lips.  “Senator, I think you can count on my vote.  Um… if I have any… additions… When do I need to—”

          “Any time,” Reid replied.  “If they aren’t ready in time for the vote, we’ll just add them at conference.”

          Burris rose.  “Been a pleasure doing business with you, senator.”

      • Democrats bought off Senator Nelson’s vote with a special Medicaid break for the State of Nebraska that will last forever.

        OK, so will the SCOTUS strip it out or extend it to all states ?

  • I can smell the “Sulfur” ..
    but I found this more telling … the veil is off “Spock” .. I’m still trying to digest what really happened in Copenhagen, but “Obama losing his cool” is very bad for him.  White America is a afraid of “angry black men” while Obama has always portrayed himself as what Joe Biden called that clean” African-American candidate. This may be a real (and I hate to use this term) “tipping point” for Obama.

  • “Copenhagen Fail.”

    Don’t tell that to the nuts who run CNN and MSDNC. They believe, somehow, that if The Clown™ just gets in a room, one on one, he can convince anyone that his sh!t don’t stink.

    Unfortunately for him, Copenhagen was set up to pass a BINDING treaty on “greenhouse gases.” It barely got a NON-BINDING treaty with some “goals” for 2020, when, no matter what happens, The Clown™ will be back in Chicago robbing old people and selling fake land claims with his pal Tony Rezko.

  • It’s nothing short of climate change scepticism in action. It locks countries into a cycle of poverty for ever.

    This sort of thing ought to give the game away: “climate change” is not and never has been really about saving the planet from rising seas, scorching crops, and drowning polar bears.  Rather, it is and has always been about socialism on a global scale.

    I also note that what will lock the third world into perpetual cycle of poverty is handouts.  What will lift them out of poverty is democratization, education, and industrialization.  The last, of course, is exactly what Copenhagen would have stunted if not stopped… forever.

    Obama has eliminated any difference between him and Bush.

    That’s hitting below the belt, eh?  🙂

  • It locks countries into a cycle of poverty for ever”  WTF?  I thought this was about The Warmening!  I’d hate to think our leaders were engaged in a cynical plot to…you know….”spread the wealth around”.  These people suck!

  • Bush == Obama    no wonder the “Bush bashing” from the White House seems to be down

  • That’s an insult to GWB.

  • And you have to wonder what Sauven means by “a radically different model of politics”?

    Small government might work. 

  • The darling of the international community seems to be losing some luster.  Anyone wonder if President Obama would be nominated and win the Nobel Peace prize if they had ‘take backs’?

    For Obama to sell his ‘deal’ the way he did, after the international community trashed him following his speech, just shows the level of contempt he has for the American public, clearly thinking they will buy anything he sells.