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Laughing With Liberals

Because, like kids, they say the damnedest things. Take Alec Baldwin who would like to be our Energy Czar (or something):

Energy policy is the lynch pin of nearly all of our other economic problems. And our dependence on oil is the tragic path that we are are still on, two wars in the Middle East in twenty years later, in order to deliver oil. Oil that costs so much more than what you read at the pump. You factor in both of those wars, the deaths of our brave soldiers, and the looming bill that our society will have to pay for our lack of maturity, foresight and courage on this front, the costs are incalculable.

Putting a major oil company out of business. That’s a war worth fighting.

The formulaic nod to the military, while holding on to the liberal canard of wars for oil (and thereby implicitly dissing the military). The shot at the lack of “maturity, foresight and courage” the rest of the “society” displays by using a readily available, cheap and efficient means of producing energy that isn’t to his liking. And finally, his rather incredible and short-sighted wish that a major oil company would somehow fail and go out of business. Of course he’s talking about private oil companies. Obviously he has no clue as to how little private companies control in terms of reserves in this world, and just as obviously doesn’t care to learn. You can bet he doesn’t care one whit about the jobs that would be lost or the ripple effect in other areas of employment it would have. It is a politically incorrect industry.  His job is to demonize it.

The good news is Baldwin may get his wish – a major oil “company” may go out of business soon. The bad news for him and his Hollywood cronies is it is most likely to be the nationalized Venezuelan oil company, PVDSA taken over by his buddy Hugo Chavez. And that would mean Citgo would go right down the toilet.  That would be a fitting irony, wouldn’t it?

Then there’s our old buddy Ezra Klein. Reporting on the House and Senate negotiators considering new Medicare tax, he cites a report by Martin Vaughan and Laura Merckler that lay it out. He then adds his own commentary:

Currently, the Medicare tax applies only to wages, without any limits. The 2.9% tax is divided in half, with workers and employers each paying 1.45%. The health bill passed by the Senate would raise the worker contribution to 2.35% for individuals making more than $200,000 a year and couples making more than $250,000 a year.

Under the proposal now being considered, people making more than those amounts would also pay the Medicare tax on dividends and other income from investments, the people familiar with the talks said. Income from pensions and retirement accounts, including 401(k) accounts, would be exempt.

A version of this that was previously introduced by Sen. Debbie Stabenow raised more than $100 billion over the first 10 years, so there’s significant money to be found here. Why Democrats prefer a new Medicare tax to, say, capping the itemized deductions rate at 28% for taxpayers making more than $250,000 is, however, beyond me. And if you did that, you’d have more than $300 billion in new money to play with.

Being a member of the juice-box mafia and having little or no experience outside of college and writing opinions based on, well, opinion, waving away the hard earned money of others as “$300 billion in new money to play with” isn’t difficult at all. And it points to a mindset that essentially says the it’s the government’s money to begin with so taking as much back as necessary to do what the “smart kids”, aka the elite, want to do is just hunky dory with the Klein’s of the world.  It’s also why he thinks the VA system is great without ever having experienced it, and that just about anything that can be put under the umbrella of government sounds good to him as well.  But he’d also tell you he’s all for “freedom and liberty” I’d bet.

Life with liberals – just full of yuks, isn’t it?



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17 Responses to Laughing With Liberals

  • It comes as no surprise that people like Baldwin, and even Klein, seem to think that the world works the way it does in a movie script.  Take down the big bad corporation, and only the evil corporate stooges suffer.  Raise taxes just a smidgen, and you’ve got hundreds of billions of dollars in new revenue.
    It’s like the cartoon where Dilbert’s boss comes to the realization that if he can trim his costs to zero, his revenue will be 100% profit.  So simple, yet so brilliant!

  • The funny thing is that if the U.S. had walked away from the invasion of Kuwait and later from Saddam’s serial violations of the cease fire he agreed to, then the Left would be telling the story of how America had sacrificed its principles for cheap oil and as a result Saddam now ruled the Middle East as the hegemonic Arab superpower. And Baldwin also hasn’t quite caught up with the fact that the energy problem is solved.

  • I wonder how Ezra would feel if he had $300 billion in hundreds shoved up his arse.
    It’s always easy to play with somebody else’s money.

  • I find these statements really indicative of liberal thinking.
    Obama tells banks: `We want our money back’
    Administration officials estimate that 60 percent of the revenue would come from the 10 biggest ones.
    They would have to pay up even though many did not accept any taxpayer assistance and most that did have repaid the infusions.
    In Congress, Democrats embraced Obama’s proposal while Republicans rejected it.

