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It comes from the ever entertaining Ezra Klein, charter member of the juice-box mafia, and apparently not a history major:

I’ll just note that Democrats will definitely lose their supermajority sooner than later. If not, something is going seriously wrong in the system. A competitive, two-party democracy shouldn’t have long periods of single-party dominance. The mid-20th century, which did see Democrats with that sort of majority in the House, was the product of a three-party system in which a party of conservative, racist Southerners entered into a coalition with the Democrats. But that’s over now.

Apparently when Ezra attended history class, they’d come up with a new designation for the “third party” to explain the behavior of the Democratic party at the time  – it was in a coalition with “a party of conservative, racist Southerners”.

Hmmm.  Gotta tell you, around here we just called them Democrats.

Like Senator Al Gore Sr. of Tennessee, who filibustered the Civil Rights Act and gave us his apparently more famous son, Al “I invented the internet and global warming” Gore, Jr.  Quite a legacy, no?

Like Senator William Fullbright of Arkansas who did the same thing Al’s daddy did and was Bill Clinton’s mentor to boot. And of course, Robert Byrd, admitted member of the KKK, was already representing Democrats in West Virginia at the time. Oh, wait – he’s still doing that, isn’t he? Byrd was also a participant in the filibuster of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, speaking for 14 hours and 13 minutes in an attempt to deny the bill passage. And today he remains a member in good standing of the Democratic party – not that “third party”.

The fact that these and other Southern Democratic luminaries of the time happened to be somewhat more conservative than their northern brethren doesn’t change the fact that they were lifelong, racist Democrats (btw, “conservative” does not equal “racist”.   Racist equals racist).  They simply made up the more conservative wing of the party and were very welcome there until about 1964 when things began to finally change. Most, such as Sen. James O. Eastland of Mississippi, Rep Howard W. Smith of Virginia, and Sen. Richard Russell of Georgia (a mentor of Jimmy Carter) were and remained life-long Democrats. Others, such as George Wallace, Lester Maddox, and T Coleman Andrews eventually became independents. But that was well after this so-called “third party” coalition you claim, Ezra.

Heh … you do know that the GOP did exist in the South at the time, don’t you? Yup, you guessed it – we called them Republicans. There weren’t many. 1 in the Senate and 10 in the House. And yes, they did the same thing the Democrats from the area did – voted against the bill. But the filibuster? All Democrat. And what’s interesting is to see the final totals on the bill by party. You know the myth – here’s the reality:

The original House version:

* Democratic Party: 152-96 (61%-39%)
* Republican Party: 138-34 (80%-20%)

Cloture in the Senate:

* Democratic Party: 44-23 (66%-34%)
* Republican Party: 27-6 (82%-18%)

The Senate version:

* Democratic Party: 46-21 (69%-31%)
* Republican Party: 27-6 (82%-18%)

The Senate version, voted on by the House:

* Democratic Party: 153-91 (63%-37%)
* Republican Party: 136-35 (80%-20%)

That’s right – despite the mistakenly popular belief to the contrary, the bill was overwhelmingly supported by the GOP and, as I’m sure you can see, without that overwhelming support, it would never have passed in the Senate and been signed into law.  In fact, the Democrats, even with a 67 vote majority, wouldn’t have been able to muster the support to pass it if every Republican had, instead, voted against it. But the record shows 82% GOP support in the Senate and 80% in the House – far greater  in percentage than Democrat support.

As famous Democrat Daniel Patrick Moynihan is credited with saying, “Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but they are not entitled to their own facts.” In this case, the facts don’t support your spin, Mr. Klein. Learn the history of your party and learn to live with it.

Embrace the suck.



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22 Responses to Quote Of The Day

  • Does Ezra care to enlighten us with the name of this party that has been lost to history?

    • I’m sure that he honestly believes that “Dixiecrat” was a formal party back in the day, and no amount of evidence to the contrary will convince him otherwise.

      Speaking of clueless libs, I heard Juan Williams on Hannity’s show the other day yapping about spending (natch, his schtick was that Bush spent a lot of money, too).  Another guest mentioned that, as a resident of New Jersey, some 55% of his income goes to state and federal income tax.  Williams was actually astounded to hear this and admitted that it isn’t fair.  Where the hell has Williams been for the past thirty years that he doesn’t realize that Americans pay huge chunks of their income to taxes????  Is such ignorance willfull, or are libs so brain damaged that they simply can’t process facts like that?

      • “Williams was actually astounded to hear this

        It continually amazes me how ignorant these leftish talking heads are about almost eferything they pontificate on. My favorite was Sam Donaldson, who was outraged at the ‘flat tax’ since he thought it meant that everyone paid the same dollar amount of taxes. He also perfectly comfortable with accepting government subsidies as a ‘gentleman farmer’ even while expressing outrage at these same subsidies for the rich. Quite an amusing fellow. 

