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Obama Administration – Still Trying The Blame Shifting Game

I don’t know about you, but the attempt to continue to blame Bush for every failure of the Obama administration is getting to be quite old. In fact, it has become sort of a game – how will they manage to turn this is such a way as they can overtly or through implication, blame Bush.

Of course the latest attempt is the NWA bomber. Two simultaneous tracks on this one. First is the usual implication that this is an “inherited mess” from the previous administration. While I’m willing to concede some inheritance of problems from any previous administration, this isn’t one of them. I might be inclined to give such a concession on Jan. 20th of this year. But it is Dec. 31st, almost a full year since this administration has been in office and in charge of our security. This is their baby, not the previous administration’s.

Secondly, the claim that Bush didn’t take the flack Obama has when Richard Reid tried to detonate his shoe bomb. A couple of points. That was within months of 9/11 and plans and strategies were still being implemented. Additionally, Bush had been talking about terrorism in general since 9/11. So speaking out on this particular act of terrorism wasn’t a particularly necessary thing.

We’ve been doing this for 9 years since then. Almost one full year of it has been on the Obama watch. When the Ft. Hood shootings went down, the administration tried to play it down as something other than an act of terrorism, and then, belatedly and grudgingly acknowledged the possibility of such. Now we have this occurrence and again, we have an administration that looks inept and incompetent (“the system worked”) and again engaged in trying to downplay the significance of the attempted bombing and security breech.

Amazingly, Maureen Dowd most succinctly characterizes why this is much more significant a failure than Richard Reed (an act that took place well before the TSA and all the procedures designed to protect us):

If we can’t catch a Nigerian with a powerful explosive powder in his oddly feminine-looking underpants and a syringe full of acid, a man whose own father had alerted the U.S. Embassy in Nigeria, a traveler whose ticket was paid for in cash and who didn’t check bags, whose visa renewal had been denied by the British, who had studied Arabic in Al Qaeda sanctuary Yemen, whose name was on a counterterrorism watch list, who can we catch?

This is a complete and utter failure of the system – and had it happened on the Bush watch, I’d say the same thing. But what I wouldn’t be doing, a year into the Bush administration, is blaming it on Clinton.

All the “dots” they love to talk about were there. What wasn’t there was any attempt to connect them. That says “FAIL” in big bold letters. And that “FAIL” falls squarely on the shoulders of the administration in charge at the time of the “FAIL”. That would be the Obama administration. And repeated attempts to pass it off to someone else are becoming both tiresome a bit worrying. It is time this President and his administration accept the fact that they are in charge and responsible for everything that does or doesn’t happen on their watch. For military officers that’s leadership 101. For this crew, it seems to be anathema as they continue to try to pass the “responsibility” buck on to others. It reminds me of children who try to avoid blame by pointing to their siblings and claiming it’s all their fault.



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21 Responses to Obama Administration – Still Trying The Blame Shifting Game

  • When Imeme has lost MoDo (boy, she has the worst luck with men, eh?), it’s a sign that he’s in big trouble with MiniTru.  If they stop relentlessly propping him up, he’s toast.  He hasn’t got the experience, the temperament, the intellect, or even the flippin’ INTEREST to handle the job in a semi-competent manner, and the only reason (aside from the mindlessness of the average liberal) his poll numbers are as high as they are is that MiniTru does everything it can to show him in a positive light, to downplay his foul-ups, and to constantly cast the GOP as the villains who “politicize” everything.

    I’m waiting for Imeme to have either a very public meltdown or to hear of leaks that he’s had a nervous breakdown.

    McQIt is time this President and his administration accept the fact that they are in charge and responsible for everything that does or doesn’t happen on their watch.

    Oh, they are perfectly happy to accept “responsibility” when things go well:

    — Hey!  Unemployment dropped to 10.0%  Ain’t we great?  HURRAH!   

    —  Hey!  GDP was positive for the first time this year!  We’re so super!  YAAAAYYYY!  

    —  Oh… Some guy lone nut got on a plane with explosives?  Well, we inherited this mess…

    • I think that even some among “MiniTru” are realizing something that the administration doesn’t, or that it somehow hoped no one else would– that even if the problems are borne of the previous administration, it is the current one that is charged (and indeed, which claimed the role) with fixing all of those problems.  And so far they are doing a lousy job of it.  If we accept that the Bush administration left us in a particularly bad fix, we may cut the Obama administration some slack, but at some point people become tired of hearing that “we inherited the problem” and I think the MSM are also becoming wary of “we’re working to fix the problem.”
      It’s no longer a question of whether or not we believe or accept that Bush is or is not to blame.  It is now a question of whether or not we believe that Obama can leave us in a better position than we were when he began.  He is beginning to lose the anti-Bush/anti-conservative rooters, and it is all the worse because they don’t just feel disappointed, they seem to feel betrayed.  And that could make for an unexpectedly contentious relationship with the press in 2010.

