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QandO TV: Episode 3


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  • Dale – I like the new QandO TV feature very much! Enjoy the one-on-one contact, and your commentary is excellent as always.
    Episode #3 was quite interesting. I had not heard of moly circuits, so I immediately googled “molecular circuits benzene” and voilà, there it was … “Scientists Create World’s First Molecular Transistor,” complete with illustrations ( Now if I could compose a little musical ditty in honor of this scientific advance and post on iTunes, I would hit the trifecta. 😉
    I wish you continued success in 2010. And QandO TV? Keep ’em coming!

  • Yeah. There are some vague suggestions in this piece that sound contradictory. If you can become your own music producer or your own music, but the record industry is doomed because anyone can steal their recordings at anytime, what’s the point of producing your own music? Can’t it be stolen at anytime, too? Or are our creators expected to work for free in this glorious future?

    Maybe that’s not what Dale implied. I welcome clarification.

    I’m hardly a techno-phobe. I love all this stuff. But it won’t be sufficient to hold this or any society together (whether an imaginary futuristic society or the plain and homely mundane one of today with all its messy traditions).

    The elan of great societies are either pushing things upward on the strength of that elan, or letting them down the drain on its weakness. Nothing is saved by technology or the future. We have made the shift from creative minority to dominant minority in the West. And dominant minorities will let the elan slip through its fingers like sand. The tighter the grip the faster it’s done.

    I doubt our need for a more science fiction tomorrow. I can take or leave that.

    Clarity in the universal values that sustain us and conceptual clarity about the things themselves, which includes certain messy matters that libertarians like to hide from, will be what sustains us. Those values are under sustained attack in America.

    iPods are not coming to the rescue.

  • Like the videos very much, however… one suggestion, smile larger, just every now and then.

  • Martin, the problem is micro-payments. Itunes sort of solved that problem for songs. At a buck a piece, people pay. If they don’t want to, they can use an ad based system. Its when you charge 20 bucks for a CD with one song you like that piracy becomes very tempting.
    Journalism has the same issue. I suspect there will end up being more Michael Yon’s, Michael Tottens, etc. paid by donations, subscriptions, etc.
    Hey, maybe if Q&O’s podcast had decent sound quality, I would gladly pay 20 bucks a year for it. (Don’t tell my wife.)