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Ironic Quote Of The Day

For the self-named “reality based community” I sometimes wonder if the left lives in a bubble, or have a selective memory, or just flat don’t remember anything before January 20th, 2009.

In fact, take the word “Republicans” out of this quote and it could have been said of any number of people on the left during the previous 8 years:

The climate right now is that Republicans use everything they can to undermine and delegitimize this president. And it’s actually un-American. It’s traitorous, in my opinion. Do you want to give aid and comfort to our enemies? Continue to treat this president like he wasn’t elected and he doesn’t know what he’s doing! He knows what he did. He knows what he’s doing. I’m proud of him. I believe that he has the stalwart, resolute nature to get this done…

That was Joan Walsh of on Hardball. You can watch it here. Obviously she didn’t get Hillary Clinton’s memo about questioning people’s patriotism and she obviously doesn’t know that dissent is, in fact, the highest form of patriotism (a sentiment, btw, with which I agree) according to the left.

Given she apparently believes that this is something new, she’s obviously oblivious to the irony of her own words. Either that or she found the left’s behavior acceptable during the Bush years.

In reality, what she and the rest of the left are going through is the transition from the opposition to the establishment.

Ed Driscoll provides some prime Victor David Hanson quotes to remind the left of how well it acted during its chance to show support for an opposition party president, and how miserably they failed. In fact, it isn’t a stretch at all to say they did “everything they [could] to undermine and delegitimize [that] president”.

Do you remember the uproar this year when someone admitted they hoped Obama would fail? Why that was simply outrageous. But any observer of the left during the last administration knew it was nothing new. Via Driscoll (and another part of the irony of this quote) here is Gary Kamiya writing at – wait for it – about President Bush:

I have a confession: I have at times, as the war has unfolded, secretly wished for things to go wrong. Wished for the Iraqis to be more nationalistic, to resist longer. Wished for the Arab world to rise up in rage. Wished for all the things we feared would happen. I’m not alone: A number of serious, intelligent, morally sensitive people who oppose the war have told me they have had identical feelings.Some of this is merely the result of pettiness–ignoble resentment, partisan hackdom, the desire to be proved right and to prove the likes of Rumsfeld wrong, irritation with the sanitizing, myth-making American media. That part of it I feel guilty about, and disavow. But some of it is something trickier: It’s a kind of moral bet-hedging, based on a pessimism not easy to discount, in which one’s head and one’s heart are at odds.

Many antiwar commentators have argued that once the war started, even those who oppose it must now wish for the quickest, least-bloody victory followed by the maximum possible liberation of the Iraqi people. But there is one argument against this: What if you are convinced that an easy victory will ultimately result in a larger moral negative–four more years of Bush, for example, with attendant disastrous policies, or the betrayal of the Palestinians to eternal occupation, or more imperialist meddling in the Middle East or elsewhere?

Wishing for things to go wrong is the logical corollary of the postulate that the better things go for Bush, the worse they will go for America and the rest of the world.

Quite a confession, wouldn’t you say? Apparently in Mr. Kamiya and Ms. Walsh’s world, the “logical corollary of the postulate” is only valid for the ideological left.

So Ms. Walsh, it’s your turn – take a look at what your colleague wrote at your site back before you apparently began paying attention to things like that and, given how you’ve branded the right’s dissent and opposition as “traitorous” and “un-American”, tell us why Mr. Kamiya’s sincere wish for Bush to fail in Iraq isn’t fruit from the very same tree?



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19 Responses to Ironic Quote Of The Day

  • What is truly despicable about Mr. Kamiya’s sentiment, is that he he is hoping for troops to be killed so Bush can be seen as a failure.

  • There MUST be some self-aware irony going on with Walsh’s remarks. Nobody could be that blind and stupid. This almost seems to give it away:  “Continue to treat this president like he wasn’t elected …” The thing is, “like he wasn’t elected” hasn’t been some notable anti-Obama meme. If she’d said, “Continue to treat him like his birth certificate is iffy” or “like he’s a socialist” or what have you, that would make sense, because those are common attacks. But the “not elected” doesn’t really apply, whereas it was one of the chief attacks on Bush.

    It’s just kind of weird all around.

  • Unless she has had a lobotomy, Walsh cannot be serious.

