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Massachusetts: The Best Laid Plans Of Mice And Democrats

It would appear that long-shot Republican Senate candidate Scott Brown has a fighting chance of winning the “Ted Kennedy Seat” in Massachusetts. Brown reminded the moderator that the seat was, in fact, “the people’s seat”, not Ted Kennedy’s during a recent debate. And, according to the latest Rasmussen poll, Brown is within 2 points of Democratic candidate Martha Coakley.

Much of that has to do with the hard work Brown has put in campaigning for the seat. Much of it also has to do with an early entitlement mentality by Coakley (it’s a Democratic seat in Massachusetts and that entitles Democrat Coakley to the seat) and then probably one of the most inept and clueless “campaigns” imaginable after she finally discovered that the cake-walk had been canceled.

Will Brown pull it off? Well that obviously remains to be seen. It’s certainly not unprecedented to see a Republican elected in Massachusetts, but they’ve been few and far between. But you have to ask, in such a reliably Democratic state as Massachusetts (a state I’m able to spell, but apparently isn’t so easy for the Coakley campaign) why a Republican is even this close?

Well, several things come to mind. One is the direction of the country. As many polls tell us, the vast majority of us – up into the 70% area in some polls – don’t like the direction of the country. The left was sure the election of Obama, and the retirement of that nasty old George Bush, not to mention the banishment of the Republicans, would reverse that trend. But if anything, it has deepened it. So there’s a natural constituency for “change” but not as the Obamanauts think of it.

An indication of the dissatisfaction with Democrats in general has been the abandonment of the party by independents. In droves. Independents – i.e. people with no specific party affiliation – are the “third party” which creates the coalition that pushes one of the two major parties (who don’t have enough members to do it solely by themselves) over the electoral line in elections. One of the obvious reasons Brown is doing as well as he is has to do with the numbers of independents on his bandwagon.

Last – Coakely is just an unattractive candidate. She’s simply not the best choice for this election. Why she is “the one” remains a mystery to me, but since Brown has closed the gap, she’s what the Democrats are stuck with and are now, it appears, trying to find a way to drag her over the finish line with a win. She’s seemingly doing very little to help in that effort. However the DNC and the unions are beginning to pump people and cash into the state.

But they face something, I think, they had on their side as recently as November of 2008 – an enthusiasm gap. The GOP in the state, such that it is, is enthusiastic about their candidate and their chances. And they want the seat – badly. It appears the independents that support Brown are also enthusiastic about the choice and their chances. But that enthusiasm doesn’t seem to exist on the Coakley side of things.

And on election day, that may make the difference. Why? Because this is a “special election” meaning it’s the only thing being decided that day. There’s no national election to pull Democrats to the polls. No important local or state referendum to excite them into voting.

Nope – it’s only about Brown or Coakley, and the enthusiasm seems to be working most for the GOP candidate vs. the Democratic one.

Democrats are now in a bit of a panic. What will they do if Brown actually wins? Brown has already promised to vote against the health care reform bill (which would ironically scuttle the bill Democrats have attempted to sell as Ted Kennedy’s legacy). So they’ve come up with a contingency plan. Should Brown pull it off, the Democratically controlled state government will simply delay certification of the election by any means necessary until the interim appointed “Senator” now warming the seat is able to cast the 60th vote for the bill.

Sweet. Manipulation of the process for political reasons is certainly nothing new in Massachusetts. This would simply be the cherry on top.



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22 Responses to Massachusetts: The Best Laid Plans Of Mice And Democrats

  • However the DNC and the unions are beginning to pump people and cash into the state.

    Unfortunately, there’s at least one union that is affiliated with SEIU that has publicly endorsed Brown, and there’s a video of a union member at some rally admitting to having been paid by the Coakley campaign to be there ($50) but who says he’ll be voting for Brown.
    So at least some of that union money is directly benefiting the Republican.  Which I find freaking hilarious.

    • What do you want to believe that the “leak”  that unions will be exempted from the “Cadillac Tax” will be claimed to be “inoperative” once the MA Senate race is over.

  • That would be an incredibly dangerous “cherry” in the current political environment, I think.  That type of blatant and cynical manipulation to pass a bill the majority of Americans are firmly opposed to would be Exhibit 1 in why to throw all of the left out between now and 2012.  The political calculus would have to be a hope that it would be forgotten, if not by November of this year, then by 2012. 

  • Not a chance dense righties….the People of Massachusettes know which side of the bread is buttered and will be voting the correct candidate in next Tuesday, not some Bushie, War-Mongering, Teabagging extremist….

