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Massachusetts: Democratic Pants On The Ground

AP has just called the Massachusetts Senate race for Republican Scott Brown (9:25 pm) who looks like he’ll end up with anywhere from a 5 to 7 point win.

Probably the most interesting thing I saw during the coverage was feedback during a Frank Lunz group on Fox (I watched MSNBC most of the night which was, well frankly, highly entertaining).  The group were predominantly Democrats who voted for Obama.  And a good majority of them claim to have voted for Brown.  When asked why they said they were against health care reform, wanted Congress to back off and they were sending a message.

What will be interesting is how all the political “experts” choose to interpret this loss and what adjustments they’ll recommend be made.  But I can tell you right now, there are a whole crap load of Democrats in marginal seats thinking “if we can’t hold Teddy Kennedy’s seat in Massachusetts, what chance have I unless I do something completely different?”

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid wake up to a whole new world tomorrow.

More on this later.



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  • I liked the woman who voted for Coakley, but said that she wanted Congress to act bipartisan.

  • If there was an award for best blog post title, I think this one might win.

    • Seconded.

    • John Stewart described it best…

      “…It’s not that the Democrats are playing checkers and the Republicans are playing chess.  It’s that the Republicans are playing chess while the Democrats are in the nurse’s office because once again they glued their b**ls to their thighs.”

      • That was funny, but I think something else happened. It was more like the Republicans were in the nurse’s office with their balls glued to their thigh, while the little kids beat up the Democrat bully.

    • I was going to say “…Jaws on ground”, but on second thought, you’re absolutely right!

  • This is huge.  You’re right, the leftists in the media will be doing pretzel impressions as they try to explain this one away, while the political right will delight in twisting the dagger for at least a week or two.  The saving grace for the Democrats (such as it were) will be the fact that Coakley ran such an awful campaign, and that they seem more than happy to toss her under the bus after her relationship with the party and the administration seemed to sour.  They’ll lay as much blame on her as possible, while Republicans will paint this as a rejection of Obama and his ambitious agenda.
    I think that if Coakley had won by 5-7%, there would have been some surprise at how close the race was.  Brown winning in that fashion is a blowout.  I think it’s pretty staggering.  I also think that this means the end of Obamacare, and that it is going to die a spectacularly ugly death.

    • I don’t want the Democrats to stop their “death spiral” on ObamaCare just yet  .. it’s a long time till November.  If they can drag this out till April for a spectacular ugly death they can complete their political suicide in a way that political science professors will be teaching student (what not to do) for decades to come.

  • This result is quite a pleasant surprise. Back in the 90’s I lived in Boston for three years, and you’d be hard pressed to find a more liberal state than MA. I’d have thought that most MA residents would vote for a corpse over a Republican, but apparently the Democrats found someone who fit the bill. I found Coakley’s role in the Amirault case repugnant, and take a measure of satisfaction in seeing her lose in this fashion.
    5-7% wins do not often qualify as a humiliating whoopin’ . . . but this seems to be one of them. I assume the Dems believed they’d win this going away.

  • The American people, through the voters of Massachusetts, have strongly repudiated the radical leftist agenda of Obama/Pelosi/Reid. Obama, between this election and what is to come in November, will be relegated to lame duck status. America has been saved. Democrats who do not heed the message this election has sent will do so at their own peril.

  • I’d like to thank Teddy Kennedy for dying, and allowing the GOP to break the Dems supermajority.

    Up yours, “liberal lion”

  • My Senator (Webb) apparently can take a hint:
    January 19, 2010
    On to Plan C
    Senator Jim Webb puts out a statement that puts the notion of a quick Senate vote out of reach and pretty much makes a certification fight moot:

    In many ways the campaign in Massachusetts became a referendum not only on health care reform but also on the openness and integrity of our government process. It is vital that we restore the respect of the American people in our system of government and in our leaders. To that end, I believe it would only be fair and prudent that we suspend further votes on health care legislation until Senator-elect Brown is seated.

    And good luck getting Lieberman to vote for cloture this week anyway.

    • Maybe Webb can, but over at MSDNC, Maddow and Kos took this election outcome as a sign that Democrats must now pass HCR even if it means “reconciliation”
      Let’s see … Republican running as 41th vote against HCR in “bluest” state wins .. it’s a sign the “blue” team must pass HCR by all means necessary.  Talk about dense.  To call these people stupid would be an insult to stupid people.
      Guess maybe I will get my wish to have the Democrats complete their “lemmings” death march as they kamikaze their way into the history books.