    • — Hey!  Unemployment dropped to 10.0%  Ain’t we great?  HURRAH!

      And LT unemployment is up to over 18% – that’s were the .2% went.

      —  Hey!  GDP was positive for the first time this year!  We’re so super!  YAAAAYYYY!

      Take out government spending (a component of GDP, IIRC) and it’s still negative.

  • More of the same – no leadership, inability to lead, childish finger pointing.  The only reason these clowns haven’t gotten more of us killed is because the bad guys haven’t figured out how inept they really are, and how wimpy, and probably misdirected, our response will be when they finally manage to hurt us.
    We’re looking at an administration who isn’t capable of making the decision to even hurl cruise missiles at aspirin factories and camels without a 6 day period for Imeme to sulk in the White House before he addresses it.  Is there ANYTHING, besides getting his photo taken, that this guy can do without sitting on his ass for 3 or 4 days?  He’s a boob.  Y’all come back later and I’ll have decided how I really feel about this twerp.

  • It was not even necessary to “connect the dots.” Each individual “dot” should have been sufficient in and of itself to raise a huge red flag on this guy & keep him off any airplane headed towards the U.S.:
    One-way [international] ticket paid for in cash? Ground him and search him. Dad turns him in to CIA officer? Jeez, the guy was served up on a platter & we should have immediately red-flagged him on every U.S. and  international watchlist. Brits yank his visa? Ditto.
    These were not ambiguous hints and vague rumors. I realize that there’s probably lots of “noise” that complicates terrorist threat identification, but these “dots” are EXACTLY what the “system” should have been fine-tuned to be watching for — and it missed every one of them.

  • The Obama Administration is made up of individuals who will never accept responsibility for anything that goes wrong, ever.  These people think they are smarter than everyone else, so that when bad stuff happens it is ALWAYS someone else’s fault.  They, like a lot of  liberals, are incapable of accepting responsibility for anything.  I really believe their brains are wired differently than an “individualist”.  They cannot conceive of a world that is not in sync with their outlook, so anything that goes wrong MUST be due to something other than their actions.

  • As usual, McQ, your misunderstanding of the post-modern left leads you into totally wrong conclusions. When are you going to get over old fuddy-duddy ideas such as “responsibility” and “honesty” to admit that we’re in a new era?

    Look, it’s like this. Post-modern holy writ says that the left always has good intentions, and that intentions matter more than results. Therefore a leftist is never, ever responsible for anything that goes wrong.

    When something does go wrong, therefore, we need to look for the real culprit since the very structure of post-modernism guarantees that it can’t be a leftist at fault. Naturally, anyone who denies the holy writ of leftism is the most obvious candidate. We know that their focus on so-called “facts” and those ridiculous concepts you follow such as “honor” are clear evidence that their intentions are bad. Since intentions matter most, their bad intentions then make them responsible for anything that’s vaguely in their purview. See, it makes complete sense when you look at it that way!

    So Bush can be blamed for bad things for Obama’s entire term! Anything the federal government touches that goes wrong is his fault, because he ran it with bad intentions for eight years. It takes a long, long time to clean out that kind of rot, especially for someone with a gentle Christlike visage who is concerned with what’s best for everyone such as Obama, who is not either a devotee of a thuggish Chicago mob mentality, and you dense righties ought to stop saying that!

    Naturally, I work hard to teach my students this wondrous and enlightened post-modern view of reality, so that we can come closer to an earthly paradise through the advent of leftist post-modern philosophy. I get resistance sometimes of course. The ones who have been indoctrinated their entire lives by their parents and others into this silly, medieval idea of a “church” are the worst. And don’t start up with how leftist philsophy resembles a religion, just don’t start! It’s not true at all! I have complete faith that it’s not!

    It’s so satisfying to have this leftist view of the world in which nothing is ever our fault. Our post-modern understanding allows us to dismiss any so-called “truth” you righties put forth with an airy wave of our hand. Because there are multiple truths. And some of my truths include that Obama is going to cut spending, markets don’t regulate themselves, Jimmy Carter is a great and wise man who is not the least bit anti-Semitic, global warming is a proven fact no matter how many denialists put out so-called “charts” and “graphs” showing otherwise, Sadr defeated Maliki in Iraq no matter how long Maliki runs the country, and Iraq was an irredeemable failure with no benefit whatsoever because war is just icky, and the whole thing is about to explode into violence anyway any day now, and Iran is the ultimate beneficiary of everything we did there even if the Iranian regime falls. But Obama did exactly the right thing in Afghanistan by sending an extra 30,000 troops, and there’s absolutely no contradiction in that with any other opinions I hold, because of the multiple truth thing. I decree it.