  • Ezra is a raving lunatic idiot.  Honestly believes that the current health bill is a moderate bill that will insurance 30 million (best I’ve heard is an additional 10 million) and lower the deficit,technically it will for 2 years, b/c it will be taxing before it kicks into full gear spending which will RAISE the deficit b/c the spending is greater than the taxing…
    Idiot, moron, and similar words are not strong enough to describe him.

  • The Russell Senate Office Building is named after one of the great segregationist Democrats, the much-beloved Richard Russell of Louisiana.

    How about the much-beloved mentor of Bill Clinton, the ardent segregationist William Fullbright?

    Or the former Democratic Senate Leader, Robert Byrd, former segregationist and Klansman.

    And which President of the United States did by far the most to desegregate public schools in the South? Richard Nixon.

    Ezra Klein has no clean end with which to pick him up.

  • He really thinks there was a party called the Dixiecrats.  A three party system.  My God, who knew!
    Ezra, why don’t you pass your version of American political history on to Howard Zinn, maybe you two can get it in before his next roll of toilet tissue book finishes being edited.

  • Said Mr. Klein and his fellow numbnuts can write off the Tea Party Movement all they wish – TO THEIR PERIL. When those millions of angry, infuriated voters go to the polls this November and get rid of more Demmies and even some straying Republicans (Charlie Crist, the dinner bell is ringing), perhaps the deluded Left will realize that they have unleashed a sleeping giant that, because it was sleeping, was the only reason The Snorkeler™ won in 2008. Millions of Independents and others will abandon the Demmies and give the GOP another chance – one that they better not waste.

    One year from today, Nancy “Shmancy” Pelosi will no longer be Speaker of the House, and John Boehner will be. Perhaps when the Demmies awake to that, they will stop kissing the fannies of the Left wing. But I sincerely doubt it.

  • I’m speechless.   I just keep laughing, but on 2nd thought …
    I’ve seen some of the modern history books.   I went through to see how they dealt with some of the more recent Presidents.  They hate everybody.  Carter .. no.  Reagan .. hell no.  Bush 41 .. no.  This particular version ended with Clinton, who they weren’t sure about just yet.
    I can imagine it saying that there was the 3rd party of Southern racists, but I doubt it.
    To the woodshed with Ezra.   How embarrassing.

  • But no, I have to disagree – todays Quote of the day is Janet Nobrainitano’s statement that she’s surprised that Al Queda is so dedicated to getting at us, and how she’s surprised they were using single individuals to do it.
    Good Lord.

  • For crying out loud, Ezra.  George Wallace was a Dem.

  • I remember the bunch he was talking about, referred to in the newspapers as “Dixiecrats” since they were socially and fiscally conservative, but couldn’t forgive Lincoln’s Republicans for beating them in the war. The Dems hated them because they wouldn’t vote for any of their social legislation.

    • That sage of sages, Wikipedia indicates that…

      States’ Rights Democratic Party (Dixiecrats) Founded 1948, Dissolved 1948
      … given that it existed for no more than a year, it hardly provided the underpinning for “long periods of single-party dominance.”
      Of course, if your political world is out of Italy, I could see how you might have a misunderstanding.

  • At least there’s no question today who the Party Of Racism is.

    • That’s right, Tom. The only major political figure in national politics today in America with clear and recent (to give Byrd a break) affiliations with an overtly racist organization is Barack Obama.

      With twenty years in Jeremiah Wrights black theology church, based on the teaching that white people are devils, you have in Obama’s nomination by Democrats a material breach of the great American civil rights compact forged in the 1960s that looked to “content of character” not color of skin.

      But the Democrats never really stopped being the party of race.

    • Yeah liek the racist quoted here

      But Bill then went on, belittling Obama in a manner that deeply offended Kennedy. Recounting the conversation later to a friend, Teddy fumed that Clinton had said, A few years ago, this guy would have been getting us coffee.


  • I have long said that if you polled young people today, who opposed the civil rights movement? The answer would be the Republicans. This is due to the MSM and the educational system. Ezra, who is like 22 years old, is a perfect example of this.
    Sen. Kerry also called Vietnam “Nixon’s War” which goes to show how much the Dems think the media and the historians will cover for them.
    p.s. I have met many a leftist who thought Huey Long was a Republican because he was the closest we ever came to a Fascist. They were utterly dumbfounded when they learned he was a Democrat. I actually edited the wikipedia entry to mention he was a Democrat.
    Nothing against Democrats, but white washing history to make every bad thing to be Republican is probably not a healthy thing.

  • BTW, in a related topic, young people would be astounded to know that Northerners served as generals in the Confederate cause, and that northern Alabama fielded cavalry units for the Union Army.
    The terms “narrative” and “meme” are truly powerful words.

  • Harry Reid was outed today as saying Obama spoke without a Negro Dialect. – classic.

  • Lean the history of your party and lean to live with it.

    I believe it should read “Learn the history … and learn to …”.