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Why Are We Closing Guantanamo?

It remains a mystery, to me at least, why closing Gitmo is such a priority to this president.  In fact, it seems like it is the only campaign promise he actually plans on keeping, although to this point he’s been spectacularly unsuccessful.

But seriously, other than location, what does closing Gitmo and moving these “detainees” to a prison in Illinois accomplish?  Does Obama and the left actually believe that doing so will kill jihadi propaganda about the prison in Cuba which they claim is used as a recruiting tool?

“Make no mistake,” he said. “We will close Guantanamo prison, which has damaged our national security interests and become a tremendous recruiting tool for al-Qaeda.”

Realistically, all the jihadis will do is change the name to the new prison and it will be recruiting propaganda as usual.  Do you think they really care where their fellow terrorists are held?  Of course not – the propaganda value isn’t in the place, its in the fact that they’re “suffering under the power of the infidel”.  Whether that “suffering” takes place in Cuba or Illinois is absolutely irrelevant to them.

And the Obama administration can run the best prison in the world, but the propaganda they seem so worried about will still characterize it as a infidel hell hole and torture chamber.  The depth of naivete necessary to believe that closing Gitmo will solve some sort of perception problem throughout the world and hurt jihadi recruiting is rather disturbing when you consider who it is that supposedly believes it.  In fact, the only thing I see this closure of Gitmo bringing is the expenditure of more money we don’t have for no apparent gain – not that government isn’t quite good at that anyway.

Today we learn that 20% of those poor goat herders who were innocently swept up in Iraq and Afghanistan have engaged in terrorist activities after their release. And we’ve supposedly kept the really bad one’s. Wasn’t the fact that they were terrorists the reason we stuck them in Gitmo to begin with?  So, if we now stick them in Thompson Correctional Center and keep them “indefinitely” without trial if it determined that is necessary (as promised by President Obama) how does TCC become any different in the eyes of jihadi’s (or, for that matter, the rest of the world) than Gitmo?

The short and simple answer is, it doesn’t.  All of that is a smoke screen. In fact what the move does accomplish is to transfer the terrorists from military control and custody to civilian control and custody and, by the way, into the US legal system – the real reason, I believe, behind the desire to close the Cuban facility.



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18 Responses to Why Are We Closing Guantanamo?

  • Exactly.  We aren’t closing Gitmo.  We’re renaming it and moving it stateside.  As if the problem people have with Gitmo were it’s geography and not the legal status of it’s residents.

  • Why are we closing Guantánamo Bay? Because The Snorkeler™ would rather try to placate the world and make himself look like Neville Chamberlain than to worry about sending captured terrorists back onto the field of battle or even preserving American security. This is why he went to Germany in 2008 during a presidential campaign and gave a rousing speech about how America would change from the bad old Bush days if her were elected.

    What worries me is that his complacency, his failure to lead, his overarching incompetence, will all lead to another terrorist attack on the United States, this time really horrific – and completely avoidable. This Christmas bombing was just a small insight into how utterly vacant this man is as President.

  • Clearly the answer to the question lies with the best President that Affirmative Action could deliver.
    You’d think after lying his ass off over and over again, that one more won’t make a difference.

  • Back when they were considering Northern Michigan as a potential location for New Gitmo, I was going WTF?
    Dearborn Michigan is one of the largest Arab Muslim populations outside Saudi Arabia.  Remember that most of the 9/11 hijackers, Bin Laden, and this up and coming AQ leader in Yemen are Arab.
    So you would have living martyrs half a day to a day’s drive from one of the prime recruiting centers in North America.  If you need a recruiting tool, that would be it.  Illinois doesn’t sound that much better location-wise.
    Regardless of location, have the prision within the US will create a nexus point for fledgling radical groups to meet, rally, and eventually network.  I believe Gitmo was picked not only to help keep the radicals in, but to prevent radicals on the outside from going there.

  • One of the advantages of Gitmo was that not only would it be very difficult for anyone to break out, it would also be very difficult for anyone to break *in*.  As JPM points out, there is a certain demographic group in the US that would be more than happy to aid the heroic practitioners of the religion of peace in their missionary work..

