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Liberals, Green Energy, Environmentalists and Petards

The New York Times carries a story today that is chock full of irony and hypocrisy and frankly, pretty darn funny.

Seems the Cape Wind Project – you know the “green energy project” proposed for the waters off the liberal enclaves of Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard – has run into even more resistance. This time it’s “spiritual”.

Indian tribes, who said the 130 proposed wind turbines would thwart their spiritual ritual of greeting the sunrise, which requires unobstructed views across the sound, and disturb ancestral burial grounds.

The tribes — the Mashpee Wampanoag of Cape Cod and the Aquinnah Wampanoag of Martha’s Vineyard — sought the listing last fall, shortly before a final federal decision on the project was expected. The project has been in the works since 2001 and is strongly supported by Gov. Deval Patrick.

Of course, for the Mashpee Wampanoag of Cape Cod, the area that the wind turbines would be is south of them. So it seems rather doubtful that it would thwart their requirement for an “unobstructed view” across the sound – and frankly that sounds pretty fishy to me to begin with. I can just see an ancient dictum handed down through the generations which ends with “… and the view must be unobstructed”, can’t you?

Of course that caveat would probably apply more readily to the Aquinnah Wampanoag of Martha’s Vineyard, where the 24 miles of wind turbines might obstruct their view – if the sun has begun rising in the northeast now. Hey with global warming, I guess anything is possible. But if the Wampanoag look due east, where most of us expect the sun to rise, no problem according the map accompanying the article.

But, of course, now that these folks have been enlisted to raise objections, it’s just not the liberal NIMBY types protesting this. We’re into real, honest to goodness desecration, by gosh. And the fact that the Aquinnah Wampanoag’s land is on the west side of Martha’s Vineyard is just not relevant to any of this. We have Native Americans complaining for heaven sake!

And, they’ve revealed, those are their ancient sacred grounds that the evil corporation wants to build their turbines on (wow, how convenient, no?). Yeah, they’re underwater and have been for hundreds and hundreds of years, but they’re pretty sure that’s where they were before the waters rose (ancient global warming brought on by burning excessive buffalo chips) and the grounds should be left undisturbed.

The result?

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar set a deadline of March 1 for the tribes and the project’s developer, Energy Management Inc., to reach a compromise.

If they do not — a distinct possibility given the acrimony surrounding the project — Mr. Salazar can decide the project’s future himself after seeking suggestions from the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, an independent group. But even if Mr. Salazar lets the project move forward, the park service finding could help the tribes and opponents build a legal case against it.

So let’s review – if you polled the liberal enclaves of Martha’s Vineyard and Cape Cod, you’d most likely find overwhelming support for “green, renewable energy” and a desire to see that sort of energy source developed and deployed post haste. Well, except in their back yard. Because aesthetics are much more important than renewable energy and they’ve paid a lot of money for the views they enjoy. They still want that “green renewable energy”, but they’d prefer it be stuck in places like Texas and off the coast of South Carolina where people have the aesthetics of (sniff) NASCAR fans.

Yup, every time I hear about the liberal commitment to “green renewable energy” I’m drawn back to this controversy. And it recalibrates my thoughts about their real commitment, or, actually, apparent lack thereof. Obviously what is good enough to be plopped in front of your view of the sunrise is not something they’ll tolerate, whether green and renewable or not.



10 Responses to Liberals, Green Energy, Environmentalists and Petards

  • You got a typo in your title……that’s Retards, right ?


  • “Requires unobstructed view” – so, no sailing ships?  No vessels?  Fog?  Who exactly requires this unobstructed view? Did the ‘great spirit’ come and tell them if there was a windmill in the way He/She wasn’t showing up to the ceremony?
    Or did maybe someone with an opinion decide to speak on behalf of the spirits?

    • Even better, did someone with some bucks or some influence sit down and have a heart to heart chat with the tribe and maybe enlist their aid by making them an offer?   You know, like, a, Kennedy?

  • Just tell them it’s another form of wealth redistribution.

  • Perhaps Imeme can merely tell the Indians, “We won.”

    / sarc

    Anyway, I smell a rat: according to the first chapter of Zinn’s horrid book, our imperialist, capitalist, racist ancestors exterminated all the Indians in New England.  So, who are these fakers claiming to be Indians?  I demand proof.

    But there’s the germ of an idea here.  We’ve learned from this that “sacred Indian customs” trump… well… everything.  We’ve also learned from Ward “Two Dogs F*cking” Churchill that all it takes to be an Indian is to CLAIM that you are an Indian.  So, can’t we all claim to be Indians and tell Congress that the customs of our tribes forbid paying all of our wampum (and our childrens’, and THEIR childrens’) to the Great Half-White Chief to (mis)manage our health care system?

  • Of course that caveat would probably apply more readily to the Aquinnah Wampanoag of Martha’s Vineyard, where the 24 miles of wind turbines might obstruct their view – if the sun has begun rising in the northeast now.

    Nitpick here:  it’s very possible at a northern latitude like Martha’s Vineyard that the sun does rise in the northeast, at least for several weeks around the summer solstice.

    • Grew up North of the Vineyard on Boston’s “North Shore” – don’t recall the sun ever rising in the North East, so I’d have to say that meets tim’s ‘doubtful’.  Though admittedly, I was worshipping a different God who wasn’t worried about the Shoe Machinery Company smokestack to the North east of my house, or the Salem Power Plant’s massive stack to the south east, and there was St. Mary’s steeple to the east.  God that I wasn’t worried about my view of the sunrise being blocked.
      Some one could have a look at the historical religious customs of these tribes, it’s probably documented somewhere, and see if this fixation with seeing the sun rise across Nantucket Sound is a, um, recent phenomenon.