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Open Thread – Day After Christmas Edition

I’ll be traveling today so we’ll leave it up to you to discuss the topics of the day.

Like the Nigerian wanna-be bomber – an al Qaeda plot or a self-actualized terrorist?  The FBI is suspicious of the al Qaeda connection.  And if the latter, doesn’t that lend credence to the Ft. Hood shooting incident being a terrorist act?

The “pregnancy ban” has been lifted in Iraq.  Personally, I had no problem with it.  I thought the commander’s points were correct.  And you?

After all the whining about Wall Street, it looks like Fannie and Freddie will be offering similar compensation payments. It’s one thing for private businesses to do it. What do you think about quasi federal institutions offering those sorts of incentives while backed by your tax dollars?

And finally – starting to think about those resolutions yet? Yeah, me too. What’s your top one?

Feel free to discuss or link to any other topic that interests you as well.



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12 Responses to Open Thread – Day After Christmas Edition

  • Isn’t Al Q marketed past saturation these days?
    I hope you all had a peaceful Yuletide. As for New Years resolutions, mine will be to not make any. 😉

  • The commander was right, and its unfortunate that PC feelings trump operational readiness and troop moral.

  • I read that Baracky was only notified about the attempt 3 hours later because he was too busy vacationing in Hawaii.

    How many readings of “My Pet Goat” can you fit into 3 hours?  Hmmmmm.

    And he raised the terror threat level. Scare mongering. Wants to distract us from something else (health care maybe?)

  • My new years resolution is to drink more Scotch, and piss on a liberal.

  • I agree, the “pregnancy ban” was a good idea.  After being in Iraq I can say that it is easy for a woman to get pregnant just to avoid combat & later have an abortion.  Men have no easy out.  Welcome to America’s equal rights with preferrential treatment world.

  • Women get pregnant.  Men don’t!  It doesn’t matter if it is intentional or not, as long as you have women in the military next to men you have to deal with it reasonably unless you are pro abortion.

    • It isn’t as though women (and men) haven’t had the capability of preventing pregnancy for oh lo these many decades is it? And that, essentially, was what the General was saying – do what is necessary (and that certainly doesn’t at all mean abortion) not to get pregnant.

      How hard is that, in this day and time?

      • I’m against the dynamic forming close to the battlefield that creates the opportunity to need protection.
        If these were 30 and 40 year olds who’ve been around the block a few times, I wouldn’t mind as much.  But if you’ve ever been near an ugly work/dating situation among young people, I wouldn’t want it anywhere near the battlefield.

  • I am out of town, which is why I am not posting as frequently.
    In the meantime, to all have a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, and may all of us be blessed with a massive blowout of the Democratic Party in 11 short months.

  • About the bomber, Pentaerythritol tetranitrate (PETN) doesn’t seem like something the average person can whip up in their kitchen sink.  So barring evidence this guy made it himself, you would have to assume a high probability he had help.
    Just sayin’, the loan actor concept seems pretty foolish to assume and need to be disproved.  The reverse, assume he’s not alone until you can prove he was, is more reasonable.