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Haiti: Let The Conspiracy Theories Begin

Lordy, lordy. While I take my shots at the government, almost on a daily basis, but there are limits to what I can and will credibly blame on the government of the United States.  The tragedy of that just occurred in Haiti is not one of them. But someone billing themselves as a “Pair A Normal Guys” has come up with the definitive explanation of what happened there:

While the loss of life and devestation [sic] in Haiti is unimaginable there may be a more hidden agenda behind this tragedy. Suppose this “natural disaster” been a weather weopan aimed at Cuba but came up short in it’s delivery? The possibility of this being true is not far fetched or out-of-this-world in theory. Weather manipulation and weather warfare are not new concepts and certainly could be the choice of the powers that be to devastate an enemy with a cloak of Mother Nature’s disguise to fall back on. The fact that there was a seemingly unnoticable quake in California recently or a possible test fire and then the Haitian quake the largest ever recorded in the region seems a little suspicious to me. The secrets of our world and the secret weopans [sic] that are harboured within our world are something we need to expose, if this was infact a targeted weather weopan [sic] at Cuba the question then remains who sent it and who’s next?

Be sure to check the video at the site out as well – must see “Truth TV”. Weather weapons from the black helicopter crowd. Now we can do earthquakes?  Then how in the world did we “miss” Cuba?

Heh … It takes all kinds doesn’t it?

Meanwhile, in the real world, watch the mobilization by the US to help Haiti. Tell me who else does it better or faster?



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  • It’s kind of refreshing. After all, Bush was to blame for every natural disaster because he didn’t stop global warming or something.

    Now it’s Baracky’s turn in the dock. He’s the C In C, he obviously gave the order to test the weather dominator on Hati. Unfortunately the 5 main components to the device broke off and fell to 5 different areas on the planet, so he has to send retrieval teams in to get them before the opposition.

    In all seriousness, throw a few bucks towards relief efforts- Americares, etc.

    • Do you think the government is making money off the Haiti disaster? Where is all the money going? Are they going to rebuild the whole city with the millions of dollars they are receiving from gracious people? I know fuel is expensive, and food is expensive but we already pay for the equipment and for the people who volunteer to be trained to help and serve others with our tax dollars. Think about it. If one percent of the United States population donated 10 dollars to the Haiti fund that would generate about 30,333,000 that’s a lot of money for food and fuel and resources, and that’s just the U.S.
      I pray for all the people that are hurt, killed and missing, but what about us! Say you live in a flood zone and it rained 10 inches and everything in your house has been ruined by the water. Is the American red cross going to help me when I cant afford flood insurance, or the insurance company wont give me insurance because my home is in a flood zone NO! They’ll just tell me there’s nothing they can do and then I screwed. A flood is a natural disaster what is the difference. I don’t see charity money when I suffer.
      “A Louisiana attorney general has launched inquiries into two of the country’s best-known charities — the American Red Cross and the Humane Society of the United States — after receiving complaints that they misused some of the millions of dollars they raised in the fall to help the human and non-human victims of Hurricane Katrina.” That is what happened when the United States got hit with a disaster, what do you think is going on in a 3rd world country? Where is all the money going?
      Just Thinking

  • Y’know, I was just thinking about all the HAARP conspiracy crap over the Boxing Day tsunami a few years back, and I figured that with a president who gibbers about “social justice”, at least we won’t have to listen to that noise this time.
    Naïve, I am.

  • *sigh*
    More of this nonsense.  Earthquakes are not weather. One of these days, I’m going to carve that into a bat and start cracking heads with it.
    Then there are these morons who think they’re living in a James Bond flick.  Probably Truthers, too.
    (Oh, and you missed a ‘weopan’ — at least they’re consistent — in “weather weopan aimed at Cuba.”  You can also put a [sic] after the “it’s” in “but came up short in it’s delivery,” as the possessive its does not take an apostrophe.)

    • “Probably Truthers” – oh, that’s a very safe bet.
      The questions on how this weapon can ‘fall short’ are just too numerous to mention – arcs, ranges, and whether or not it’s a direct fire weapon, and where’s it based.  I mean do we fire it from space or from George W. Bush’s basement at the house in North Dallas?
      …voice heard from top of the cellar stairs…
      “Hey!  Dick!  You MISSED Castro. AGAIN! You’re no better with that thing than you are with a 12 guage!…Dangerous, Dick, you’re just dangerous!   Hey, Laura and I are going out for a while, we’ll be back in about an hour, try not to wreck anything else okay?”
      The mind boggles.  I guess this rules out the idea that the weapon is controlled by our government, the Messiah would never give an order like this.  Must be Smersh, or Chaos, or Spectre, or Thrush, or Bush Cheney.

  • Meanwhile though you have Pat Robertson and his conspiracy theories of an allegedly Christian sort.  Can someone please, please, fire the earthquake gun at his brain and possibly shock him into being a decent human being.

  • Weather manipulation and weather warfare
    Since when are earthquakes considered “weather” ?