    If Barack Obama actually seemed interested in national security, then he might get more support on that issue from the right.

    Again, I don’t think it can be underestimated how seriously contemptuous Obama is of the United States.

    Gagdad Bob goes right at the structure of all that in this excellent piece. I not only recommend it for a full read. I recommend that you print it out and put it in the front of your 2010 year book, or wherever you put guiding instruments of prose.

  • Nesxt time something bad happens to this nation, can anyone give me a reason why I should stand united with people like her?

    • Because when we’re more interested in seeing our neighbor screwed over than our enemies we’re finished as a nation.
      Radical polarization, splintering, or Balkenization of this country will lessen it presence and success in the world almost as much as anything else.  Make no mistake, if complete indoctrination to socialism and internationalism isn’t accomplished, chaos and paralysis is an acceptable secondary outcome.

      • Because when we’re more interested in seeing our neighbor screwed over than our enemies we’re finished as a nation


        Then we’re finished. For the past 9 years, they made it quite clear that they didn’t stand with us united against our enemies.

        I will never stand with the likes of her.

        • Well you don’t have to agree with her or Obama or his policies.  But reciprocating their petty behavior of opposing something because purely because it came from Obama would be a Pyrrhic victory.
          Not that I expect anything effective out of this administration anytime soon, if they decided to prioritize screening male Muslims between 16 and 50 over grandma from the retirement home in Florida, I won’t oppose them.

  • A few years ago in the comments section at this blog, I think it was, I offered that the Sunni and Shi’a in Iraq, who were then murdering one another with gusto, had more in common than the Left and Right in America.

    Then I was listening to daily pronouncements about the evil, unwinnable, disastrous, illegal, horrible, epic tragedy of the war in Iraq. Not reasonable auditing of a difficult war, but a full offering of relentless un-selfconcious defeatism broadcast straight to the miserblbe terrorists who were killing our incredible troops, thus encouraging said terrorists to keep at it, because help was on the way. It was a promise that the Left was making to the enemy. And I know that it cost some of our troops their lives.

    Well, the help is in the White House now. He among the top broadcasters of defeat in his push toward power, surprised, as he often is, that the evil Bush managed to turn the unwinnable, illegal, evil, fiasco of a war around before the promised help for the terrorists could actually arrive.

    In a previous time, the scaffolds would be busy with the likes of Joan Walsh. Et al.

  • For the self-named “reality based community” I sometimes wonder if the left lives in a bubble,

    Their “reality” is purely subjective – it’s the cornerstone of post-modernism.
    As one scholar put it, there’s no real difference between  post-modernism and complete mental imbalance. As we’ve seen with Scott Erb, trying to reason with a post-modern leftist is like trying to debate with your dog (though mine is far more rational than Erb).

  • Years ago I became convinced that ‘reality-based’ is just something stamped on baggies of some primo cocaine.  I’ve seen nothing since to disabuse me of that, and plenty like Ms. Walsh to confirm it.

  • I had a brief exchange of words with Ms Walsh a couple of years ago. Honestly, she is so stupid that she would think asphalt to be a butt disease. I have no confidence in anything she has to say on political issues either.

  • Caught the 1st half of “Invictus” (Morgan Freeman, Matt Damon, director – Clint Eastwood) the other night which tells a sliver of the story of Nelson Mandela first months as President of South Africa.
    Normally a hero of the Left like Mandela should expect praise in any movie with his image, but given the current situation of President Obama, I expect Progressives will hate “Invictus” because by contrast, it makes Obama look bad.
    The comparisons of their 1st years of the Obama Presidency end with Obama’s words … “I Won.” Mandela is portrayed as a real post-racial president, while Obama is … not so much.

  • The republicans are a bunch of effin obstructionist and as always your still a fkin moron.

    • Brilliant reply. Democrat majorities in both houses of Congress which require nary a single Republican vote to pass anything and you come up with this. Yeah, I’m the moron. Heh…

    • Erb is back! Nice to see your logorrhea has been cured.

  • MOBILE, Alabama – BREAKING NEWS The Joint Terrorism Task Force is investigating a [Alabama] statewide anthrax scare. Local [Republican] lawmakers are among the targets. Letters with white powder were sent to the offices of Senators Richard Shelby and Jeff Sessions and Congressman Jo Bonner around the state.