    • Yeah, BB&T Bank took $3.1 billion from Troubled Asset Relief Program’s (TARP) Capital Purchase Program because they were told if they didn’t they wouldn’t meet required capitalization levels even though they were over-capitalized (i.e. they were forced).  The CEO said they paid it back as fast as they could and it ended up costing them about $250 million for the pleasure of being a good corporate citizen.

  • Obama tells banks: `We want our money back’

    Sounds sort of like Chavez, no?

    • Haven’t we gotten out money back mostly from the banks that borrowed?   So, is his plan to get the GM load back from a BANK who is making a profit?
      (Sure, we lent you da money Louie, and ya did good payin us back, but…we think we might be entitled to MORE den what youse borrowed, plus da interest, we think we’re entitled to some o yur profit, if ya gets my drift, ya gets my drift don’t ya Louie?  )

      • looker[I]s his plan to get the GM load back from a BANK who is making a profit?

        Yeah, seems like.  This is the ultimate expression of that fool Klein’s statement about “if you did that, you’d have more than $300 billion in new money to play with”: anything the government “needs” is free to it for the taking.  Your money.  Your labor.  Your life.

        We were sold a bill of goods with TARP and the bailouts.  We were promised that we’d get our money back with interest.  When it turns out that the recipients can’t pay… Well, the money’s got to come from SOMEWHERE.

    • I want my money back from the UAW goons who are costing more to make a care than it can be sold for.

  • More funny things –
    The problem with this government isn’t that it’s Big dinosaur government, no, the problem is they’re using OLD PCS! If we’d just let them buy new ones (so they can play better games, and get better response surfing the web,)  everything would be cooler and better and we’d get better service out of those civil servants!
    Who knew THIS and THIS and THIS were all probably caused by old technology!  And it even appears that the lack of transparency in the Obama Administration?
    “The White House release that included Orszag’s comments said one “specific source” of ineffective and inefficient government is the huge technology gap between the public and private sectors that results in billions of dollars in waste, slow and inadequate customer service and a lack of transparency about how dollars are spent.
    Yep, you guessed it, caused by old technology.  Probably that’s why they’re holding closed door meetings on transparency in government, and why the Senate and the House are reconciling the Health Bill behind closed doors.  Also, that would explain why the bills haven’t been posted on-line for 5 days before they’re signed, and why CSPAN can’t televise the reconciliation meetings between the Senate and the House, because of old technology!
    But new machines will no doubt elminate billions of dollars in waste!  (Hey, so, can we get rid of the Health Care thingie because we can fix a lot of waste by just getting new machines and not screwing with American health care!)
    And you know who did that don’t YOU?  That’s RIGHT, the previous Administration, because they left them all that old equipment.  It wasn’t said, but you KNOW that’s what they mean.  Damn that Bush Cheney administration, leaving clay tablets and stylus’s and Cuneiform to English dictionaries laying all over, cluttering up government and bogging down the work of the highly efficient, best led, smartest and most capable, most transparent, administration to grace our noble nation’s history to date.

    • “slow and inadequate customer service”

      Would someone tell those $^**(&%^ meatheads that I am not a customer, I am an  OWNER! 

      • Oh, I want them to quanitfy THIS one.  I want to know where they got their number of BILLIONS of dollars.  What do they get 5 second response time on tables searches wehn it could be 2 seconds?  What EXACTLY is it that is ‘slow’, since that’s the only thing those old PC’s can be that is COSTING BILLIONS of dollars?  They can come out, as usual, and fling around the term BILLIONS of dollars in waste because the computers are slow and old?  BULL.
        Again, they have to have some measure for showing how old pcs and systems are costing us BILLIONS.  Not “might go fasters”, not “could be betters”, I want NUMBERS.  I am so  sick of being lied to by people who don’t have a clue about what they’re talking about, and a compliant media that nevers says “I call bull”.
        For disclosure purposes, I DO NOT in any capacity work for, or contract to the US government, nor do I have investments in any subcontract IT provider that works with or for the United States Government in any IT department.
        This administration, more than any I have experienced in 50 years is the biggest collection of make shit up liars I have ever seen, and they’re not just mistaken, or mis-informed, they are simply lying.

  • So I assume Alec would support “drill baby drill” because that would allow us to deliver cheaper oil w/o having to deal with foreign nations.


  • What, Monsieur Baldwin is still here? I guess even the French don’t want him.