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Now That’s Cold!

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14 Responses to Now That’s Cold!

  • It’s so cold .. that I saw a chicken with a capon

  • The bad grammar spoils the effect.

    a Democrat… their hands… their own pockets.

  • could just say “politician” to make it more bipartisan.

  • Yeah.  It’s colder than a well diggers elbow

  • You are deceived.  It’s really not cold at all.  Experts, relying on peer-reviewed data, say that this is the hottest winter EVAH.  Pay no attention to those low temperatures you see on your thermometers.  Just a blip.  Nothing to see here.  Move along.

    … experts say the cold snap doesn’t disprove global warming at all — it’s just a blip in the long-term heating trend.

    • What “data” were those “experts” misusing? 🙁

      • You only want the data so you can shoot holes in the theory!  You’re a (cue ominous music) DENIER!

        / sarc

        But your underlying point is good: so long as the Gorebots control what data gets reported, they can continue to fool some people into believing in AGW even as the snow and ice pile up around their ears.  “Who are you going to believe?  Me… or your lying (and freezing) toes?”

    • Actually I have it on very good authority that this alleged ‘cold’ condition is only taking place in North America, and is being caused by La Nina.  As soon as El Nino resumes the alleged cold temperatures which are ONLY taking place in North America (I repeat that for emphasis and clarity because dense righties must have things repeated to them to comprehend) will rise to match the temperature gradient that is currently prevailing throughout Europe, which is warming, do you hear?  WARMING.  There is no  “cooling” going on, the science is settled and these freak temporary conditions are not an indication that the consensus science or the elaborate models we invented (which we borrowed partly from Microsoft Civilization III) are  flawed.

      • Don’t tell the Brits or Frech… they’ll be pissed to hear they are now part of North America!

  • Actually, we should be grateful for global warming. Think how bad this cold would have been without it. Why, we could probably walk to the Florida keys across the ice. Skate across the Rio Grande.

  • The EPA will start closing down Coal Power plants starting this spring using the Clean Air Act. The EPA will start with Government run power plants such as TVA. What is not shut down by the Government will be hit by lawyers suing for damages from Global Warming. Next winter will only be a little bit colder then this winter, but without the coal power plants, the remaining power plants will start burning out transformer trying to replace the electricity. As a result, around 30,000 to 40,000 people will freeze to death, mostly from the south because of the use of heat pumps. And the people running the power companies will get the blame.
    Please somebody tell me I am wrong.