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Calling Michael “Sicko” Moore

I wonder if Michael Moore has seen this story about the Cuban health care system he so highly touted in his “documentary” about health care – “Sicko”?

Twenty-six patients at a mental hospital died during a cold snap this week, the government said Friday. A Health Ministry communiqué blamed “prolonged low temperatures that fell to 38 degrees,” but the ministry also said it was starting an investigation that could lead to criminal proceedings. The independent Cuban Commission on Human Rights said that at least 24 patients at the Psychiatric Hospital in Havana died of hypothermia, and that the hospital did not do enough to protect them because of problems like faulty windows.

Hypothermia? At 38 degrees? Look, it’s certainly possible as witnessed by these deaths, but hypothermia doesn’t happen at the snap of a finger at 38 degrees. It takes a while, and could most likely have been avoided by a little foresight, a blanket or two and some attention to the patients and their needs. Apparently that didn’t happen.  If 26 died, you have to wonder how many more came close.

Cuba claims the deaths were from natural causes, but CCHR disputes that:

Commission head Elizardo Sanchez said that so many patients dying of hypothermia was “absurd in a tropical country” and claimed the deaths could have been prevented if the government had granted long-standing requests from international aid groups to tour Cuba’s medical facilities, including the capital’s 2,500-bed mental hospital.

Yeah, not going to happen – only sickos like Moore get such tours. As usual, the Cuban government blames the problems on the “American embargo”, an embargo that has so many holes and is so laxly enforced that for anyone else in the world, it’s business as usual. Apparently Cuba would like you to believe it the the fault of the US that they didn’t have blankets or that they were unable to fix “faulty windows”.

Anyway, I’ll not hold my breath waiting for Moore to condemn the obvious negligence that was a major cause of these deaths. This is his preferred model when it comes to health care. I’m sure we won’t hear a peep from the man.


6 Responses to Calling Michael “Sicko” Moore

  • Hypothermia at 36 degrees in water would occur in a few hours if not less than an hour.  If it was raining or the patients were wet for whatever reason  that might contribute to a time factor but still as you said minimal actions could have easily prevented this.

  • Trade embargo really means stopping all the US Reds from vacationing in Cuba using their tourist dollars to subsidies the Castro Regime.

  • Those poor people. What a tragic loss.
    I’m so glad Michael is working so tirlessly to bring that benchmark standard of health care to the U.S. of A.
    BTW:  “American embargo” my furry behind!  Isn’t the U.S. of A. about the only nation in the Western world that doesn’t do business with Cuba??

    • Isn’t the U.S. of A. about the only nation in the Western world that doesn’t do business with Cuba??.

      The only country in the WHOLE world, sand even at that, medicine and other health products are tradeable.
      Of course, that whole deal is a lame excuse by the Cubans and their shills in the EliteMedia and Congress.