    • Did you catch the premise that it was tested on California first?  I mean, obviously it can only be the US that possesses such a weapon (otherwise, why aim at Cuba and accidentally hit Haiti), and obviously, we’d test fire it on our own country FIRST to make sure it worked.  You know, why not test fire it at, Iran, for example or North Korea?
      I know, I know,  why am I trying to find logic in an otherwise logic barren wasteland.  I’m presuming sane reasoning capabilities to someone who thinks we probably have a ‘weather’ weapon that causes earthquakes and that we would presume to use it on Cuba.

  • An earthquake?  On a fault line?  Been hundreds of years since the last one?
    There is treachery afoot…

  • Besides, everybody knows that it’s <a href=””>capitalism that causes earthquakes</a>.

  • First of all, this quake may fall into the same category of the weather machine as it is the same machine, just tuned to do a different task.  To everyone who thinks that all of these “natural” catastrophes within the last decade are all a matter of coincidence, it would be best to just push your head farther into the sand.  This world is not what it seems, you are not informed of what is going on, only what you are led to believe.  It is really not that far fetched to think a machine like this exists, it is all based on radio waves of different voltage and frequency which can be pointed in any direction around the world.  Nikola Tesla started working with radio waves and electricity in the late 1800’s and was the most highly revered  scientist at the time, but for some reason not many people are aware of his groundbreaking work.  Why is this you ask, because it was too powerful and dangerous if the wrong hands got a hold of it.  Well now they have.
    Naive people that put down the unthinkable and are not willing to open their minds are the problem today.  Just live your happy little life, stuck behind the wheel of your gas guzzling suburban on your way home to see your superficial family in your track home.  Shun the possibility that there is much more happening than meets the eye.
    Honestly, I don’t want to put anyone down, but its time to wake up and realize that we don’t know whats going on and make an effort to search for answers.  I’m only 24 years old and I got awoken maybe two years ago by a little movie called “Zeitgeist”.  This movie can be interpreted many ways and I’m not claiming that it is all true, but it is a start, and to recognize the truths exposed by it will only get you going in the right direction.  Look at everything objectively because there may be a piece of truth swallowed up by a body of lies in any situation.  Open up your eyes and realize that there are not that many accidents in our economy or the decisions in the world today.  There is a plan being acted out at all times, it is our job to find out whose plan that actually is.

    • Oh good – 24 and has all the answers. I’ve never seen that before.

      • Zeitgeist was full of more lies than truths. All the bullshit about Jesus being representitive of the “Sun” was just laughable. Unfortunately this sucked in plenty of people, both younger and older than 24, who never bothered to research the claims made in this heap of crap. What nefarious purpose is HAARP intended for? I’d say they are attempting to cause as much distruption to the climate as possible so as to have some legitimacy to their claims for “climate change”. Their plans for the NWO are detailed and complete; nothing’s has been left to chance. Fortunately, Jesus will return soon to sort the lot of them out!

        • jason said:

          “Unfortunately this sucked in plenty of people, both younger and older than 24, who never bothered to research the claims made in this heap of crap.”

          followed shortly thereafter by:

          “Fortunately, Jesus will return soon to sort the lot of them out!”

          Now let’s reapply jason’s quote:

          The Bible has “sucked in plenty of people, both younger and older than 24, who never bothered to research claims made in this heap of crap.”

          The imagination does no justice in representing what it must be like to live life with perceptions that all intuitive thought, deep insight and spiritual revelation must be referenced against a superficial representation of reality which further places a conceptual god and related omnipotent son in the position of Truth and Life itself. Such futile efforts to perceive reality are transient, ephemeral and ultimately engulfed in the face of existent eternal reality, which shall never be conceptualized by the likes of divisive dogmatic human mind-bodies.
          -each breath

          • william dont be gay, jesus isnt returning.. falling back on your folklore is very primitive

          • Sure sure. Prove God and Jesus don’t exist. I don’t think you were around during biblical times or before that!  And you’d rather not believe there is God or Jesus, but you seem to believe and approve of the NWO and their agendas. Be careful.

          • Jon said,

            “william dont be gay, jesus isnt returning.. falling back on your folklore is very primitive”

            Did you actually read my post? Which facet of my response led you to believe that I said Jesus was returning? The essence of your response exemplifies ‘primitive’– try to re-read my post brother, slowly. You may decipher that I was quoting ‘jason’.
            Steve said,

            “I don’t think you were around during biblical times or before that!”

            — your response speaks for itself…..

        • Jesus is coming!  Praise the lord!  Now all I have to do is sit on my ass, watch season 16 of Survivor, and let the big man take care of all of my problems for me.  It almost sounded that you had something worth reading Jason, until this washed up mess of garbage made it onto my screen.  Ignorance at its finest.

    • Yeah, I only get a little over 11 million hits when I search for Nikola Tesla.  Doesn’t look  like many people are aware of him at all.

    • “I’m only 24 years old…”

      Chronologically, that is.

