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Puppy Video

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8 Responses to Puppy Video

  • Now this is the embarrassing home video that Contessa will want to show their dates when the puppies have become awkward adolescents, right?

  • wow….easy listening jazz and placental sacs!  But, seriously….thanks for posting these.

  • Isn’t it amazing that they just know what to do?  They don’t need parenting classes or anyone else stepping in and telling them how to do it. 

  • Interestingly this does not seem to be very painful for her, in contrast to human births. I read something long ago, or perhaps imagined it, that the reason human births are so painful is that we walk upright and so the cervix has to be very strong to keep the baby in the uterus. Four legged mammals do not have the same cervical strength requirement. Any OBs out there?

  • Dale, have you placed all those “bags of Carbon”?  If not, I know a good home in Laguna that might be persuadable…
    Then again, since my last saved-from-unplaceable pups died last year (16 yrs of wonder), my household is pupless.

  • The wonder of nature…