    I’d stick around but I have a class to teach.

    • her opponent is a far-right tea-bagger Republican.” Now being used by U.S. Senators.

      … and they wonder why Americans don’t trust the “educated class”

    • I’ll bet you’ve got a class to teach; marxist dialectics at CCNY no doubt. What this country needs is a good old fashioned purge of acadamia. To sweep out 60s era Leftist ideologues like you…sort of like blowing the calcified fesces out of old sewer pipes.

      • I would expect no less from someone who is lucky if they have an ASSOCIATES much less a PhD…and I’d imagine your “degree” is from some “state school” not a prestigious “name school.”

        I’d stay and debate more, but all the big words and concepts would confuse a dense rightie like you, plus there’s a faculty meeting I have to attend.  We’re discussing the Fascistic under-pinnings of the Dean’s admonition against the over-usage of the Xerox machines by our department.  We have to THOROUGHLY discuss and dissect the semiotics of the missive and then prepare some papier mache puppets….

  • You know the election axiom – In blue states, no matter what the GOP candidate wins by on election night, the Dem candidate will magically find enough extra votes somewhere to win via recount.

    In other words, Brown may want to have another “money bomb” to pay for his lawyers to fight the  inevitable post-election fight.

    He’ll win………….and then Coakley will go to Senate.

    Think it won’t happen? Can you say Senator Franken?

  • From the state where the phrase “Gerrymandering” was coined.  What more could you ask.
    (As an aside the nice map tells me my little home town was not part of the Gerrymander).
    From almost seceding during the War of 1812 (and providing, ironically enough, secessionist ammunition for South Carolina to use 50 years later) to creating a Kennedy aristocracy and  very recently (over 5 years) twice manipulating the method of appointing Senators depending on which party controls the office of Governor.   I(sniff) take such pride in my home state (that I happily fled from there 27 years ago and wouldn’t move back even if I won a lottery).

  • I’ll believe it when I see it; the People’s Republic of MA will never elect a republican. But, I hope they do…only because it will be so amusing to listen to the Left explain why it really isn’t a portent of larger Dem failures (just like they tried to spin the gov losses in VA and NJ). If Brown wins, I’ll be popping a big bowl of popcorn and watching the Leftist sock puppets spin.

  • Should Brown pull it off, the Democratically controlled state government will simply delay certification of the election by any means necessary until the interim appointed “Senator” now warming the seat is able to cast the 60th vote for the bill.

    I wonder how much this hurts Coakley.  It surprises me that during a time when the party is unpopular, to the extent that an election in a reliable stronghold has become a real contest, that it would admit to such underhanded tactics.  Openly thumbing your nose at the same electorate that you’re desperately courting for votes is both brazen and stupid.  MA will remain a Democrat stronghold, but the citizens of that state may be getting a lesson in what happens when you know that you can take the voters for granted.

  • NEW AD Against Scott Brown

    So Martha Coakley supports the “American Clean Energy and Security Act” (also known as “Cap and Trade Tax”).

  • I cannot wait to get in the booth on Tuesday to vote for Scott Brown!! My vote has been so meaningless for so long, I’d been considering becoming a FL citizen. Maybe I will have a chance to be proud of my state. Too bad, Martha. You’ll have to go back to your work sueing major corporations, instead of prosecuting criminals like you’re supposed to do as AG. 

  • Registered voters in Massachusetts as of 2004:

    Democrats          1,526,711

    Independents    2,000,062

    Republicans       532,319

    Independents in Massachusetts are technically called “unenrolled”  because at one time it was considered that there might be a party calling itself the “Independent Party” I am a proud unenrolled voter in Massachusetts.

  • Please dont get your hopes too high. I think that a majority of Mass-holes are geneticly incapable of voting for a republican.  And many can ONLY vote for a Kennedy.

  • hola amigos!   pedro is really from godless massachusetts.  he ees even typing this right in the belly of the beast as it were, the people’s republik of cambridge.   pedro is really one of those unenrolled voters and he has been appalled by the coakley campaign.   he ees also appalled by some of brown’s positions –  waterboarding is hard to swallow.
    but pedro likes gridlock best of all so pedro will be putting a big X (we still do old school where pedro votes) next to the nude models name.    martha, you suck.   negative campaigns don’t work,  you’ve managed to tick off even us cantabridgians.

    • Now Pedro, I don’t think Massachusetts is godless, just excessively confused and, like California, in denial of what country they’re part of.   But there’s hope if the nonsense is finally getting to you too.