    I know all these things because I’m a professor with godlike powers of political science and a book on international relations that is certainly not from a vanity press that preys on social scientists, and I have a blog in which gentle and like-minded souls all agree on all these issues without the hateful, Nazi-like behavior of participants in this one.

    • Nice to see you again, but I am reminded of some words from “Puff, the Magic Dragon”;

      “One grey night it happened, Jackie Paper came no more
      and Puff that mighty dragon, he ceased his fearless roar.
      His head was bowed in sorrow, …..
      Without his life-long friend[sic] Puff could not be brave
      so Puff that mighty dragon sadly slipped into his cave.

    • That is one of your best, Ott.

      You produce a fine Oil of Erb.

  • Napolitano’s mug is all over the news, but there’s a name I’ve yet to hear in the news or on the blogs I read:

    Leon Panetta.

    Really, is anyone surprised the CIA couldn’t put two and two together?

    Good lord, the Obama administration again makes one realize that the Bush days were bad but not as bad as today. I’m not talking about GWB, I’m talking about when GHWB headed the CIA for a year.

    • Good point.  Perhaps Panetta’s name will start to gain prominence as the days go by and Imeme makes up his mind who (if anybody) is going to be thrown under the bus.

  • The first year of any administration provides a splendid opportunity to show the ignorance and ineptness of its members. I will always have fond memories, for example, of the first year of the Clinton administration. Usually , though, they only resort to the classical political spin and obfuscation which is endemic to both sets of political hacks. All this whining by the Obamabots about how hard it is and it’s all somebody elses fault and the outright lying is pushing the envelope, however. Somebody needs to grow up.  

  • This, to me, is not that telling an incident.

    What was happening with this administration and national security vis a vis terrorism crystalized for me with the decision to hold civilian trials in New York for KSM et al.

    That was itself an act of asymmetrical warfare against the U.S.

    It will have far greater consequences than this Nigerian punk getting through the net.

    Nothing more really needs to be said about Janet Napolitano except to point out that she was hired by Obama. I was not a big fan of either Ridge or Chertoff, but Napolitano is a full two grades, and perhaps more, below them. That’s just another example of Obama’s lack of judgement. But I hasten to add that ‘lack of judgement’ might only be a polite way of saying what could be true about Obama.

    My belief is that he is actively hostile to the United States. See the KSM decision.

  • I don’t know about you, but the attempt to continue to blame Bush for every failure of the Obama administration is getting to be quite old.

    Does anyone else have flashes of a whiny eight year-old? The adults are in charge? On what planet?

  • The “blame Bush” thing has the natural limitation that Bush kept the U.S. safe for the remainder of his term after 9/11. Few believed that likely in the aftermath of the attacks. But what that took is a whole other discussion. I think Bush’s role in it, a large part of his role, was that he got warnings out to governments in the Islamic world that they would pay if the U.S. was attacked again. That was, I think, close backchannel work that could only take that form. That’s my theory.

    Obama has handed this legacy to Holder — who has literal ties to terrorists through his D.C. law firm — as a law enforcement matter, which was the exact paradigm that had to be overcome.

    Gitmo became a talisman in that counter-tranformation, and it has become nearly impossible to talk sense about Gitmo and its value — its necessity — in the political environment that was created to pave the way to 2008. Obama is the legatee of that, and it is a lie. A lie, not just another point of view. The decision to try KSM in New York is the fruit of that poisoned tree.

  • 1. These freakin’ dots were already connected – more like a dotted line if you ask me.
    2. MSM will start hammerin’ Obama hard – in 2013 if he keeps his majority. If he does not – in 2015 when he loses it.

  • Sorry couldn’t stomach your tard article. You never did maake any sense, you never have.  “don’t know about you, but the attempt to continue to blame Bush for every failure of the Obama administration is getting to be quite old. In fact, it has become sort of a game” Newsflash, Mr delousional, your Bushy was in office for eight fkin years and didn’t get anything done last time I checked expect drive up billions of dollars for a costly war at AMERCIANS expenses…Ding Ding. Last Time I checked while he was in office for eight darn years spinning a banana on his stupid nose we as a country didn’t have any freaking JOB GROWTH..MATTER OF FACT, WE HAD 0000000 ONE BIG FAT ZERO JOB GROWTH. WTF, was your hero doing in office?  More people than ever are now living with their parents… More people than  ever are on umeployment… More people than ever are struggling , thanks to your super hero BUSH the DUMMY!” People like you voted this f up twice. He fked everything up NOT President Obama but you again were never bright.  almost a full year since this administration has been in office and in charge of our security. This is their baby, not the previous administration’s.” He doesn’t have a magic wand to fix everything in 1 year! He ‘s still cleaning Your super heros mess, eight years of it.  HE ISN’T GOD! It’s going to take 50 years to fix what Bush did to the system that’s how much of a complete JOKE YOUR SUPER HERO IS. A FREAKING JOKE!