      Ohhhh, I see. Just how many noms de plume does this Ott Scerb guy have, anyway? Man, he sure has that moron thing down pat, yes?

  • And there is a station worth looking into if this all sounds like snake oil.  It’s called HAARP, located about 250 mi from Fairbanks, AK.  Its sole purpose is to shoot massive amounts of energy straight into the ionosphere and pretty much see what happens.  Apparently the maximum output of the energy originating from HAARP going straight up into the ionosphere is as much as 100 MW.  When this energy hits the ionosphere it actually pushes the upper atmosphere as much as 8 KM outward into space.  When this bubble created by this massive amount of energy rebounds back to earth where does it all go and what potential does it have?  Straight up is not the only way this power can travel, with the array of antennae at the station it can be directed in any way they so choose.  This is not all suspicion, the project manager of HAARP and other scientists claim that this is in fact the case, look it up it is the truth.  The effects that HAARP has on our planet is the question as negative effects have been denied up and down.  Common sense tells me that if 100 billion watts are shooting straight down at the earth good things are not to come from it.  Testing for oil and natural gas fields were done in the 80’s around America with only 30 watts pointing straight down with 100 percent accuracy in finding unknown resources.  30 WATTS!  If you tune the massive amount of power that HAARP creates to resonate with the earths crust and cause a vibration what do you get?  This is just one more sad reason to look, understand, and keep looking.

  • Ha! What, me worry? Not while I have my Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie!


  • Oh please wake up and go an get a life

  • bush did it. they need to get closer to cuba. needed as distraction and why not kill some more blacks. in 100 yrs there will be no more africans

  • One week ago today, the United States didn’t give a rats ass for the impoverished people of Haiti. in fact, and for the record too.  A large majority of Americans didn’t care if these Haitian people lived or died.
    Remember that  similar occurrence here  in the US a few years back.  where these Democratic ponies? governess Blanchard and her crooked sidekick of a  Mayor Nagan dictated through their hypocritical liberal  lines a bunch of worthless jargon about improving the poor living conditions in and around  the city of New Orleans?  nobody gave a rats ass about these impoverished people (American citizens) many of these poor hard working folk  living in filthy roach infested houses and small trailers earning a  pitiful starvation wage while all around them a multibillion-dollar oil industry was raking in great profits , due too their hard labor .
    NO,  according to the Louisiana government these dear people didn’t even exist, until that great equalizer “hurricane Katrina” exposed this cesspool of democratically controlled corruption.  Case and point!   thousands paid the ultimate price for the governor and mayors negligence with their lives, nothing was changed everything remains status quo today.
    Conspiracy theories for Haiti? none that I can think of.
    hypocritical aspects of a conspiracy for the government of Louisiana? Oh yes. and it starts right here with a lesson from the recent past where FEMA (representing our glorious government’s organization skills when dealing with disasters) purposely dropped the ball on  New Orleans. Why? because in all actuality “We the American citizens who labored to keep this country free” are all expendable peasants to them. Lord knows they wouldn’t hesitate to deliberately nuke any American city just to  silence any opposition to that “Anti-God Satanic theology for creating “The New World order” Here’s a real conspiracy theory, many of us secretly now serve an evil corrupt government that sees no difference between we the American taxpaying citizens, and those dear suffering people of Haiti.

  • listen people its interesting how haiti is up there in rank in oil reserves and natural gas reserves hmmmm and just the other day obamma asked the former president george w to lead the relief hmmm we all know that the bushes are oil tycoons.    Haarp wasnt aiming at cuba, they wanted to hit haiti, just like they blew up the levees in louisiana. whats of the coast in new orleans, the gulf of mexico (oil fields). But in order for them to bumrush a certain place of interest they need a reason like a so called natural disaster. one more thing before i go look into the BUILDERBERG GROUP.

    • HAARP – earthquake – Bush leads relief effort – oil tycoon – Bilderberg group.

      Yeah, it all fits like a finely crafted puzzle.

      We’ll call it “Occam’s Razor” for short

  • check this out 2 years ago the us opened up a new american embassy in haiti worth 75 million dollars june 24th 2008 near the airport( basically the only structures that did not get damaged in the earthquake) why such an expensive structure if haiti doesnt have resources. fact is haiti is the richest island as far as resources in the carribean. there granite,limestone,coal,aggregate are the best in the world
           haiti has 5 oil reserves on the island, and haitian waters. sources say that the us has been pumping oil out of haiti into guantonomo bay cuba(us territory). basically what im saying is people get your heads out of your ass that earthquake was not a natural disaster but manmade

  • god bless atheism

  • Now there should be someting to say about those sonar drill the vs is experementing with in hawai and then I have to say that when lookup at the haarp alaska graphs I see simularity with other earth quakes like dec 2004 where you can see the same spiken. Lets just say, it was not an attack but an experiment going horrible wrong. This earthquake was not just like most of the. A 7.0 killen 05, milj people is pretty big….. The biggest ever as they say it themself.