  • And for our GOP delegations in DC-

    You best watch tonight and remember that you too, sit in “the people’s seats”


  • There’s something that’s been overlooked.
    The people of Massachusetts have gotten a healthy dose of Government Intervention into Healthcare.  They have a unique perspective amongst voters.
    The Media isn’t going to want to point this out.  They’ll put Coakley under the bus for sure and maybe even Obama a little bit than admit this point.

    • Yeah, but the real point for MA residents is that the federal ObamaCare offers them nothing but a “bill from Washington.”
      At least with their state program the don’t have to go any further than Beacon Hill in Boston to make adjustments .. no HHS to contend with.

      • I think they realize that the concept sucks.  I never once saw anyone reference Mass and hold them up as being better off.  And then add on screwing with Medicare and Taxes to make it work nationally.
        I just have a suspicion they are just not attached to their own plan or they don’t want to be part of a plan with a less well off demographic.

    • That is an excellent point, and one I’ve not heard mentioned in the media.

  • Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid wake up to a whole new world tomorrow

    Reminds me of a line near the end of A Knight’s Tale

    Wat: You have been weighed.
    Roland: You have been measured.
    Kate: And you have absolutely…
    Chaucer: Been found wanting.
    William: Welcome to a New World. God save you, if it is right that he should do so.

  • Did anybody notice that Scott Brown sounds an awful lot like the faux President in “Dave” ?

  • Well, it was quite an enterprise to lose Massachusetts for the Dems, but Ms Coakley demonstrated that she could reach that result. Sure, the vote has been a local referendum on Health Care Reform, and has stated that the American bourgeoisie prefers to keep paying for health care in private clinics. After all, those who would have benefit the most from the reform are the lower classes, that usually in the USA don’t take the disturb to vote. I am quite sure that the Democrats are going to abandon the Health Care reform, now, unless they want to have a blood bath in the mid-term.

  • It sort of reminds me of when Dole ran against Clinton.  You can’t beat something with nothing. Brown is something, he has substance.  Coakley was nothing but a party machine empty suit.

    • before pedro realized that a brown vote was a vote for gridlock he had already turned on coakley.   pedro’s considerations really are somewhat irrelevant to this particular seat,  but one of the biggies was the waterboard issue.
      pedro strongly opposes this tactic.  brown is for it.  yet pedro preferred brown’s stance on this.  makes no sense on the surface.  but at least brown sincerely believes in his position.  coakley?  uh, hmmm, well, maybe. depends.  jayzuschristdellarenzia lady,  if you can’t take a side on that issue then you really are just going to be lead around by the nose by whoever is in power.  and since the man holding the lease is harry reid that pretty much sealed the deal for me.
      good luck Senator Brown.  and how does pedro get in touch with your daughters?  either one will be fine.   muchas gracias.

  • This race was only round one.  The fight is far from over.
    November starts today!  Every Blue Dog House member should get calls, letters and emails threatening to “Coakley” him if he votes for the Senate version of Health Care.  Start looking for conservative candidates to oppose RINOs and anyone who caucuses with Pelosi or Reid.  Make every race a referendum on Obama, Pelosi and Reid.
    Congress needs to be reminded that they have an important job to do.  There is a movement on the Hill to cede fiscal control to a “bipartisan committee” similar to the Base Realignment and Closure Committee.  It must be stopped.  Without the power of the purse, the House is impotent.
    Our Representatives must stand up to Obama.  Tell him that they will not fund the security required to bring terrorists to the US for show trials, nor will they fund an Illinois prison for the detainees.  They should prohibit the FCC’s attempt to enforce “Internet Neutrality” what ever that is, nor will they fund the EPA imposing limits on CO2.  Attach amendments to their budgets and make them go on record.
    The Senate must demand that Obama’s Czars be approved after being subjected to Senate hearings, as required in Article 2 of the US Constitution.  Ask your Senators to explain why there have been no public  hearings on Climate Change as Foreign Policy.
    And yeah.  Where is that little sniveling pimp Erb?

  • On a lighter note, yesterday was sweet.
    I began by casting 600 lead bullets for my new Bersa Thunder 9MM.
    Wagstaff and Sunny, our rescued greyhounds, took me for a brisk 800′ climb over Carriage Hill.
    The John Deere dealer called to say my parts had arrived.  For $8.20, I repaired the PTO drive, a fix they offered to make for $200.

    Over a plate of Paella and a cold glass of dry Spanish white, we watched the polls close.  Dessert was tiramisu after which we adjourned to the den to watch Coakley’s concession speech in HiDef over a dram of The Balviene 15 with just a wee drop of water.

    Life is good.

  • When I read the title of the post, I thought for sure it was about Barney Frank.

  • This should also be a signal to the GOP that small government fiscal conservatism + lukewarm social con is the big tent winner, not big government + hard social con.

  • Does this mean Massachusetts gets annexed into Jesusland!