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And The Answer To Obesity In America? More Government Regulation, Of Course

You see, you can’t help it – becoming obese I mean.  You just don’t understand enough about it all and besides our life styles have changed quite dramatically in such a way that you just can’t help puffing up.  And to top it all off,  you won’t change your eating habits and you won’t exercise, so what’s a government to do?

Why “stringently regulate” the food industry, per the “experts”, of course.

The point to this depressing analysis, the authors say, is to clarify that modern lifestyles contribute significantly to obesity and that it will be nearly impossible to reverse obesity trends on a grand scale without major societal changes.

“[S]mall changes in lifestyle would have a minor effect on obesity prevention,” they write. But the huge energy imbalance most Americans experience is “far beyond the ability of most individuals to address on a personal level.” Instead, they say, changes in the food supply and social infrastructure and more stringent regulations of the food industry will be needed.

Katan elaborated in an e-mail: “Studies show that even the most motivated, thoughtful, strong-willed people have a hard time losing weight when huge portions of cheap, tasty, convenient food are available at every turn of the road, and when walking and other forms of exercise are superfluous or impossible.”

“Cheap, tasty, convenient food” that’s readily available?!” What is this world coming too? How dare the food industry create food we want!?

But since Martijn B. Katan of the University of Amsterdam, and Dr. David S. Ludwig of Children’s Hospital, Boston have decided there isn’t much we’re able to do about it our selves (poor little helpless proles) and since we’re about to turn our health care over to government anyway, what the hell – let them decide what’s good for us, okay?

And we’ll all get nifty buttons to wear saying “WON” for “Whip Obesity Now!”. Can daily pep talks on a huge screen from our Big Brother in the White House be far behind?

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16 Responses to And The Answer To Obesity In America? More Government Regulation, Of Course

  • “…and when walking and other forms of exercise are superfluous or impossible.</i>”
    Which is actually a good point and something that government, local ones anyhow, could actually address as their proper business by examining zoning laws that force patterns of land use that do, actually, make walking for any routine purpose, impossible.     Zoning and vendor restrictions make it hard to live and work and shop all in the same neighborhood.    Someone might get permission for  professional offices near residences but manufacturing even on a small scale?  No way.
    So you drive.
    And you drive through McDonald’s.

    • You misunderstand!  On the local level we need not worry about zoning!  As long as we zone a common exercise area – we can hire Japanese instructors from companies like Toyota, etc to come and we’ll all do mandatory (locally legislated) morning calisthenics, and while we’re at it, perhaps an evening one too. (Mandatory prayer 5 times a day, well, that comes a bit later).  These can  be tied to an unsubsidized government mandate from our friends in the US Senate and Congress insisting that states implement such policies or be ineligible to receive Federal payola funding.

  • I love when “educators” call of dropping “recess”

  • Gee, there ain’t a problem on earth that more government regulation can’t solve, is there?

    / sarc

  • Oh, you bourgeoisi will get plenty of exercise in the reeducation camp!  You’ll be tilling the soil, planting cabbages, cultivating them, and by god, that’s what you’ll be eating!  All the while being soothed by the whizdumb of maximum leader zero over the intercom!  You’ll come out with a BMI in the teens and an IQ to match!

  • “huge portions of cheap, tasty, convenient food are available at every turn of the road,”

    Having been hungry a time or two in my life, and having been to a couple of third-world countries and seen what REAL hunger and poverty are, I am less than impressed with the seriousness of this dire situation. In fact, I thnk God every day for this and other trifles like clean running water, indoor plumbing, etc.  These people need some real work to occupy their time.

  •  and when walking and other forms of exercise are superfluous or impossible.”


    What does that even mean? If you live anywhere you have a place to exercise. It doesn’t require equipment

  • I would embrace genocide if it got rid of the fat people.

    • Yo Ryan—I was going to call you a dumb b* stard, but I remember the short people song by, (I believe ) Gary Newman, and loved it!  I’ll bet you’re not over 5’6″!—CONEY

  • So sorry,  it was Randy Newman and once again , how tall are you? I weigh 285lbs. and don’t try to hide it. I just want to know how tall the little punk *ss is that wants me killed!—CONEY

    • I’m 8′ 9″ and weigh a solid 325 lbs. This is a BMI of 20.7 and is considered normal weight. I maintain my stunning physique by only eating the lean cuts of the fat people I massacre daily. I hope this information helps.

  • Does everybody understand that when the number health problem facing your poorest people is obesity, thats not a tragedy.
    It bragging rights.

  • Obesity and diabetes is a growing problems nowadays. It is caused by todays lifestyle which does not involve lots amount of exercise. Most people are just happy sitting in their office chair and they do not even want to sweat.