    How can you guys write so well and be so DUMB?  He doesn’t care about Gitmo! To him its “Settled Science”.  The guys that pay $ 1k+ per dinner plate care about it so it is “WRITTEN IN STONE” ! You people need to learn how to listen.  Obama has done EXACTLY what he said he would! You just need to turn on your BS filter and only listen to what he says to the DEMOCRATIC ELITE that give him MONEY!   HELLO we’re talking Chicago politics! Being a devout “Captiolist” ,  I  am available, AT A PRICE  to interpret for you. Once again,” HELLO” :only about .001% of the earth’s population are as informed as you people! I on the other hand have been blessed with a much lower IQ and can much better understand the masses! The number to call is BR-549!—-CONEY

  • “I on the other hand have been blessed with a much lower IQ and can much better understand the masses!”

    Yikes! I have been blessed with a rather high IQ, and I knew that The Snorkeler™ was full of El Crappola when he ran in 2007-08. His “fundamental change” was Marxist boilerplate for “wait until I get in and socialize the whole fuggin’ place – with the aid of Nancy Shmancy Pelosi and Searchlight Harry Reid!”

    You should check on the media in this country – they either knew what The Snorkeler™ was about to do to us and didn’t report it, or they are the biggest gang of dimwits to roam the Earth since…since…the Jimmy Carter administration.

    Bumper sticker seen on a car in Phoenix, Arizona, this past week: “I didn’t vote for Obama! I miss Bill Clinton…hell! I miss Jimmy Carter!”

    • I  have attended Jimmy Carter’s Sunday School Class in Americas Georgia!—CONEY

      • By the way, its CONEYtm,  not really but sometimes it makes me feel good to act like I don’t know what MENSA stands for!

        • Yo James,
          If  you have found a way to make(tm) money(tm) off this bs(tm) then I’m in!—-CONEY(tm)

  • [W]hat does closing Gitmo and moving these “detainees” to a prison in Illinois accomplish?

    1.  It takes the poor goatherders kidnapped by our nasty ol’ redneck babykilling military away from the stalinist thugs at Gitmo and allows them to get real justice in our court system;

    2.  It will create or save jobs in Illinois (Daley and his fellow thugs will do anything for a chance at more graft);

    3.  Lefties don’t live in reality; the appearance of doing something, or even SAYING that something is happening, is sufficient for them.  Hence, Imeme can CLAIM to close Gitmo and get a Nobel for it.  In the same manner, SanFran Nan and Dingy Harry can CLAIM that the present Congress is the most ethical EVAH, or that the health care takeover debate is the most transparent EVAH, and it will be accepted by their deranged, delusional base.

    4.  Most importantly, it sends an absolutely clear signal that Imeme is NOT George W. Bush.  The left rants about how Gitmo is a symbol of what’s bad about America in the Muslim world.  I suggest that it is more important to THEM as a symbol about what’s bad about our country.

    “Make no mistake,” he said. “We will close Guantanamo prison, which has damaged our national security interests and become a tremendous recruiting tool for al-Qaeda.”

    The left either cannot or will not understand the terrorists.  For example, lefties cling to the marxian fantasy that terrorists exist because they and their home countries are poor, and that this is due to Western (especially American) imperialism.*  They ignore that facts that bin Laden’s family is filthy rich and that many high-level terrorists are well-educated and come from wealthy families.  In a similar manner, they persist in the belief that terrorists hate us because we “occupy” Iraq and A-stan; never mind that AQ attacked us on 9-11 long before the invasions, and indeed were planning the attack before Bush was even in office.  Their fantasy that Gitmo is a principle cause of terrorist hatred of the United States is akin to people in 1942 thinking that the Japanese hated us because of the internment policies of President Roosevelt.

    As we’ve seen in the past couple of weeks, the libs’ mindset about the terrorist threat is nothing other than a dangerous fantasy: “the system worked”, “lone wolf”, “not much of a threat”.

    These people are going to get us killed.


    (*) I can’t remember if it was Bill Bennet or Mark Steyn who recently said that, to lefties, terrorists are Middle Eastern versions of Jean Valjean who turn to suicide bombing to get a crust of bread for their starving families.

    • Don’t forget 5. It introduces diversity into the ranks of Illinois federal fugitives.

  • Marc Falkoff, attorney for a few of the jihadis doing time at Guantanamo, says the prisoners are not happy about plans for moving from tropical Cuba to the cold confines of a “supermax” prison in Thomson, Illinois.

  • The military guards at Gitmo have become ‘sensitised’/ trained over the years to understand the prisoners Muslim strictures. So what happens the first time a SEIU Illinois prison guard touches a copy of the Koran with the wrong hand, or some such? Instantly the propaganda machine will rev up with the horrors of the Thomson Correctional Center.
    So what will Obama really have gained?